Spirean pin-up calendar!



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    I had a good time! It was interesting having someone else there for the portrait too, so don't feel like you were in the way or anything!

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    So, Teani had this crazy idea to make a new front page instead of the generic one she already had. It all started with one simple message, sent to the Divine advisory of Spinesreach, asking humbly for Their permission to draw Their likeness on the front page of the calendar, wondering if They could take time to meet with her at some point.

    Well, she got a response.

    (Tells): The Divine voice of Chakrasul echoes in your head, "So. This..calendar..or something. Did you wish to capture Me now?"

    (Tells): You tell Chakrasul, "Oh, Lady! Um, of course! I, er... I've got all my things here. Where would You like me to go?"

    (Tells): The Divine voice of Chakrasul echoes in your head, "Hmm..My throne should be appropriate."

    Thinking: This is going to be just... wow!

    You ponder the situation.

    (Tells): You tell Chakrasul, "It's on the Isle of Despair if I am not mistaken?"

    (Tells): The Divine voice of Chakrasul echoes in your head, "It is. If you get lost, Laesae can show you to it."

    (Tells): You tell Chakrasul, "Alright. I will make my way there as fast as mortally possibly."

    (Tells): The Divine voice of Chakrasul echoes in your head, "Take your time. I am fairly comfortable here, so I can wait."

    Laesae, Priestess of the Spiral bows her head respectfully at you.

    You incline your head politely to Laesae, Priestess of the Spiral.

    "I'm so sorry I passed you by." Teani offers the priestess. "I have been here... I think twice before, though one of those times was perhaps not with the friendliest intent." She shifts her eyes, a slight blush creeping up on her cheeks.

    Laesae, Priestess of the Spiral idly clasps her hands before her, slender and scarred fingers entwining around each other.

    A slender, young woman slips out quietly to the north.

    The throne room. (Isle of Despair.) (23761)
    This cavernous chamber opens wide with a high ceiling and circular walls, and a dust-ridden
    atmosphere clinging low to the floor and close to the walls. The walls are aged with cracked paint
    that must have once been a whitish hue but greyed through time. Thick pillars of marble are
    scattered throughout the room reaching from floor to ceiling. The floor has a dark red carpet thick
    with dust extending from the throne to the doorway to the south. To the north of the chamber two
    thrones are set, one bigger than the other, overlooking the entire chamber. Beyond the thrones,
    another doorway stands ajar. On either side of the doorway are two large stained windows, one
    depicting the kingly figure of a man, the other depicting a woman as beautiful as the moon. A spiral
    shrine with an altar is here, shrouded in coalescing jade flames. The Throne of Corruption stands
    here, its obsidian magnificence a shadowed praise to the Dark Lady. Sammuel is shackled at the wrists, the chains linking him tightly to the throne. Sammuel is shackled at the wrists, the chains linking him tightly to the throne. An ethereal duskywing butterfly leaves verdant trails as it flits about here. A seething miasma of
    jade clings to the towering form of Chakrasul, Goddess of Corruption here.

    Aren's eyes sparkle with amusement.

    Chakrasul nods Her head towards you.

    Chakrasul says, "Teani."

    Aren nods his head slightly towards Chakrasul, "Do You wish us to leave, Mistress?"

    Teani stops dead in her tracks as she is faced with Chakrasul, swallowing visibly, then bows her head. "Lady." she murmurs, then realizes Aren is there as well, only as the words are spoken.

    She is an Immortal and resembles a Tsol'aa woman of fairly young age, likely in her twenties. Her
    skin is as pale as moonlight - smooth, and utterly perfect. Her shadowed eyes match Her hair, which
    is the color of darkest midnight. The eyes seem hollow, the orbs lacking any actual features beyond
    their hue. Her features are extremely beautiful, from the soft curve of Her chin to Her high-rising
    cheeks. Her form is lithe with all the typical feminine curves, all seeming somewhat extended by Her
    fairly distinguished height. A faint aura of dim twilight seems to shimmer around Her at all times,
    almost cloaking Her within it.

    (worn on Her right hand) : a ring of delicate chakra blossoms
    (resting snugly upon Her brow) : the Circlet of Corruption
    (embedded beneath the hollow of Her neck) : a flesh-embedded amulet of jade
    (draping down Her body) : a refined jade and emerald silken gown
    (wrapping about one arm) : a twining armlet of jagged, blackened platinum

    Chakrasul glances towards Aren, a slight cant to Her head, "No, you can watch the work if you wish." Smiling, Her attention returns to you, "Am I suitable here, or would you like Me to do something a bit different?"

    Aren says, "We'll return."

    Teani clears her throat, glancing up at Chakrasul. Shaking her head, she says, "Nothing spectacular needed, Lady. I confess, I did not expect a positive response from any of You."

    "Well, I'm far more open than I once was." Chakrasul states with a dismissive wave of Her free hand, a slight chuckle coming with the end of Her words.

    Chakrasul says, "I mean, look at Me? Why not be more open?"

    Teani ponders Chakrasul more carefully. "Well, with that figure, don't blame you!" she says with a crooked smile, trying her best to relax a little. "I made a portrait of Tina where she was mostly wrapped in butterflies, so that's been done. Do You have any suggestions?" She starts pulling out a folder from her satchel.

    "Hmm.." Chakrasul replies softly, pursing Her lips in thought as She seems to think heavily. After a few moments of silence, She responds, "I think My attire is sufficient, really. I don't need to go revealing so much of Myself - I may drive mortal men more insane."

    Chakrasul glances over at Sammuel, a sly grin starting to spread across Her lips, "I could grasp at his chains like the dog he is or something.."

    Teani nods in agreement. "Need to leave some blood to sustain their brains." she comments, eyes drifting to the green fabric. "And green looks good on You." After finding a fresh page, she pulls it out, then looks over at Sammuel, pursing her lips thoughtfully. "With one foot on his shoulder to keep him down, maybe?"

    You have emoted: "Hrm.. might be a bit too much." Teani muses with a frown.

    "Aye, I like that." Chakrasul states as She swaps Her quarterstaff into the other hand and reaches forward for the chains attached to Her throne. With a firm tug, She drags Sammuel over and onto his knees infront of Her. Boldly, She lifts a leg up and plants a foot onto his shoulder and pulls back on the chains so that he is looking upwards at you - frustration clear in his expression.

    Chakrasul tilts Her head to the side, "Oh? I can release him, then, I suppose.."

    Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire's eyes raise to the heavens as a look of hope flashes across his face.

    Thinking: Now why did I go ahead and suggest something like that? Seriously, Teani. You're an idiot!

    Sharply, Chakrasul says, "Oh stop it, Sammuel. You are such a whiner."

    Teani squirms, looking a little uncomfortable. "Maybe. Might be for the best without the foot."

    Letting out the faintest of sighs, Chakrasul pulls Her leg away and plants it back next to the other at the base of Her throne, "Well, should I have him get out of the portrait area for you, then? Or he fine here with the chain about him?"

    Aren trots in rather quietly with Aniko at his side, his nose lifting in the air. He stays silent, intending only to watch.

    Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire goes to speak, but quickly remembers that his lips are sealed shut. Instead, he lets out a pitiful grunt.

    Chakrasul pats Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire in a friendly manner.

    Teani quickly shakes her head. "No no. Um... Your suggestion was a good one. Keep him with You if You wish, Lady." She settles down on the ground and begins sketching out the general outlines. "I'll try to be as quick as I can." She offers, shooting the man an apologetic look.

    Aniko sits next to Aren, licking over her muzzle lightly.

    "He will be GOOD." Chakrasul states bluntly towards Sammuel as She leans backwards into Her throne, letting Her lips slip back into a broad smile, "He'll remember his training soon enough."

    Chakrasul smiles and says, "He won't ruin My lovely smile for the portrait."

    Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire fidgets slightly, the chains rattling with his movements.

    Chakrasul snorts arrogantly at Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire.

    Teani nods, biting her lip as she continues with her portrait. The jingle from the chains causes her to pause and look up in alarm, but she tries her best to divert her gaze to the shape of the throne rather than the man so as not to get him into more trouble.

    Thinking: Pit. Need to get this done quickly so she won't pull the leash and strangle the poor man right in front of me.

    Chakrasul shifts Her shoulders this way and that, shaking Her head to settle Her hair into a better position behind them. The eerie smile never leaves Her features all the whine, Her gaze settled solely on you.

    Aren's violet gaze settles on Sammuel, something close to hunger there.

    Teani looks up as she starts working on the details of the Chakrasul's face. Noting the curve of Her lips, she shivers a little, brush strokes becoming hesitant for a split second before she manages to get herself back under control. Eyes down on the page again, she works on the hair and then the fall of the dress, making sure to get the proper shade of jade.

    Chakrasul notices Aren out of the corner of Her eye and simply says, "He's not food or otherwise, dear Desiderate.."

    Aren's ears flatten against his head.

    Aren asks, in a feral tongue, "Just a leg?"

    Aniko snickers under her breath.

    Chuckling, Chakrasul says, "No, no..need him whole for when we convert him to his new state. He'd look a bit silly without a leg."

    Chakrasul frowns and says, "And I don't really feel like having to make him a new one."

    Aren gazes longingly at the man for a few more moments, then huffs and gives up, instead making his way over to you, trying to see the work in progress.

    Teani takes a deep breath, then manages to speak up. "Besides, doing it now might ruin the image, as he would most likely draw attention away from the lovely Goddess."

    Chakrasul laughs heartily as She offers Teani an empathetic glance, "True enough! I can't have things drawing away from Me, mm?"

    Teani nods her head, hand trembling slightly as she moves over to draw the man on the leash. For a moment, she closes her eyes, then opens them again, taking in his position as well as the expression in his face, trying her best to capture it on the paper in front of her.

    Aniko's tail swishes back and forth against the floor, hinting at her general happy mood as she glances between Chakrasul and you.

    Chakrasul glances down at Sammuel with a faint grin, Her gaze gradually slipping back up towards you, "This makes you a bit uncomfortable. Suppose you should be glad that My ... modified ... version of your previous Lord's tapestry is gone now." As if lost in reverie, Chakrasul turns Her head to a scorched area on the ground, "He did look so lovely in chains.."

    Teani's hand freezes in place at this, tip quivering just above the page. Luckily it does not have enough ink to create a drop to threaten the image below. It takes a show of force for the Idreth to regain composure, though her lips are perhaps a little more tightly pressed together.

    Aren makes a sound that must be a laugh, taking a seat next to you now, "That one seems to have gotten to ya." he comments, "Hard to move on for some I suppose."

    "Now, now, Teani. You know how My Brother and I are." Chakrasul muses, a sparkle in Her eyes as She is clearly amused, "Don't let it get to you."

    "Mmmhmm." Teani murmurs hesitantly, clearly very uncomfortable with the turn the discussion has taken. She attempts to put on a brave face, however, and relaxes her posture. "Well... He sent down lightning on me, bringing me back to Hollow form last I saw Him. I suppose the idea of chains around Him sounds a little good." Her eyes shift back and forth, but it is difficult to say if this is due to nerves or necessity to continue with her work. She is making progress with the image, having started with the finishing details.

    "Mm.." Chakrasul murmurs under Her breath, clearly not believing your words but letting it pass. She settles back into the throne once again, loosening the grip about a twisted quarterstaff of jade slightly so that it leans more against Her leg.

    Aniko finally stands, walking slowly over to take a look at the image in the works.

    Finally done, Teani leans back to take a good look at the completed portrait. Her eyes shift briefly to the Goddess in front of her to make sure that she has captured Chakrasul perfectly. "I believe I am done, Lady." she says, shifting the paper from her lap to the ground in front of her as she starts cleaning her brushes.

    "Should I take a look, or will I need to wait for the calendar?" Chakrasul says as She finally releases Sammuel and pushes to Her feet - stretching Her arms out wide in the motion.

    Veteran Mercenary, Sammuel of the Mire wipes the back of his hand across his forehead in relief.

    "Of course You can have a look, Lady." Teani offers, putting her things away and retrieving the portrait once more. She stands up and there's a slight hesitation to her step as she advances towards Chakrasul, shifting the page from her own hands to Hers.

    "Let's see..let's see.." Chakrasul murmurs, taking the page from you and holding it up to examine. After a few moments, She nods Her head and hands it back to you with a smile of approval, "It looks perfect. Very well done."

    Teani carefully tucks the portrait away into her folder and gathers up the rest of her things. As she puts it into her satchel, she glances over at Sammuel, then up at Chakrasul. "Thank You for taking part in this. I am sure that the front page will look fantastic once I manage to add the likeness of Your siblings along Your side."

    "It was My pleasure, Teani." Chakrasul states with a wink.

    A mirage-like ripple passes over Chakrasul's limbs, blurring and unnaturally distorting them until She altogether vanishes.

    Aren's mouth turns up as his face breaks into a smile.
    Aren says, in a feral tongue, "Voltda."

    Chakrasul, Goddess of Corruption has bestowed a divine blessing upon you. It will last for 3 days.

    Thinking: Well, that's one way of getting a blessing.

    You breathe a sigh of relief.

    Teani visibly relaxes the moment the Goddess disappears and makes a rather hurried exit from the throne room.

    And since this is special, I am hiding the ascii at the bottom. Sneaky me!


    Not to mention, she also saw Someone else briefly online and sent a quick tell. In response, she received a very good likeness of said Person to add to the picture. :smiley:

  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    And I decided to add my own thing here for when she made her own portrait:

    An exquisite tailoring parlor.
    Chandeliers hang from the ceiling of this rectangular room and the cream-colored walls do their best to spread the light, giving the workshop a warm and welcoming feeling. A large window framed in dark wood provides ample light during the day, though gauzy curtains prevent anyone from seeing more than shadows moving inside. Two free-standing, full-size mirrors wait on one side of the window, ready to be moved out on the wooden floor to be used. Along the opposite wall is a long, broad table, its dark wood barely visible underneath all the material it houses. Rolls of exquisite silk and gauzy chiffon mingle with bundles of sturdy cotton and linen of varying colors. Stowed away in crates underneath are other things needed for tailoring, such as simple accessories, needles and other tools. In the far corner of the room, large white drapes have been hung from the ceiling to create a small changing room. While allowing privacy for the customer, the fabric is thin enough to let in some light and can be withdrawn to create extra space in the room if needed. The last corner is occupied by a smaller work bench filled with tools for jewelcrafting and small pieces of ore.

    She is a powerful Idreth, with smooth, unblemished skin of a burgundy hue. In contrast to her dark complexion, long, wavy locks of brilliant white hair falls down to the small of her back. Her jade-colored eyes are separated by a narrow nose, splitting down her oval-shaped face down to a set of lush, dark lips. She has a slender figure, lithe and well-toned from plenty of practice, though by no means lacking curves. Her arms and legs show plenty of muscles, though of a lean character, built for endurance rather than strength. Instead of nails, her fingertips and toes end with sharp, black claws. She walks with the blessing of Chakrasul.

    You have emoted: Teani looks about the parlor, frowning to herself. She simply stands there for a good while, looking at the windows, then the stack of mirrors in the corner, arms crossed over her chest. After a while, she lets out a long sigh, shaking her head.

    Thinking: Best get this silly business out of the way.

    Teani walks over and draws the curtains closed, making sure she's at least not exposed from outside, then she pulls out a few of the mirrors, positioning them around the middle of the floor. Walking into their centers, she proceeds to shift one or the other a few times until they are all standing the way she wants them to.

    Teani retrieves her satchel by the door and returns to the center of the room, settling down on her knees, mumbling to herself. "Stupid... so many reserve names who want to be in the calendar and what do I do? Say I'll paint a self-portrait!" She rolls her eyes at herself, pulling out several vials of ink and placing them on the floor next to her. The last one makes a louder noise than the rest as if to put extra emphasis on her last word, her face contorted into a disgusted grimace. "One could think I'm completely self-absorbed!"

    Shaking her head, Teani picks out the brushes, making sure the hairs are all cleaned as she puts them down next to the vials. Glancing up, she looks at herself in the various mirrors, all of them showing her own frame from different angles. "Well, I was worried I wouldn't get enough names together, what with so many suddenly disappearing." she thinks to herself. "Was a good idea to begin with."

    The folder within the satchel is left untouched. Instead a paper is pulled from just next to it, this one holding an incomplete image of a woman with features resembling Teani's own. She shakes her head, crumbling the paper into a little ball, angrily pressing it between both hands before tossing it into a corner. It comes to rest next to several similar paper balls, showing signs of poor progress in this endeavor.

    With her hands resting on her thighs, Teani takes several deep breaths before pulling out a clean sheet of paper from the satchel. She looks at it for a very long time before placing it in front of her on the floor. Looking up straight ahead, she stares into the mirror in front of her. This one is standing at an odd angle, reflecting the image of a pair of mirrors showing off her profile. "Lucky number..." She starts counting to herself, then finishes with a small smirk. "... thirteen. Yeah, number of uncertainty. Sure. This will be awesome." Once again, she rolls her eyes, but reaches for one of the broader brushes to start off with the background.

    A twilit scene appears on the previously white paper. A few stars reflect their light in a nearby pond, and the grass holds small dewdrops, expertly rendered with careful highlights. Teani looks up into the mirror, carefully raising herself into position before starting on the outlines of her own profile. She pauses for a moment to pull her hair over one shoulder, tilting her head to the side to make sure it is kept there, then goes back to her work.

    Teani carefully adds some white to resemble her own bright hair, dulling it a little with soft gray to make it blend well with the night scene. Even though her skin has a dark burgundy hue, she manages to capture the color with highlights, expertly blended to appear soft and smooth. With another glance up at the mirror, the Idreth smirks. "Ridiculous. That's how I feel." she grumbles. She looks down at the image, pausing with her hand just at the edge of the paper as if she's considering tearing this one down too. However, she draws a deep breath, looks at her reflection, then goes back to working out the details of her expression. "Ridiculous." she repeats
    aloud this time.

    After capturing her face, Teani picks up a smaller brush and adds the finer details, slowly working towards a finished look. Eventually she settles back on her heels, scrutinizing her work. Seemingly not too happy with the result, she forces herself to back away, bringing her ink-filled brushes with her for some cleaning while the portrait is drying. "Getting tired of doing this over and over. Might as well accept it as it is." she says to herself, seeming more determined now that the image is not staring her back in her face. She cleans the brushes off, then moves back to quickly stick the portrait in between the others of her folder before changing her mind.

    "There. Done." Teani says, brushing off her hands on a piece of cloth before tucking away everything else inside the satchel. "Now I just have to leave it that way. No more tinkering with it."

    With the ascii:

  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Teani asked @Jensen if he was ready to have his portrait made. This is what happened!

    In the bleak shade of the gallow's tree.
    A path cutting away from the barren fields outside the prison rises to a small knoll here to overlook the city outskirts. Dominating the small hill, a massive dead elm tree stands here, its grey, gnarled branches extending high into the sky - it appears to have been dead for generations, petrified into a blackened, iron-hard growth. Dozens of ropes hang from the limbs, swaying slowly in the wind off the tundra, with one holding a none-too-fresh body that shifts slowly back and forth with a sickening creak.

    (Tells): Jensen tells you, "Aye, let me find my 'guest'"

    Teani sits with a framed canvas made of skin in her lap, vials and brushes arranged around her.

    Jensen arrives from the north.

    Teani looks up at Jensen as he arrives, setting down the last of her vials of ink close at hand. There is a neat array of brushes laid out beside her as well, showing she is just about ready for work.

    He is a powerful Yeleni vampire. Pallid, white skin clings tautly to his gaunt face, which he keeps clean shaven. His eyes are the only color in his face, the pale-blue orbs stare out coldly from behind narrowly slit lids. A widows-peak V's just above his brow, which is further accentuated by his short, slicked back hair style. Echoes of countless battles adorn his muscular body, from the nearly ancient scars, to very fresh wounds still stitched in place. A pair of massive, greying wings juts out from his back. The wings seem to have grown out of a tattoo, depicting a raven, that spans his back from shoulder to shoulder. He walks with the blessing of Chakrasul.

    Jensen walks in, dragging an inmate closely behind him. The pale, feeble man frantically tries to escape as a troubled child would their parent. "Meet Mr. Doe, murderer, arsonist, woman-killer." the vampire coldly states.
    H:6918 M:4472 B:100% Mad:10% [csdb eb] [hsp ema ftr]
    Jensen wields an grotesquely oversized cleaver, securing it to his weaponbelt.

    Teani nods at the man once, eyes cold as crimes are mentioned. "Pleased that you would join us and enrich this portrait." Her eyes shift to Jensen and she tilts her head to the side, expression decidedly softer now. "What are you thinking then? I figured the gallow's tree, but what if yourself?"

    Jensen pulls the mans head back by a tuft of hair, exposing his neck. "He was due fer an execution anyway, jus' thought I'd give my portrait a lil' somethin' extra." The cleaver audible slices through the air as the Yeleni strikes it down. The inmate's scream is cut short - his body falling lifelessly to the ground, spraying crimson all over the grayed, dead vegetation. Jensen looks down at the severed head, whose countenance is frozen in a look of terror. "Jus' a lil somethin' extra," the Yeleni repeats.

    Jensen removes his armor, clothing, and equipment - neatly bundling them off to the side and out of view. The only things that remain are his apron, cleaver, gauntlet, and of course the former inmate's head. He positions himself back in front of the gallows tree, with one leg triumphantly perched on the dead man's back. He then lifts the head up into the air as if it were a lantern illuminating the night.

    Teani's eyebrows raises a notch, not saying anything for a good while as Jensen inspects the newly-created prop. She looks down at the skin in her lap, then murmurs a soft, "Apparently severed heads are a trend when it comes to Spirean pin-up fashion." Her eyes trail to the ground and she nods slowly. "Though that red color does look kind of nice against the gray." With a small nod, she looks at the scene in front of her. "Alright. That should look good, if you can hold the pose for a bit?"

    Teani quickly sketches out the background with the tree, then starts working on the slumped body at Jensen's feet. She takes great care to capture contrasting colors and works her way up the Yeleni's legs. "So, you liked the uniforms? They'll be good for the parade?" she asks conversationally.

    Careful to be still, Jensen responds, "Aye, 'n Xenia seems ta like 'em as well."

    Teani shoots Jensen a smile. Her hands work with swift, but sure strokes as she draws the shape of his torso and shoulders, continuing up his arm to the severed head. The Idreth woman pauses for a moment, studying the face before setting all the details, down to the horrified expression around the dead eyes, onto the skin in her lap.

    Chittering lively with a wild stirring of whiskers, a potbellied raccoon busies itself grooming his tail with brisk strokes of sharp little claws.

    Once done with the raised prop, Teani's eyes dart between the canvas skin and Jensen's face. She holds still for a moment, a thoughtful expression on her face. "While the body language is good, perhaps a little bit more of an expression in your own face would be good? You don't want your previous inmate to out-shine you, right?" Her eyes sparkle brightly.

    Jensen sinks his fangs deep into his lower lip, sending blood trickling down the corners of his lips. He then opens wide in a feral grin.

    Teani chuckles softly, continuing on with the portrait. "At this rate I am going to run out of red ink." she muses, dipping the brush in said color and mixing it with part blue and part black to bring out the right crimson of blood, adding it to Jensen's chin as well as dribbling down the length of his arm.

    Still holding posture, Jensen eyes the raccoon.

    Teani picks up a different brush, starting to add more shadows along Jensen's body. "You should be able to relax some now." she says, eyes pausing to take in his pose once more, then nods her head. "Yeah, I should be able to remember where to highlight properly." Her eyes focus more on the painting now, adding the finer details as she goes.

    Jensen's posture doesn't relax much, but the grin fades away as he asks, "How many of these are left?"

    "Only three left after yours is done." Teani responds, hand flicking the brush across the canvas as she brings out the highlights of the image. "Eugenides, Grimdale and Ferrik." She applies some more red to the ground, then leans back examining the portrait.

    Jensen says, "Ferrik is goin' ta be a tough one ta find."

    Teani shakes her head. "He's promised to be around the city rather than sneak off into the tundra and get all frozen up again." she says determinedly. "Either that or I'll make sure there's no buffalo for him... ever." She puts the brush away, apparently satisfied with the results and smiles at Jensen. "There we go. Want to come have a look?"

    Dropping the head, Jensen comes over to appraise the painting.

    Feeling left out, a potbellied raccoon scampers over and wedges herself between the two of you.

    With a curt nod, Jensen says, "I approve."

    Teani quickly holds the still drying portrait away from the raccoon, to make sure no paws make their mark on it. "Excellent!" she says with a smile, looking at the picture herself. "I'm quite pleased with the colors."

    Jensen nods his head emphatically.

    Immediately, a potbellied raccoon heads towards Jensen, climbing up his leg, and perching on his shoulder like a rotund sentry.

    Pypo enters, settles her bottom upon the ground with purpose and begins to weave a web of turgid, sticky
    strands, says hi, then leaves.

    Teani puts the frame away and starts gathering up her things. "Thank you for standing for a portrait." As Pypo suddenly appears and then leaves again, she blinks in surprise. "Well, hi to you too." she says in a too-late response.

    Walking away with a raccoon on his shoulder, Jensen replies, "Any time."

    And ascii art!

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    And I finally managed to catch @Grimdale for his portrait. Here it comes!

    (Tells): You tell Grimdale, "Hi there!"
    (Tells): Grimdale's voice echoes in your ears, "Hello."
    (Tells): You tell Grimdale, "Are you, perhaps, available for that portrait?"
    (Tells): Grimdale's voice echoes in your ears, "Ah, I suppose we could."
    (Tells): You tell Grimdale, "Excellent! Have you thought of a proper location for this endeavor?"
    (Tells): Grimdale's voice echoes in your ears, "Yes and no, is there any type of theme for this calendar?"
    (Tells): You tell Grimdale, "As I explained originally it is a pin-up calendar, so tantalizing, fun and teasing would be proper."
    (Tells): Grimdale's voice echoes in your ears, "Alright then."
    (Tells): You tell Grimdale, "Where should we meet?"
    (Tells): You tell Grimdale, "Are you trying to get rid of me by not answering?"
    (Tells): Grimdale's voice echoes in your ears, "Heh, no, can't decide between two places."
    (Tells): You tell Grimdale, "I need this calendar done and it is taking quite a bit of time trying to wait out the last few people."

    Grimdale smiles at you.

    He is a powerful Azudim who stands roughly at six and a half feet tall. Unique to those of his race,
    his body is rather large and stocky. The bulk of his arms and legs being completely toned with thick
    muscles. He features are chisled and worn, yet his high cheekbones give him a youthful expression.
    Straight silver locks hang to just above his shoulders, a slight receding hairline is a testament to
    his true age. A long, flowing, silvery beard meets his hair and hangs to just below his chest. Ashen
    grey skin covers his body, several areas marred by scars from ancient battles past. Most notable of
    the scars, is a massive one that covers the left side of his neck, raised and marred as the result
    of improper healing. Folded carelessly at his back, rest two small wings that when extended they
    barely reach past his arms. Each finger of the veined wings are covered in a thick layer of course
    fur, in all they seem to not even be capable of lifting his weight from the ground. His entire
    appearance shows more of a large Dwarf as opposed to his Azudim counterparts. He walks with the
    blessing of Chakrasul.

    (hanging from the shoulders) : a cloak of obscurity
    (worn on the feet) : silver-spiked, scaled mountain boots
    (worn on the legs) : durable leather hunting trousers

    You nod your head at Grimdale.

    You say, "Just show me what you've been thinking so far?"

    Grimdale says, "Seedy gaming lounge, wearing these."
    Grimdale displays assless leather trousers for all to see:
    Supple leather, dyed a deep ebony hue, has been tailored into a form-fitting pair of trousers. Cut like chaps, the garment hugs the legs, accentuating curves, before widening slightly at the knee to fall straight to the ankle in a fit designed to accommodate boots. Open at the back, the piece curves around the upper thighs, exposing the wearer's buttocks in their full glory, with only a single strap around the waist securing it closed.

    Grimdale says, "Or a bit more classy, outside."

    Grimdale says, "Such hard decisions."

    Teani looks about herself, pursing her lips. "Well, no one has tried the gaming lounge scene yet. I think I only have two outdoor scenes." she muses.

    Grimdale nods slowly, rubbing his beard, "Hmm, no lounge scenes...think the lighting is enough?"

    A grimy gaming lounge.
    Tucked off from the main room of the Hound and Halberd, this lounge is a grimy, dim spot for drinkers to gather to entertain themselves as they carouse. Dart boards cover one of the walls, the usual rings replaced by illustrations of prominent citizens from Enorian, while a rather distressed set of billards and snooker tables stand beneath battered lanterns, their listing and wobbly legs propped up by battered books to created a moderately level surface. Worn couches and rickety chairs ring the room, with small tables offering people a more intimate (albeit dingy) place to sit and enjoy their pints. An elegant billiards table has been placed in the center of the room. A black leather couch has been placed against the center wall.

    Teani shoots another glance around the place, nodding. "Should be fine over by the dart boards, maybe?" With a crooked grin, she adds, "Could have you holding a dart between your teeth, looking over your shoulder at me. Wouldn't want to miss out on that prominent feature your pants are presenting, would we?"

    Grimdale laughs and nods, "I like where you are going with this." He walks over toward a dart board and yanks a dart loose, "Red dart?"

    Teani chuckles, nodding her head at the question. As she starts picking among her things, pulling out a sheet of darkened paper, she says, "I've done a few of these now, so I know what would go well with the rest."

    Grimdale grins and nods, "I leave it to you then."

    Placing the dart lengthwise in his mouth, Grimdale faces the wall and turns to face you. "Like this?" He asks, mumbling over the dart, "Beard over the shoulder too?"

    Teani positions herself in front of the wall, close enough to be able to see in the dim light. She looks up at Grimdale, tilting her head to the side. "One hand up against the wall, the other at your hip? And hrm... I think your beard will show anyway, without it being on display. Hard to miss that one!"

    Grimdale places his right hand on his hip, leaning against the wall with his left. "How's this?" He asks, looking over his left shoulder.

    Teani considers the pose for a moment, before shaking her head. "It's better if you look over the other shoulder, so that you are somewhat turning this way , but keep your hips straight at the wall." She starts sketching out the background with a broad brush and wide strokes, setting the proper scene in the focus as a brighter one compared to the rest.

    Grimdale turns and glances at you over the other shoulder, twisting just slightly at the waist.

    Teani smiles brightly as she notices the adjustment. "Perfect. Now, if you want to, you can remove the dart from your mouth for a while, as I work on the rest of the pose. Might be difficult to talk otherwise." Her eyes go back and forth between Grimdale and her canvas. "I'll let you know when it's time to put it back."

    Grimdale takes the dart and stick it into the board, placing his hand back on the wall, "Thank the Gods, I should have cleaned that off first, it tastes horrible."

    Teani lets out a quick laugh. "Well, you're the one who picked that color. Maybe another one would have tasted better." She looks up, grinning mischievously at Grimdale. Her hand works with sure expertise, mixing the proper colors on a wooden board before applying it to the canvas.

    Grimdale grins, "Red seemed the obvious choice, though looking around they probably all taste that way..." Shakes his head slowly and grimaces, "Best not to think about it."

    Teani only smiles, continuing her painting, working her way up from Grimdale's feet. After some time, she looks up, nodding her head. "Alright, time for the torso and up, so get that.. er, nice little dart back in there and hold still." With a wide smile, she adds, "Try not to lick it."

    Grimdale smirks then grimaces slightly, "Alright.." He adds, grabbing the dart once more and placing it in his teeth. Planting his hand back on the wall and turning to face you again.

    Teani's scan the scene before her thoroughly before facing the painting in her lap again. Every now and then, she looks up again, to make sure her lines are right, or the shades are proper. At one point, she leans a little to the side, as if to catch something from a different angle, but soon returns to the same position as before, nodding a little to herself.

    Grimdale wrinkles his nose like there is an itch he can't quite get to, "How many more do you have left?"

    "Only two left after yours." Teani responds, not even pausing in her work. She seems to be working on the minor details now, using a thin brush and mostly what looks like light tones for highlights. "Eugenides and Ferrik."

    "Ferrik" Grimdale responds, "Haven't seen him in ages, can you track him down?"

    Teani grumbles something inaudible, but eventually raises her voice. "He promised not to disappear into the Tundra again at least. That way he won't be frozen and in need of warming up before the portrait is done." She shrugs a shoulder. "I think he's off hunting buffalo." She leans back, scrutinizing her work with pursed lips. After a while she nods and looks up at Grimdale. "You can take the dart out now." she says with a wry smile. "I'm done."

    Grimdale spits the dart into his hand and slams in into the board, "Well if he is frozen he won't move on you." He adds with a chuckle, turning from the wall to face you.

    "True! Just have to make sure to pose him without breaking any limbs." Teani returns with a smile, then holds up the portrait for Grimdale to see. "Satisfied with the outcome?"

    Grimdale chuckles quietly, then glances at the portrait for a few moments, "Very...you were quite kind with the posterior region."

    Teani grins widely, turning the image so she can see it properly. "Well, it represents more than your backside. It's going to feature the backside of the entire calendar."

    Grimdale laughs out loud, "True enough, then it was an appropriate pose after all".

    Teani nods her head, smiling at Grimdale. "Very. Thank you so much for taking the time. Don't let me keep you from your other matters."

    Grimdale nods slowly, "No, thank you, most of us can't wait to see the final outcome."

    Teani smiles proudly. "I'm so glad I got this project."

    The corners of Grimdale's mouth turn up as he grins mischievously.

    Grimdale wraps his cloak about himself, "Alright, time to go change I think".

    The corners of Grimdale's mouth turn up as he grins mischievously.

    You chuckle at Grimdale.

    You ask, "Don't want to walk around in ass-less chaps all the time?"

    You grin mischievously at Grimdale.

    Grimdale smirks.

    And his ascii: http://hastebin.com/vinajuzexu.vhdl

  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Only two portraits to go!
    Table of contents  - Image done
    Intro/Credits -
    Variach - Image done
    Severin - Image done
    Ios - Image done
    Arios - Image done
    Chakros - Image done
    Khepary - Image done
    Centerfold - (ascii complete, no RP yet)
    Midsummer - Image done
    Lleian - Image done
    Lanosian - Image done
    Niuran - Image done
    Slyphian - Image done
    Haernos - Image done
    End page - Image done

  • eeeeeeeeeee! Where is Ferrik, we need that croc so I can get my hands on this calendar!

  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    I'll try to lure him in with buffalo meat. If we build a huge pile of it in the middle of the Basilica, maybe it will draw him in?

  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Second to last: Eugenides! This is a short log, of necessity.

    (Tells): You tell Eugenides, "Hi!"
    (Tells): Eugenides tells you, "Hi."
    (Tells): You tell Eugenides, "Finally we're around at the same time again. Do you have time for the portrait?"
    (Tells): Eugenides tells you, "Sure. I can pencil you in. My schedule is a bit busy at the moment what with holding up inner gate, but you are that important to me."
    (Tells): You tell Eugenides, "Ah, excellent. You will be about for a little while?"
    (Tells): Eugenides tells you, "I'll be around for about half a day or so."
    (Tells): You tell Eugenides, "Where did you plan on having this portrait of yours made then?"
    (Tells): Eugenides tells you, "I was feeling my office, but did you have a better idea?"
    (Tells): You tell Eugenides, "Sounds good to me. I don't quite know where that is though?"
    (Tells): Eugenides tells you, "One down from the top of the government spire, and west."

    A crazy, colorful mess of an office.
    This chamber's regal furnishings have been desecrated, covered in a chaos of multicolored paint, creating an optical illusion that settles uneasily to the eye. Exquisite portraits that may have portrayed ancient Consanguinic royalty are buried beneath layers of vandalism, with so many extra details and slanderous amendments added, that the intended figures are unrecognizable. A polka-dotted and zebra-striped window, still gilded with lines of paint that dripped wet and then dried that way, overlooks the western regions of the city and state proper. All around the place, new, unmolested furniture has been stuffed amidst the old, like someone's silly idea of a scathing sociopolitical statement. A large catapult stands tall here, affixed on a wooden frame with wheels. As if the office were briefly at the mercy of hyperactive toddlers, the entire room has been painted in a confusing mess. A stygian desk of faceted crystal is here, an airbubble paperweight decoration of spherical glass atop it. There is a small stack of arrows here. Splendor radiating from every
    inch, a pink unicorn poses here with one leg raised. Eugenides is here.

    "Aha!" you exclaim.
    Eugenides says, "Wonderful."

    Eugenides picks up an arrow coated with an unknown venom.

    Eugenides puts his hands on his hips and goes, "Hmmm!"

    He is an agile Idreth who is a shade to fat to be considered elegant. His brown hair has receded nearly to the back of his skull. The little hair that has decided to remain is pulled back. All except for some hair on the right side he has allowed to grow longer. This hair is pulled over the top of his head in a vain attempt to hide the shiny scalp. His hazel eyes are bright and cheerful, seeming to capture and reflect every bit of light in the room. His nose would be a perfect fit for his round face, had it not been broken what would appear to be four or five times. His is mouth always locked into a warm smile. His goatee grows in thin, and only small bare patches of hair cover his cheeks. He seems to stand a head shorter than everyone else. As you draw close, the smell of old books and honeysuckle wash over you. Something about this Idrethi reminds you vaguely of a Mhun. He is covered head to toe in a garish array of brightly-hued paint.

    Eugenides says, "I don't remember leaving that arrow about."

    Flashing a bright smile, Eugenides says, "How have you been?"

    Teani quickly sets to pulling out her materials. "Oh, everything's been quite excellent, thank you." the Idreth responds, then ponders the unicorn for a moment. "Oh! You just have to be posing on top of that one!" she exclaims.

    Eugenides, scratching Gamble under the mane eliciting a low whinny, says, "Think that'll make a decent painting?"

    Teani gestures at Eugenides, eyes twinkling. "Well, what with those heart boxers and all that color, what could go wrong?"

    Offering a slight shrug, Eugenides says, "Okay, You're the expert. I must say though, I'm kinda nervous. I've always been a bit more on the conservative side. Trying to be modest and what not."

    Teani waves a hand. "If you'd rather do something more modest, that is fine." she says, offering a warm smile. "Each to their own, you know? Faerah posed fully clothed, as suits her." she explains, continuing to pull out her brushes and vials of paint.

    Eugenides thinks for a moment. "Well, What has everyone else done? I'll try to fit in with the flow, I was going to be the first depiction, so we need something that'll catch the eye." After another seconds thought he adds, "So you picked the right guy for that."

    Teani purses her lips, looking Eugenides over carefully. "Well, there is the front page, then Kelliara for the content's page, but then there will be your picture!" She makes small humming noises, looking about herself again. "You know what would be really interesting?"

    Eugenides emits a small 'hmm?' noise as he raises his eyebrows.

    "Posing you at the Inner Gate, to really represent the city." Teani responds. "There's not many people around, and if we're quick about it, no one will even notice." Her smile brightens the more the considers this idea. "And you are quite well connected to the place after all. Holding it up is an important job."

    Eugenides nods his head slowly in thought. "Aye, I am important." another moment of thoughtful nodding turns into the fast nodding of agreement. "That sounds like a great place to do it."

    "Excellent!" Teani hurriedly gathers her things again, not bothering to tuck them away in her satchel, then heads out the door, cheerfully chattering away. "After this I only have Ferrik left to paint. I'm planning on building a huge pile of buffalo meat in the center of the Basilica to lure him in."

    The Inner Gate of Spinesreach.

    Laughingly, Eugenides says, "Aye, that'd get him here."

    Teani makes a hushing noise towards the present guards, then settles her items around her. "Now then." She looks at the gates, pointing towards one with plenty of light. "If you go stand over there. Bring that wonderful creature with you, but just keep him at your side. Then strike a pose, holding up the gate for me." She smiles brightly and retrieves a sheet of paper from the satchel.

    Eugenides guides gamble around the area with quiet clicking noises. Once he is happy with his spot, the senator whispers something to gamble who rears onto his hind legs. The magnificent unicorn steps back and forth on its hind legs in an attempt to keep it's balance. The unicorn pulls it off easily. Obviously this isn't the first time Eugenides has had Gamble pose like this.

    Pulling gently on Gamble's mane to keep balance, Eugenides says, "Right, But what pose should I do?"

    A magnificent pink unicorn huffs in exertion. A steady -clop clop- as it dances back and forth.

    Teani grins widely. "That's a fantastic trick! Perhaps you could turn towards the gate, as if pushing at it, then look over your shoulder at me?" She demonstrates, by stepping up to the other side of the opening, placing both hands against the wall and and looking at Eugenides over her shoulder. She even shoots her hip a little to the side to add to the curve of her body.

    A few more clicks from Eugenides and a few more huffs from the unicorn, to the sounds of hooves they move closer to the gates. The senator places his left hand on the gate, right at rest on his dirk. Pulling gently at his remaining hair, he fails at taming the wild sides into covering the bald spot. The Idrethi twist in his saddle to face you, arching his back and sucking in what he can of his large gut. He shoots a smouldering look, and bites his lip gently.

    Feeling uncomfortable and mumbling through his bit lip, Eugenides says, "Is this it?"

    Teani fails completely to hide her grin, nodding her head as she starts outlining the scene on her paper. "I'd better do this quickly, so you don't suddenly fall off at that angle." she notes, hand quickly moving across the canvas, but still with very precise movements, allowing the background to come to life.

    -clomp clomp clomp-

    Eugenides leans back and forth, maintaining his balance, as a sweat breaks out on his forehead.

    "Try to relax, and keep that intensity in your eyes." Teani instructs, her work now mostly set on covering the details, eyes darting up and down from the page as the brush is lifted and dipped in new paint.

    Eugenides freezes his face in position, refusing even to blink. His leans back and forth becoming more exaggerated now with Gamble's growing fatigue. Huffs, low whinnies, and something that sounds oddly like scoffs are emitting with alarming frequency from the magnificent mount.

    Teani finally nods her head, waving the hand no occupied by a brush. "Alright, alright, you can drop down now." she calls out, still working on the image. "I should be able to finish this without much problem."

    With out waiting for a command from Eugenides Gamble drops heavily to its front hooves and begins to walk slowly glancing annoyed with it's rider.

    Running a hand through his hair, Eugenides says, "That wasn't so bad. I don't know why I was putting if off for so long."

    "I really appreciate you taking the time." Teani smiles, looking up from the paper. "And yes, it's not that much effort for you. You should have taken care of this more quickly!"

    A magnificent pink unicorn notices it's rider's relaxed grip, and bucks hard. Eugenides goes flying. He lands with a not so soft -THUD-

    Teani covers her mouth with a hand, stifling a laugh. "Oops." she says, then looks down at the painting. "Lucky for us, I didn't quite run out of red, but it was close." She holds up an empty vial of prepared red paint. "Want to come see the result?"

    Eugenides stands shakily. "Yeah, I'd like that." He moves sorely to hover over the shoulder of you. "Wow, Looks great. Though I don't think it quite captures my impressive musculature..." He trails off, lying to himself.

    "Ah, it's probably due to poor lighting." Teani comments, shifting her eyes at the rising sun casting its rays straight towards the spot Eugenides just vacated, then nods her head solemnly at him.

    Nodding as though that was obvious, Eugenides says, "That's okay, I'm sure people will still be impressed. I'm also sure I'll be autographing plenty of these. You've truly an eye for beauty. Brush strokes are great. Colors blend well. You're concept of content to capture shows a high level of mastery."

    Teani smiles at the praise, letting out a small sigh of relief that her diplomatic comment seemed to work. "Well, thank you, Senator, for your time. I am sure you have plenty of other things to do, so I will leave you to it." She carefully tucks away the portrait in her satchel. "And I am off to do some hunting."

    Eugenides says, "Be safe, And be careful with that portrait. That's a damned Spinesreach treasure now!"

    Teani nods, patting her satchel carefully. "I will keep it safe!" she promises.

    And of course, ascii: http://hastebin.com/votegedani.vbs

  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Most hilarious session of all, I believe, but then again... it was with @Ferrik!

    Enjoy this read. If you don't laugh, I don't know what will!

    Teani pulls in a few more buffalo corpses, dropping them on top of the others, making quite a huge pile of them in the garden. Then she puts the finishing touches on her cage-like trap, making sure that it's positioned right above the pile of buffalo corpses. "There. That should do it." she murmurs softly, then stalks away a bit to sit and watch. She pulls out a piece of fruit to munch on in the meantime, keeping herself occupied with simple sketches.

    Eyes squinted and maw raised up high, Ferrik treads in slowly, nostrils heavily and audibly occupied.

    He is a powerful Idreth taking after a primal, reptilian beast of massive size. So massive in fact, one might call him plump or even overweight. This obese crocodilian body, with its pudgy limbs and digits, has thick, leathery skin of a dark olive brown to green with non-overlapping scales and armoured plates. The scales thin and smooth near his large head and its heavy set jaws, filled with conical, peg-like teeth. A pair of distinct ridges run along his craggy snout, framing his eyes like a pair of hairless brows. Past his neck, a steady pattern of peaks jut out from his scales, forming near-perfect rows of spikes along his back, varying in size down his tail.

    (worn on a talon) : a Heart of Darkness ring
    (perched atop his head) : a tall black top hat

    Teani crouches down as soon as there's movement in the garden, hiding herself from view.

    Stumbling around almost groggily, Ferrik bumps into obstacles and people. "Woah, sorry! Woops, apologies good man." the crocodiles excuses himself in a raspy voice, as he barely notices the Spirean militia. "Sorry, sorry! Croc on a mission here." he calls out, swaying to and fro as he follows a peculiar scent.

    Ferrik stumbles back in after several moments later. "Hmm.. Nope. Nope definitely... here." he mumbles to himself.

    "Maybe I am losing it!" Ferrik calls out. "If only.." and he halts, attempting to reach his nose with his stout little arms - obviously failing miserably at that. Finally lowering his maw (back turned to the pile of buffalo corpses as it were), he side eyes the Spirean soldier next to him and sidles closer.

    There's a sudden snapping sound and a huge cage comes crashing down, enclosing the pile and anyone close to it. The poor guard dives for cover, narrowly avoiding capture. From a bush not far away there's a cheering sound as Teani bursts forward, grinning widely. "Aha!!" she says triumphantly, only to notice that Ferrik is still standing outside the cage.

    Just like that, Ferrik runs up to the soldier and very "accidentally" slams into him, making sure to thoroughly rub his nose on them. "OH DEAR! OH OH I AM -SO- SORRY MY GOOD SIR! WAIT WOAH HANG ON. I GOT THIS!" he bellows, wiping from left to right for good measure. "Hokay." Then the cage drops down in a loud ruckus. "WHAT IN SAPIENCE!?!" the crocodile shrieks in a perhaps a little bit too high of a pitch for his gender.

    Teani frowns at the cage, eying the distance between it and Ferrik, scratching her head. "I could have sworn you were standing closer..." she mumbles, then looks up at him pointing her finger at him as she approached. "You! You promised not to wander off too far!" she says accusingly.

    Simply standing there, mildly shocked and frazzled, Ferrik tilts his head curiously. "You?" he says, gauging the cage with its trap mechanism and then you. "Me?!" he follows up in response to the flung accusation. "Wha- I... I did not!" he counters, lowering back down to the ground and padding closer.

    Teani turns her head up to the sky, clearly exasperated. "Yes!" she exclaims. "You signed up for the calendar project, remember? You're the last one I need to paint." She glances at the cage next to her, crossing her arms. "I figured the buffalo would at least lure you out of hiding and if you planned on sneaking off with one of the corpses, I'd trap you underneath."

    (Spinesreach): You say, "The buffalo pile worked! We have found our crocodile!"
    (Spinesreach): Zenobia says, "Huzzah!!"
    (Spinesreach): Cardie says, "....wha?"
    (Spinesreach): You say, "Now none of you come close. I need him to finish the project and we don't want Ferrik to run."
    (Spinesreach): Zenobia says, "Agreed."

    Ferrik's eyes widen after blinking several times. His gaze sets on the veritable mountain of buffalo that he only now realises to be there. "Oh-ho hooo!" Giddily, the crocodile bounces in place a little bit. "Why hey! That sounds like a terrific plan!" and he draws up closer to the cage, pacing by one side of it. "So... so uh. When ah... when is this plan scheduled for?" he wonders aloud.

    Only belatedly realizing her own genius to lock the food -inside- the cage, Teani straightens her back and looks Ferrik. "Now, as a matter of fact. So no eating until the mission is completed." From the tone of her voice it's clear this is non-negotiable. "But afterwards, that entire pile is yours."

    "EEEEEE!" Ferrik excitedly shrieks, nearly climbing up the side of the cage but instead channeling this energy into clapping his claws together. "Buffalo! All mine!" he calls out. It takes him a few moments to calm down somewhat and for realisation to strike. "Wait. Mission, what?"

    Eyes shifting, Ferrik asks, "You want me to... eat someone else first?"

    "Mission." Teani repeats, beckoning for Ferrik to follow. "And no, it's not an eating mission." She lets out a sigh, then makes a show of walking over to the guard, instructing him to guard the pile of corpses for the crocodile. Turning back to him, she explains, "You're having your portrait made. Remember? Pin-up calendar portrait? City benefit thing?" She starts
    moving towards the Institute.

    A bit leery, Ferrik pulls his head back and carefully observes you through narrowed eyes. "Nooooo?" he slowly, quietly answers. "OH OH hang on. City portraits. Yes maybe." he taps a claws against the side of a tooth thoughtfully. "Yeeees. Yes it's all coming back to me now. I -was- promised buffalo though." he claims in a grave tone.

    Teani stops moving, looking pointedly at Ferrik, then at the cage filled with corpses. "And what is that, exactly?"

    "Uuuuuh-huh." Ferrik retorts, nodding his head sagely. "Juuuust making sure here." Breaking his posture, he scrambles up close by you, "SO! When do we get to the buffalo part, hmm? Huh? What ah.. what are we doing here?"

    Teani walks in to the huge ballroom, Ferrik in tow, where the piano has been pulled out from the corner to a more prominent position - right in the middle of the room. "I was thinking... You do like the piano, no?" Without waiting for an answer, she walks up to the instrument, placing a hand on its top. "And we want something suitable for a proper pin-up image. What do you say?" She looks at the crocodile, measuring him up.

    Beneath enormous chandeliers.
    This ballroom is rather sizable, eight walls converging to form a very large, octagon-shaped room. The walls and domed ceiling have all been gilded, the gold all polished to a gleaming shine not unlike the richly hued mahogony wood that comprises the floor. The glass dome of the ceiling has been painted with a vibrant battle scene of Spirean glory. The glass is backlit by the sun during the day, and by the moon at night, causing the dome to glow in an almost ethereal fashion. The hall is lit internally with eight enormous chandeliers that encircle the painted glass, hundreds of lit candles against smooth, elaborately molded gold and faceted crystals that elicit a dazzling array of coruscating light when struck by the dancing candlelight. A magnificent grand piano stands in the middle of the ballroom. A terrifying, seven-foot-long guitar with iron lions and enormous spikes stands on its own base.

    Ferrik diligently follows, poking up from behind you at every other step or so, "Is it here?! Oh here?! A-hah! Over theeere!" he helpfully inquires and points out. Once they do reach their destination it all seems to become very clear to the reptile. "Eee! Piano AND buffalo! All in one day." he swoons in his stride. With the last given suggestion, Ferrik looks at the piano and up high. Thoughtfully, he peers back. "Hmm... well it'll be a tough job. I don't know about this." he points to the domed ceiling, "We'll be needing a loooot of pins though."

    "Pins?" Teani asks, looking a bit confused as she follows Ferrik's gaze. As she realizes what it's about, she rolls her eyes. "No no no." Resting her head in her palm, she shakes it slowly. "We are -not- pinning the piano up." She takes a deep breath, then speaks slowly. "The calendar. It's a pin-up version. The kind you can pin to the wall and it will have a different provocative image for each month of the year." Gesturing at the piano, she continues, "This is just a prop we can use as part of your portrait. Perhaps with you resting on top of it?"

    Ferrik still seems to be sizing up the piano and the room for several moments as this information gets processed. "A calendar you say." he muses in echo. Suddenly, he stops and looks up at you with a pleading expression. "But.. but I do not." he hobbles over to the piano and clings to it, "I would not provoke people! How about I just play it instead? Play a little tune." he offers a wry, toothy smile. "Just an innocent crocodile here." he confirms with a nod.

    Teani purses her lips, then shakes her head. "Consider it a game, and if you win, I'll toss in a new buffalo beacon unit for you, so you can better track the herds." Her expression softens and she shoots Ferrik a smile. "I'm sure you can do it. Just consider what's in it for you!"

    "BUFFALOOOOO!" Ferrik cries out as he turns around and starts to scurry up the piano. Nails tick, click and scratch as he fumbles around trying his best to get his bulk up and going. With a slip he loses his footing and strikes several keys in an explosion of dissonance. "Woahdear! Meant to do that." he recovers finding a hold for his claw and then taps out a short series of notes that vaguely resemble the outburst. "See!"

    Although the piano creaks here and there under the newly gained mass, Ferrik seems certain of his case as he sort of awkwardly finds his perch. Laying flat on top of the piano. "O.. okay." he says through heavy breathing. "Now what. Do you go and get the pins now?" he wonders.

    Teani carefully hides a grin as Ferrik rushes to with new-found enthusiasm. She starts pulling out her canvas, brushes and paint from her satchel, putting them close to her side in front of the piano. "No pins needed." she repeats. "Just doing a portrait." Turning her face up to look at him, she chuckles. "Alright. If you could just try to... um, turn this way a little?" She moves closer making a beckoning motion, as if to urge Ferrik to roll a little her way. "Need help? Or just, er... push with your tail or something. I'll make sure you won't fall over this edge." She holds her hands up in readiness, though looking a bit uncertain as to how she'll manage to prevent the massive crocodile from rolling back down on the floor.

    "Uhhh... okay." Ferrik responds a little uncertainly. Furrowing his brow ridges as you gets out all the equipment. "TURN!?" his voice filled with exasperation. "Woman I JUST got here!" Begrudgingly, the crocodilian slowly tries to move, but then ends up just on his side, facing the painter sideways. "Okay. I think I got this." he says with little to no certainty in his tone as he slowly rocks back and forth.

    Teani remains with her hands outstretched for a little while longer, warding off a potential fall, but as she notices Ferrik getting stabilized, she nods and takes a step back. "Fantastic. That will be just perfect." she says, going back to her things. With the canvas in hand, she starts applying paint, forming the background of the room before moving in towards the center. "Now, try to think of a good expression. Perhaps a wink? Or a, er..." She pauses and looks up at him. ".. um. A sexy kind of look?"

    Ferrik remains puzzled at this whole ordeal and seems to progress through various expressions of confusion. Whilst trying to remain as stiff as a board atop the piano, the crocodile jerks his head up at the suggestion, "A wink?" and he attempts to do so several times. "I think that's... like I have a bug in my eye." He attempts to reach for his top hat, but at the additional suggestion he turns his head, "A what kind of look?" he calls out, his top hat promptly falls off his head and he scrambles to catch it. Rolling back, the plump reptile has little space and with a dull, loud smack falls off behind the piano.

    "Sort of like having something in your eye, yeah." Teani comments, glancing up only now and then from her drawing. However, when Ferrik begins to thrash around in his hunt for the hat, she looks up and cries a warning. Too late, however, as she notices the subject of her portrait tumble over the edge and disappear. "Ferrik." she groans, shaking her head and mumbling to herself as she walks around the piano, "Best tell him to just be still and not confuse him." Once she comes around the edge, she asks, "Are you alright?"

    Ferrik rubs his snout, mumbles and mutters something before getting back up and springing into action as you rounds the corner. Just in time to throw a clawed thumbs up and, "PEACHY!" in response to her. "Okay okay.." he grumbles, "I got this. Don't worry I got this!" and this time he tackles the climb from behind. Despite the cacophony of frantic clawing on wood, the large crocodile actually manages it! He proves successful much more rapidly than last time as he scales the instrument and this time rolls on to his back. "Like thiiis riiiight?!" he calls out. Reaching to adjust his hat and not finding it there, the crocodile grunts, "Just imagine the hat there. It's like ninety percent of my sexiness."

    Teani jumps back as Ferrik scrambles back up on the piano, the wood protesting against the weight in a very ominous way, but it still seems to hold. As the crocodile squirms and flops around on his perch, finding a good position, she returns to her previous place, making sure she still has the proper angles. Once he seems set, she nods. "I'll definitely keep that in mind. Now! Hold still and, um..." She furrows her brows as she considers what might motivate the proper expression for the moment. "Oh, right! Look straight at me and imagine I'm a big savory water buffalo." After a short pause, she adds, "Though don't get into it too much. I'm not someone you should eat. And stay still!" She goes back to her painting, only glancing up occasionally to see if Ferrik follows her instructions.

    "OooOooo!" Ferrik responds in a lilting voice. That idea seems to click rather well with the reptile and you can almost see him salivating already as his eyes partially glaze over. He leans just a little bit closer, attempting to look nonchalant - as far as a big giant crocodile on top of a piano can portray nonchalance that is - Fumbling with a claw, he sort of props his head up and waves even. "Why HELLO there missus buffalo!" he curls up his tail even at that. "You ah... you come around here often?" he carries on propping a clawed foot up. "I have a great big expanse of grass you know. You ah.. you're not allergic to salt and pepper though, eh?-- Ah wait forget that. Grass. Plains. Let's get back to that." he rattles off, breathing a sigh, "AnyWAAAAY."

    Teani nods her head as she notices Ferrik pick up on her suggestion, hand still working on the painting. Her brush almost makes the fatal mistake of sliding across the entire canvas as he starts prattling away, trying to seduce his imaginary buffalo, choking back a laugh. She takes a moment to compose herself, then continues. With a barely suppressed grin, she glances up at him only a few times, not being quite able to contain herself. "Looks good, keep that thought in your head." she calls out, shifting to a smaller brush to add more details.

    Certainly still caught up in this dreamland haze, Ferrik stays perfectly put for once. "Maybe ah we can work something out later!" he suggests. "Oh oh!" he remembers, flailing momentarily, "I look much better with my top hat on, missus buffalo! I swear!" he loudly claims, making sure to point it out on the floor. "It's my strong point right there." Then reassuming his posture almost exactly, his voice lilts up and down again in what might be his attempt of sultry, "Speeeaaaking of strong points! Do you ah.. do you like to work out, hm? I like big buffalo!" he stipulates.

    Teani succumbs to a fit of giggles, bending over her canvas for a moment, shoulders shaking from trying to hold it back. As Ferrik resumes his position, she looks up, listening to his voice as she goes back to her work. "Oh yes. Definitely like to work out." she responds, playing along. "Lots of er... stampeding! And generally moving about on the plains." She nods her head, hand carefully adding a few highlights and shadows here and there.

    "Fan-tastic!" Ferrik calls out, slapping a claw to his chest. "I ah." and he pauses briefly and ponders. "My what a strange voice you have miss buffalo." he blinks, "Oddly.. familiar." he muses, but shakes it off. "Well anyway!" he cheerfully kicks off his next rant. "I have this wonderful estuary I love to hang out. Plenty of grass. Large burrow system where I drag my pre--" his eyes widen, catching himself just in time. "Pre.. uh. Presents. Yes. All the presents that I keep around for pretty buffalo. Uh-huh. Presents, yes."

    "Ah, you are one precious crocodile, Ferrik." Teani lets out, chuckling softly as she leans back to view her painting from a little more distance. "We're all done!" She looks up at the crocodile with a wide smile, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand. "The mission has been completed and you are free to step down from the piano." Pulling out a clean piece of cloth, she starts cleaning the brushes, putting them awayinto her satchel. "Want to come have a look?"

    Ferrik looks confused for a moment. Trails of saliva now gone, he peers closer as he gradually snaps out of it. "Mission completed!" he repeats, "Buffalo time?!" without a single shred of grace the reptile stumbles, scratches and scrambles down the piano, striking keys and bad chords. "BUFFALO TIME!" he cries out, nails rattling across the marble floors as he scampers off.

    And his ascii: http://hastebin.com/ewaxivixud.vhdl

  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    With that log, the Spirean Calendar is finally complete with all its 16 portraits. Some of the ascii images have been altered since posted here and the descriptive text was never included. If you want to see the finished product, you will have to purchase it in the game!

    Be advised, that should you purchase this, you should have a wrapwidth at at least 80 to properly view the images. Some of the pages will have more length than others, meaning that if you do not gag out the "Read more" lines, the images and text will be broken up. I have, of course, already seen it complete and I am super happy with it! A price will be set for it and each copy will be made an original, rather than a copy from a library when purchased.

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    Also hello and thank you for the honour as well as the warm welcome back.
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    Aoi was kind enough to point out a mistake I made, so if you managed to get your hands on a faulty copy, referencing the wrong person on page 12, let me know and you'll get a new one in return for the other!

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    After all the love and requests to finish this, I've only sold four calendars. Is the price really that daunting or was the interest not that great to begin with? (Just curious <.<)

  • I've tried to buy one and haven't seen you!

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    People should send me a message! I've had my daughter for a few days and haven't logged in. Didn't see any messages about people missing me either! Anyway, should be back around more now, so contact me if you want one!

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  • Sakyl wants to buy it, but cannot afford it >.>...She's been saving up for a copy since she wouldn't imagine being able to spend the 100k gold to buy an actual calendar instead of a copy...
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