Looking for a player!

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Rouxshar's daughter, Kendri, is just about ready to be taken up as a character. Details are available by speaking with either of us, but the long and short of it is:

RP is pretty loose - play her how you want, we just want her played by someone somewhat serious. There are quite a few events and stories that we can give to help develop the character. The only thing I would call anything close to a requirement is that the player be interested in lycan. Specifically, wolf. That's a big part of our RP, and the family in general. Kendri was raised in close proximity to a lot of wolves and dogs, and nearly everyone important in her life thus far is one.

Perks include endless possibilities for RP with quite a few cool cats, 2x lesson package, 3x access to houses (Enorian, Mrenadh, Aerie) and probably tons of other spoils and feelgoods.

Hit either or both of us up in game or via PM/whatever if you're interested. Thanks.


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    Giving this thread the old bump! Still dithering over a player, and the above perks are perky and just waiting for a taker.

    No, I'm not bribing you.

    Yes I am.
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