Am I Understanding This Correctly?

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Looking at the skills given to the Carnifex and speaking/fiddling about it a bit, it looks like Carnifex are finally not worthless. Their speed seems to be fast enough to compare with the other classes with a healthy amount of added effects to compare to other knight classes' passives.

This of course seems to come at the expense of usability. In order to get a decent hound, you can spend as much as 20 minutes off equilibrium to get one that doesn't suck. You then need to level up each hound individually. Which can take 5-10 minutes per hound. After you level them up, you might need to off them because the traits they gain might suck and you have a hound cap. You then need to start breeding your hounds which adds weeks to the class' ready up time to try to get an actually "good" hound. A good hound would have the traits acidspit, contagion, growl, soulrot, poisonclaw, abyssal, athletic, and obedient. The speed stat seems to be the only thing you'll want to have them focus on. So you're going to be looking at roughly a day or two before you get a good breeding stock and then breeding them quiet heavily which will take weeks.

What should be said is that seems to be the case only for herb afflictions and there's still a massive lack of a finisher for them. There's no end route besides reave and without the ability to truelock or ignore paralysis and paresis that isn't a really viable finisher. Warhammers/Greatmauls seems to still be completely useless.

Sciomancers still seem like they're unicorns doe. After the retardation nerf which is horrible for several reasons. The first is that you need to embed it which uses time that as a sciomancer you don't have because your class blows. The second is that it lasts for 30 seconds and then disappears. The third is because 30 seconds you're suppose to be able to use a burst to get stuff done, they completely gimped the class. With the lack of using tones in retardation and the fact it slows down your passives while doing nothing to the opponent's, is the gimped I'm speaking of.

There's also the tone nerf too. The fact that using a tone will stop a vibe from ticking is terrible because tones blow. They contribute next to nothing to a sciomancer besides damage and that's an all or nothing kinda thing. You either have the damage to kill the opponent or you don't and you're dead, which is pay to win at the core functionality because that's how you get the damage. Even if you buy a ton of offensive artifacts, you still need the defensive artifacts to tank the damage because sciomancer damage route has no hindering in it at all or any afflictions to build from besides from your vibes.

Whoever thought up tones should take a lesson from the japanese in taking responsibility.



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