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Well, it's certainly been a whirlwind. Played this game a -long- time ago, and have been playing a bunch since I got back into it. I have had a lot of interaction with a number of different people so far and, as a result, I'm curious what people think.


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    What can I say about Cronides. I think you're a great guy, man, and your RP (read: writing emotes) has definitely, definitely improved since you came back. I'm glad to see you throwing yourself out there more and not being afraid to unicorns up an emote or two. Heck, I do it all the time.

    Cronides frustrates Rashar for a number of reasons, some of which I won't get into because, honestly, people metagame. He really went from someone he could count on to try and do the 'right' thing over the 'good' thing to someone that Rashar sees as either too political or just not enough of a personality/influence to be of any use. Keep in mind that's all from Rash's obviously bitterly biased, limited-perspective and (we all know) stubbornly opinionated point of view.

    That said, Cronides is also one of the handful of people (I say handful, but there are a really quite a few of them) in Enorian (or the lifer side in general) that he likes to keep tabs on and subtly help out when he can.

    My few interactions with you on other characters have been in passing but consistent - I'd say you're doing a great job of being Cronides, and a great job of being a quality and classy Aetolian player.

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    Cronides is a person. He does things.

    More seriously, I'm really glad Cronides has stepped up and is working in the city, he has a great energy and sincerity with trying to bring activity to Enorian, improve the city, and bring all of the various factions together.

    Areka Approval: +1
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    Hmmm. As a player, you're pretty cool, What I find humorous is that you actually did make a self affirmation post, after being jokingly dared to do so. Props to you man.

    Z hasn't had many interactions with Cronides, but he respects him as a fighter and is quite surprised that he has an open mind towards heathenistic views. Other than that, I don't think I've ever held much more convos with you other than bothering you for 1v1s, lesser fighters, and mindless chatting.

    Keep up the class act though.
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    Kick unicorns as far as I'm concerned best Ascendril in my book fersure
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