Regarding Report #1824

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Some classes are completely shut down by a broken arm while others can totally ignore it. This
creates a pretty big disparity in ability to fight vs limb classes.
Solution #1:
Create a new survival skill that can be toggled on/off which allows you to treat 1 broken arm as
having 0 broken arms (for the purposes of being able to attack only) but slows your balance/eq by 30-
50% if you do have a broken arm. Keep the other restrictions the same such as parrying.

@Valdus, @Oleis, @Razmael:

I would like to ask that another look be given to report #1824 submitted by Ezalor regarding the capability of 'dual-slash' classes with one broken arm affliction. The two classes I routinely use lose the majority, if not all, of their PRIMARY offense with one broken arm affliction. They keep their passives, however. Sentinel by far fares better than the other, being Templar, due to the hindering nature of their entourage if chosen correctly.

The response given alongside the reject was, "This is something that should be handled on a class-by-class basis rather than a single blanket skill."

Of all the venom-based classes, I feel this hurts Sentinel and Templar the hardest. Taking a look at the other classes that already boast some work around/skill to this situation:

Bloodborn/Praenomen: Dwhisper is only stopped by stupidity + prone. One broken arm means they lose the ability to convey one affliction, while keeping two with their whispers (Understanding that they are only mental afflictions), and can instead frenzy for a percentage chance to stun and/or CLAW to open more bleeding.

Indorani: With one broken arm, Indorani lose no ability in their tarot offense.

Carnifex: Via AB SAVAGERY RECKLESS, Carnifex can continue with 2h weapon offenses even if afflicted with one broken arm.

Syssin: Any smart Syssin will wield his/her dirk in the right hand, and the shield in the left, mitigating the left broken arm, in hopes of staving off the right.

Teradrim: Via AB TERRAMANCY STONEBIND , Teradrim can continue on with their offense with one broken arm, albeit at an increase to their balance times.

Shaman: Via AB SHAMANISM TOOTH, a Shaman retains their ability to use the Primality skillset when they trigger the Tooth fetish. This goes as far to allow Primality use even with TWO broken arms.

Of these classes, many of them I think are great additions, and truly unique and helpful. I strongly ask that you reconsider this report, however, for the sake of the classes that have little to no means such as these. Classes that suffer terribly from one broken arm already appear to have great means of coping with the affliction.

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  • IshinIshin Retired Lurker Virginia
    So it sounds like you need to submit a liaison report for each individual class. Not sure what the fuss is about.
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    The fuss being they have yet to even implement the last liaison changes, let alone get anywhere near a brand NEW liaison round. I think the issues to, mainly templar, deserve another look. I know I counted heavily on this report, and as such didn't submit anything akin to it. I would at least like some kind of response to ensure my words just didn't get lost out there in the inter-webs, be it private message or public post.
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  • OleisOleis Producer Emeritus Administrator, Immortal
    We're on a quarterly schedule. Despite the -very- significant delay in releasing the October round (which I've explained in the relevant thread, sorry again), we'll still have a round beginning in late January. You should plan on making targeted reports then.
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