Rooms closed for leyline foci?

TeaniTeani Shadow MistressSweden
I fear I might be bothersome to people in Pools for constantly asking about this, but it happens quite often that I stumble across areas where the foci can't be found.

You reach a hand outwards and close your eyes, seeking for the ethereal energies of the leylines around you.
There is currently no major focus in existence.
You detect 1 lesser focus:
- Storage room for this area
You detect 0 minor foci.
There are a total of 9 foci globally.

The room is not marked as mapped by my mapper, not giving me the room number as it normally would.

You discern that you are standing in Tiyen Esityi.
It is recommended you are at least level 99 before hunting in this area.
Your environment conforms to that of Urban.
You stand upon the Continent of Sapience.
You are in the Prime Material Plane.
The Holy Power of Iosyne pervades this area.
You have explored 100% of this area.

Atlas artifact states I have explored all rooms in the area. As I map while exploring so as not to miss anything, and my map shows no unlinked exits, this is a room out of my reach completely.

The name of the room in this case is also a little peculiar, as it's a storage room of some kind, perhaps to store mobs before repopping, which makes sense, but it should be flagged as a non-focus room.

Perhaps there are more like these around. Forgetting a simple flag is easy in the midst of everything else going on when updating/releasing an area. I know it might be a lot of work to go through everything, with the loads of rooms we have, but it is quite frustrating running in to these issues. Is it possible for someone in the Admin team to check these things if they are listed in this thread?

Mind you, people, there are certain areas with special exits, and as long as the majority of people in the world can enter them in some way, they should still be up for potential spawning of foci. However, if 100% of an area has been explored, then detected for extra measure, perhaps a small note can be put here to see if others can find the room mentioned? (At least in the case of Lessers). For minors it's a bit more tricky.


  • If you cannot reach the room, especially with a name similar to this one, you should be bugging them. Individual rooms get overlooked sometimes, especially with large areas.
  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Was this room taken care of then, @Dristin? Also, figured it might be good to have a thread if other people bump in to trouble with rooms.

  • Yep, I took care of it for you since I saw this. Feel free, honestly, to contact me with these if you catch them and I can look into them. It's usually a simple enough task that I can look into fairly promptly. I'll keep an eye on this thread as well in case anyone does post more here.
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