Getting my new car in two weeks.

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Hey guys

I wanted to share that I am getting a new car in two weeks, I am very excited about hence this post.

It is a 3dr Ford ST with turbo and six speed. It is on a ship from Germany as I type this and I am too excited to sleep because I am a geek about small cars with turbo's.

Geek info:
134kW and 240Nm of torque. If you put the boot down, the figures increase to 147kW/290Nm of torque. Which currently means I do 6.8secs from 0-60mph with 191WHP.

I am having the Cobb performance mods added the day it arrives boosting this too:

217 WHP or 162kw at wheels, which at 6.1secs is fun if you ask me.

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