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I wrote this little system just to make life as a Cabalist a bit easier. Before I transcended, it was kind of annoying having to keep track of the various numbers that I needed to be contemplate in order to elicit an effect. I started using Entropy, and thought it would be nifty to come up with a way to queue up a bunch of numerology defs and just have it cycle through them automatically. This is what resulted, and I thought I'd make it available to anybody that was interested.

The goal with this thing is two-fold:
  1. To have a way to easily elicit effects, without having to manually contemplate the necessary numbers
  2. To be able to queue elicitations in order to 'stack' effects if that kind of speed were necessary in combat
I'll get on here a little later and write up a guide to the various aliases I've made (there is one for every elicitation). I've coded it in such a way as it should be able to just sit seamlessly on top of whatever system you got goin' on.

I'll release patches here and there as I make updates to the thing. Please let me know what you think and especially let me know if you find any bugs!

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP: sometimes you can get into a loop trying to contemplate numbers, or else you die and forget the numbers without hitting any of the triggers I've built so far. Make sure to do this if that happens, or when you die:


and then



In any of these elicitations, "t" can be used for <player>, and it will automatically use the current target in Entropy. Otherwise you can use a player name. It would take very little tweaking to use whatever system you uses targeting system if you felt so inclined.

Elicit Feelings
efeel <player>
Elicit Constitution
Elicit Weakening
ew <player>
Elicit Fix
ef <player>
Elicit Position
ep <player>
Elicit Settle
Elicit Fixation
Elicit Return
Elicit Switch
esw <player>
Elicit Oneness
Elicit Bloodwork
Elicit Changeheart; a = ally, e = enemy, n = neutral
ech <player> <a or e or n>; Example: ech volka a
Elicit Veil
Elicit Shield
Elicit Tweak; s = sanity, c = confidence, in = inhibition, im = impulse
et <player> <s or c or in or im>
Elicit Disturb
ed <player> <s or c or in or im>
Elicit Deflection; v = vibes, r = rites
edef <v or r>
Elicit Glimpse
eg <player>
Elicit Absorb
ea <player>
Elicit Singularity
esing <player>
Elicit Madness
em <player>
Elicit Leveling
ele <player>
Elicit Affliction
eaf <direction> <player>
Elicit Symphony
Elicit Direcall
Elicit Link
Elicit Infirmity
ei <player>
Elicit Recognition
Elicit Unravel
eu <player>

This will quickly elicit Constitution, Shield and Link:

You can use these to contemplate the numbers manually if you wish:

c1, c2, c3, c5, c7, c11, or c13

Note: if you are contemplating the spheres, then the system will just elicit the effect without trying to contemplate any numbers, so even if you are transcended this system provides a way for you to queue elicitations.

Future plans:

There are a few things that I think would be useful that I hope to start working on some time soon:
  1. An 'auto-unravel,' that is tied to affliction tracking. Basically, I want to be able to issue one command and have it tweak until the target can be disturbed, disturb the appropriate portion of their mind, display a timer for the part of their mind that was disturbed (supposedly disturb lasts for 2 minutes) and then when the target has been disturbed 3 times it will attempt to unravel. I don't want to have to mentally keep track of what I've already tweaked and disturbed, I want the system to be smart about basically what the next thing is that needs to happen in order for them to be unraveled.
  2. Position + affliction command that will get the position of the opponent and then insert the direction into the affliction elicitation. Since I've already built a system for queuing, it should be a small matter of creating an appropriate trigger (a little more complicated than that actually, but not much)
  3. Maybe more? I can't think of anything else off the top of my head right now, but I'm sure there is more.

Known Issues:

Right now, if you die, then the numbers don't get automatically get reset in the system, so you'll have a hard time trying to elicit effects with the aliases after you die without using the rnum + numbers commands that I mentioned at the top of this post.
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    Edit: Added some documentation for the various commands you can use for the system.
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