Punishment & Possession

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So, @Sophastra can sometimes be a bit of a behavioral problem for the Guild. She has problems following Syssin protocol and likes to lick people in public and the like. (Something that is not tolerated in the Guild). Still, she's a great character that is consistently played.

One day she pissed Faerah up enough that she was sentenced to clean the interrogation room. The interrogation room was still quite gross from the guy blowing up about an IRL week prior. (Cleaning gross rooms is sort of an RP punishment that's standard in the Guild. @Ishin, for example, has been forced to clean the spit from the Milking Room floor.)

This log is pretty short, we only kept the IC relevant part in the Guild files. So, just imagine a grumbling young Syssin on her hands and knees with a bucket, struggling to get dried up blood and person chunks out off the ground with her dirk.

Then (from Sophastra's perspective):

Sophastra straightens up suddenly - she stops scrubbing, and her wings flare out sharply, before retracting more slowly.

Sophastra turns to gaze at Ishin, and her eyes glow violet. The smirk intensifies, and then a low, throaty, inhuman chuckle rises from her lungs.

You are being possessed and cannot do that.

Ishin yawns slightly, lifting a hand, curling his fingers in towards his palms as he looks over his fingernails, clearly unimpressed.

Sophastra bends down, lifting her arm - and with a slow, sensuous tilt of her head, she bites down, hard, carving through until blood drips down onto the sodden floor.

Ishin lifts his blue eyes, gazing quietly at you. "What the unicorns are you doing," he asks.

You are being possessed and cannot do that.

There's a strange swing in Sophastra's step as she approaches Ishin, blood streaming freely from her now-mangled arm and dotting her lips. She comes close - too close - and attempts to drape her wrists around his shoulders, her wings flaring outward. Her eyes are aglow, burning with unnatural, fell light.

You are being possessed and cannot do that.

You murmur to Ishin, "You're not safe in the shadows, little hunter. You're NEVER safe. Not anymore."

Ishin lifts one hand, reaching out to cup your chin as he leans in, whispering into your ear. "Nothing is ever safe," he responds. "We're waiting."

A feline purr rises from Sophastra's throat as she extends a too-long tongue, licking Ishin's cheek.

You murmur to Ishin, "We'll eat you... alive."

You are being possessed and cannot do that.

With a sudden spasm, Sophastra rears back - and the strange light is gone from her eyes.

Something has just been using you - there's an unclean feeling beneath your skin, and distant memories of prey, of blood, of sacrifice and darkness and ripping and tearing. The shadow is slow to fade from the corners of your eyes.
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