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Old-time IRE player and Aetolian what-iffer returning from a long, long hiatus. After years of drifting about, sampling big name MMOs and indie games alike, I've come to find that nothing can quite recreate or substitute the brand of atmosphere, depth, and immersion you find in a text-based roleplaying game.

As a veteran of Imperian and dabbler in Lusternia I knew it was time to return to the polished, developed content of an IRE game. That said, the latter never really rubbed off on me and the former, my beloved first home, seems to have more or less drifted into oblivion. Now, while I never really settled into Aetolia, but it's something I always wanted to try. Your community has a reputation among the IRE circles for character, resilience, a top-notch Admin, and, well... fun! That being the case, I think it's time to give it a try for myself and, if things go well, set down some roots.

All that said, I've been away from MUDs and roleplaying on the whole for several years. It's not so much that I'm concerned as to whether or not I've still got- I don't even know where to begin!

So folks, help me out if you would, and treat me like a fresh-from-the-box newbie when I ask: where do I start? :D

tl;dr: ermigerd, vampires!


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    It really depends on what you want to do - what sort of role you want to play. From there, you can figure out options on classes, cities, and other things. Races mean nothing now, besides RP flair. Statpacks are different, compared to the other IRE games. Up until level 30, you get endless reincarnations to figure out which you like best, so that is handy. You should also check the newbie area of the forums.

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    Beyond role, look into what sort of gameplay and experience you are looking for - do you want to do a ton of PK? Are you here for extensive RP? If so, what sort of things appeal to you? Do you want to bash and kill everything ever?
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    Thanks for the responses!

    Roleplay is definitely my main attraction. I wouldn't say that I am looking for the elite, RP-intensive experience, but I do want to be surrounded by genuine effort and interest, in an environment that lends itself to relatively open and varied interactions.

    On the side, PK sounds fantastic, and compliments my preference for a militaristic/structured setting nicely. I tend to not only enjoy subordinate/support roles (in and out of combat), but also acting out the persona that accompanies it (the commander's lapdog, a loyal guardsman, an inflexible enforcer, devoted priest or worshipper), and find the prospect of helping other players further their agendas especially rewarding. On a personal level, it's important that I can feel like I'm making contributions to the community.

    Bashing is a necessarily evil, and something I'd rather not have to resort to unless everyone else is sleeping. :P

    I know that no one can make the right decision here for me, but being that the world and its years of events, politics, and racial and cultural lore are a mystery to me, I'll greatly appreciate any recommendations based on the above and take them into consideration as I begin reading up on things.
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    If military stuff and chain of command appeals to you, I'd say check out Carnifex. We promote both RP and PK in our members - the basic reqs mandate that you attend group combat, while also having lots of room for RP situations. Our guild is played as basically an army and newbies are grunts. We have many tasks, roles and paths to help augment this army RP, with ways for members to help the army out as an individual soldier.

    Skill-wise, we aren't the biggest kid on the block, but we're solid.

    Personally, as the GM, I try very hard to make experiences for my members, crafting custom aspects of progression and interaction to make it a valuable and engaging experience. I might not always hit the bar I shoot for, but that is what I aim for.

    For more info, check out our newbie guide:
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    Also, your forum handle is familiar. I was Sadhyra in Lusternia and Leikara in Imperian, if I knew you (dunno if that helps or hurts).
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    I remember you well, Glomdoring Kephera lady!
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    Aha hi.
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    I think @Moirean is right here. Carnifex probably are the way to go, if you are looking at the dark-side of things. I know the Templars offer a little bit of this on the light-side, but I definitely think Carnifex are a little more in-depth with the types of things you are looking for.

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    Templar has a lot of this, we also just require a bit more self-sufficiency and patience as our hours are a bit wonky and our numbers are smaller at the moment.
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    Again, ten tons of thanks for the advice. I recently decided on a guild and am finally starting to get settled in. So far everyone's been pleasantly helpful, though I'm sorry to say I've had to cut most of my would-be interesting interactions short due to my work schedule, and am finding that all my free time comes during off-peak hours....

    Time to start waking up earlier. :P
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