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So, main gist of this thread, is for people to be aware, that I'm usually open to hanging out whenever able for anyone who is able and willing to travel here to Philly, without being inconvenienced. I'm largely up to whatever, within limits, but do prefer to end the day/night with food and drinks. So, anyone who's up for it, let me know. @Areka is also here, @Feichin is here, though it's a monumental effort to get him to come out and do stuff. There are a few peeps from Lusternia and I know there are a few others in the area.

With that said, Philadelphia Comic-Con is almost here! I'm excited for this years guest line-up, and I swear if they add David Tennant, I'm gonna explode. Areka and I are going all 4 days(not an assured thing on my end just yet, but fingers crossed). She said she would be up to lodging at least 2 people who are up for it, though best to speak with her. It'll consist of lots of excitement, with an after party at the Trocadero for 21+ peeps on Sunday May 10th. I'm trying to get Feichin to do at least 1 day. This is the site where you can buy tickets and see guest lineup and stuff. Programming is kept underwraps until late April. I'm super excited and really hope that others are up to going with, because it's better with friends imo.

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"Oh my arms are suddenly lubed"


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    I've never been to a comic-con or any cons. One day that'll change!
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    Bump. Want more people to go with!

    Ingram said:
    "Oh my arms are suddenly lubed"
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