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EleanorEleanor FOR SCIENCE
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Okay so! This is something I've been wanting to throw together for a while. It's sort of like Post Your Pictures, except in particular it's about Art-n-crafty things that people do! I know I don't just craft in aet, and I'm interested in seeing what kinds of interesting crafty/DIY stuff everyone gets up to. It doesn't just have to be handicrafts or whatever, also! If you put up a really sweet set of shelves or Macguyvered some impressive household solution, I totally want to see that too.

So to start the thing, I taught myself to crochet broomstick lace last night, and I made a cute wristy thing!



  • VolkaVolka Lurking behind the beakers....
    That looks awesome Elea! I'd love to see everyones crafty stuff!
  • HadrakHadrak Dorohedoro
    That's way cute, Eleanor!

  • JensenJensen Corruption's Butcher
    I built this coffee table and made the state of vermont with woodchuck cider caps. Black bordered with magic hat, otter creek, and rockart caps, did a gold long trail border with some trout river caps too, and spelled VT with harpoon caps. Covered with clear bar topper

    Also made a rather large cedar trough for my self watering planters.
  • JensenJensen Corruption's Butcher
  • EmelleEmelle Dreamshaper Tecpatl's Cradle
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    How timely! I just so happen to be rockin' one of my own crafties today.


    Colors are kinda funky because phone pic + fluorescent lights in my office, but whatevs. This is an infinity scarf, which is cool, but what's even cooler is that it's a MOBIUS STRIP.
  • EleanorEleanor FOR SCIENCE
    Ooo, that is some lovely woodwork, jensen. So did you already have all those caps, or did you spend a few days (weeks?) going 'man I have to drink another six of this thing so I have enough for the border'?

    The colour of that looks nice even if the photo is janky, emelle. Also that looks mad warm. Is it joined, or did you somehow knit it all in one?

  • JensenJensen Corruption's Butcher
    edited September 2014
    it was over 400 caps in the table, plus the hundreds I kept so I could pick and choose the best ones. At the time I had 7 other college roommates in a party house and just collected for a few months. I did end up having to pick and choose what I drank so I could end up with what I wanted... still have some saving to do for matching end tables
  • EmelleEmelle Dreamshaper Tecpatl's Cradle
    It is mad warm! I used a merino/silk blend, so it's pretty soft, too. It's all knit in one piece, there's a specific technique you use for mobius scarves -- basically, you take a really long circular needle and twist it up so it's doubled onto itself, then knit around both loops, so it ends up growing out from the center with the twist already built in.
  • EleanorEleanor FOR SCIENCE
    okay now that is cool.

  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    So, I'm mostly into painting, like this set in acryllic:

    And drawing (which you might have seen in other threads), but I've also made my own mahjong sets. Here's one with hand-painted marble tiles.

  • EleanorEleanor FOR SCIENCE
    That acrylic is really nice, is it on boards? Can't quite tell from the photo.

  • HadrakHadrak Dorohedoro
    As someone who plays Mahjongg weekly, that made me smile. (and then seethe with rage at my losses on Monday)

  • MarienaMariena By a lake.
    I do all sorts of things when the mood strikes. I'm most proud of my trees though.

  • EleanorEleanor FOR SCIENCE
    Oh pretty! And that reminds me, I wanted to try making dreamcatchers. I wonder whether I have any suitable rings to crochet in... hmm.

  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    I saw one of your trees at Piper's house! It was pretty. :)
  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    @Eleanor‌: It's on stretched canvas (wedge frames). The large one in the "center" is 40x30 cm, the smallest one is 20x20 cm and the rest are 30x30 cm.

    @Hadrak: Love playing mahjong, but I've only learned how to play by simplified rules and should learn how to play for real. I've done quite a few sets by now, some of which have been sold or handed off to friends. Three marble sets, one in glass and a bunch in clay mosaic tiles and none of them look the same. I've made boxes for most of them too.

  • Oh nice. I have only played two mahjong games but it was super fun. I would love it if that sort of culture (or any culture other then drinking) was in my home town.

  • Can you play Mahjong online with people?

  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    @Gwenith: I'm sure there are sites for that, but I haven't. I try to find friends to play with in town instead, cause it's more fun to make it all into a game night.

  • Would be nice but Mining/Industrial town. we have about 23 bars and 0 bookshops.

  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    If these didn't weigh so much and made shipping them expensive, I'd send one over to you so you can gather your own friends up and play at home, @Gwenith.

  • Where do you get the marble from? I could probably give this a go myself.

  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    The tiles I use are commonly used for mosaics and I found them in shops that sell tiling for kitchens and bathrooms. Mostly they are connected with a net that needs to be removed and the glue cleaned from the tiles.

  • I make chainmail jewelry. Trying to get it off the ground as a business... maybe eventually.

    Two of my favorite recent things:

    Black anodized aluminum bracelet with captive Australian jasper beads. I love the irregular green and blue pattern of those beads.

    "Stepping stone" pattern necklace. I think that one's all aluminum... I forget.

  • I doodle. Does that count as making a thing?

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  • SerriceSerrice the Black Fox
    That is rly rly cute.
  • @elie That bracelet is pretty fucking neat.

    Do want.
  • Well, it's for sale! Have thought about looking for commissions from Aetolians a few times, but at the moment I'm more in need of real money than credits.

  • EleanorEleanor FOR SCIENCE
    The bunnythings are adoorable!

    Man, I've been thinking about maille lately, I saw a thing where a girl was crocheting with those scale links you can get and I totally want to make a dicebag... but I should finish the eleventybillion other things I have on my plate first.

    Incidentally I'd be up for getting a maille thing done for realbucks. I'll think on what I want and PM you about it, here or etsy or something?

    In other news, here's what I've been up to:
    This design

    for this wall at my favourite coffee shop

    It's gonna be big! 4 metres tall.

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