A short cleansing ritual

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A spacious hollow, lined with hides. (Duiran.) (25532)
Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. Haern looms here, his hulking form dominating the area. Bloody paint spatters the floor here in stilted letters, "THE SPIRITS HAVE NO NEED FOR YOU. DEATH COMES FOR THE PRAADI AN-KIAR."
You see a single exit leading south.

Haern settles down heavily on the ground, patting the earth with a hand. "Sit. Both of you."

Meltas sits down.

You have emoted: Arbre moves a bit closer to Haern before lowering herself to a seat.

Haern, the Hunter says, "Do either of you recall the spirit that emerged from this place?"

You say, "I was not in the guild then."

Meltas says, "I can't recall for certain. I believe I was here, but could be wrong."

Frowning, Meltas says, "Remember it was a Dark Spirit..but that's all at this point."

Haern, the Hunter says, "Dark, but there is little evil in its presence. It is merely.. rude. Uncouth. Harsh."

You think for a moment before nodding slowly.

Chidingly, Haern, the Hunter says, "Do not think of it as a vile thing. Merely displaced and ill at ease."

You nod your head at Haern.

Meltas looks about himself, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

Haern, the Hunter says to a cloaked figure, "Are you able to do the same, Meltas?"

Nodding, Meltas says, "Aye, from the sounds of it, reminds me of someone long past. I can do the same."

Something writhes, almost imperceptibly, beneath the stilted, bloody letters across the cavern wall.

Lowering His voice to a low rumble, Haern, the Hunter says, "First, offer the salt, Hand. Do not waver."

You have emoted: Arbre takes a deep breath, pushing herself to her feet. With the salt in hand, she moves over to the floor where the words are written and sprinkles it across the bloody paint. "Take this offering of salt," she says lowly, "To cleanse and appease."

The spirit rises from the words with a low hiss, though it is little more than a formless and shapeless mass of writhing tendrils of darkness shot through with green light. It takes pause, running its form along the words and looks expectantly to the Hand once again.

Haern places a hand on Arbre's shoulder, practically palming her before leaning forward to speak in a low, rumbling growl once again. "Now, the earth. To offer sanctuary and safety."

You have emoted: "Take this offering of earth," Arbre says, crumbling the clay in her fingers to sprinkle it over the words from whence the spirit came. She doesn't withdraw from the spirit at all, standing firm, even with Haern's massive hand on her. "To offer sanctuary and safety," she repeats after Him.

Meltas sits on the floor quietly, observing you and Haern, and the spirit that is slowly emerging from the words.

The spirit rapidly takes shape, shedding its form like a second skin to reveal a ghostly, skeletal figure with leering eyes that gazes intently on the earth offered to it with a fell green flicker of light. Several moments pass before it speaks, the words resonating within your minds with a hissing sibilance. "You offer sanctuary?"

You have emoted: "I do," Arbre says confidently, finally looking up from her offerings to face the skeletal spirit, "You can find sanctuary here. Find peace in this place."

Meltas nods his head solemnly. Quietly, he says "Aye, peace here." His eyes closed and lips turned up into a warm smile.

The figure takes a slow step forward, the letters slowly lifting from the cavern wall in a cascade of flickering light before it stoops low, crouching before Arbre. "Praadi an-Kiar. We see you. We know you. We remain here," it intones in a ghostly echo before dispersing into the ether.

A spacious hollow, lined with hides. (Duiran.) (25532)
Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground.
You see a single exit leading south.
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