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Hey folks, with Carnifex changes due for an imminent release, we'd like to give you all a quick teaser at the skillsets and a brief summary of the major changes.


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    All of Savagery's code has been rewritten from scratch, and now uses the same weapon attack code that all other weapon attacks use. Previously it had its own unique code for everything, which led to a lot of inconsistencies and bugs.

    All of Grappling has been removed as it didn't fit the flow and theme of their combat, and was pretty useless overall.

    Overall, functionality of most of the old skills is similar, but there's definitely lots of changes there so be sure to read the AB files for everything carefully upon release.

    New skills you'll see:
    • Fearless
    • Fluidity
    • Stalwart
    • Cruelty
    • Furor
    • Reveling
    • DoubleBash
    • Razehack
    • Deepwound
    You possess the following abilities in Savagery: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raze Attack the defences that would keep your weapons out. Fearless Carnifex do not know terror. Fluidity Favor two weapons in battle. Block Obstructing departure with your body. Fitness Mastery over your breathing. Envenom Coat a weapon in venoms. Gripping Grip your wielded items in a deathlock. Mastery Become an expert of your art. Stalwart Guard your exit with tenacity. Cruelty Tear their heart from their body. DoubleTarget Attack two body parts at a time. Furor Throw yourself into a bloody rage. Charging Charge after those who flee. Reveling Derive pleasure from their pain. Reckless Ignore hinderances in a reckless fury. You can use the following hammer attacks: Bash The most basic of hammer strikes. Swatting Knock your foe towards an adjacent location. Crush Focus greater damage on specific body parts. DoubleBash Rain down a flurry of strikes. HammerThrow Projectile hammers. BruteForce The force of your blows will even damage those who block. GutCheck Set up a hammer strike with a blow to the gut to stun. HerculeanRage Your rage shall empower your blows. Batter Treat their head like a melon. Pulverize Beat a weakened body into a bloody pulp. You can use the following polearm attacks: Hack A basic chop with a long-weapon. Carve Hit the arteries to induce heavier bleeding. Sweep Trip all those in range with a low sweep. Spinning Slash and spin your weapon for another strike. Razehack Raze and hack at the same time. Skewer Pin your foe with the mighty blade of your weapon. Deepwound Slice through the arteries of a prone foe. Precision Precise enough to nick their ears. Hooking Catch their feet with the end of your weapon. Whirlwind A high arc of your weapon to slice all in range. Dismember Amputate the limbs from your foe. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Deathlore has had a very significant change in how it plays out in combat. Previously, stolen soul would have a lot of passive effects such as faster balance recover, increased damage, passive afflictions for the target and so on that made it incredibly hard to balance the class.

    We've kept the core concept of this soul stealing approach intact, but it now plays out differently. Here's a quick summary:
    • All passive effects have been removed.
    • Stolen soul takes a lot longer to return (roughly 30 seconds now)
    • There's a bunch of new abilities that you can use only when your target is below a threshold of soul, and will restore a percentage of soul to them when you use it.
    • Many abilities will have effects that scale depending on how much soul the target is missing. E.g. longer duration, higher damage
    New skills you'll see:
    • Fracture
    • Chill
    • Wraith
    • Disease
    • Bloodburst
    • Frailty
    • Puncture
    • Distortion
    • Implant
    You possess the following abilities in Deathlore: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You may use your soulstone for these abilities: Deathsight Attune yourself to fallen souls. Consumption Summon forth souls for your soulstone. Summon Summon your soulstone back to you. Cleaver Fashion a bardiche from your soul. Gaze See how full your soulstone is. Shroud Shroud your presence amongst souls. Wail The anguished wails of souls will disrupt your foes. Barrage Barrage your enemy with souls. Harvest You will store the souls of anybody you kill. Sense Sense the whereabouts of another's soul. Torture Torture your captured souls. Soulshield A wall of souls to prevent attacks. Rust Send forth souls to rust your opponent's weapon. Taint Taint the soul of your victim. EmbedBody Harden your body with the soulstone's power. Withering Wither away someone's soul, causing damage to their limbs. Spiritsight Looks for the souls of those in hiding. Soulmask Conceal your soul from prying eyes. Consume Consume souls for health or mana. Presences Reveals all souls in your room. EmbedWeapon Embed your soulstone into your weapon for greater damage. Souldrain Slowly drain away someone's soul. EmbedArmour Embed your soulstone into your armour for magic resistance. Substitute Substitute your soul for anothers. Fracture Split your soulstone three ways. Fortify Fortify your soul, increasing your constitution. Alertness Awareness of nearby souls. Soulstorm Drive animal spirits away. Erosion Send forth souls to erode barriers that would keep you out. Calling Call forth someone's soul to reinhabit their body. Spiritchains The chains of the damned will hinder enemy movement. You may utilize stolen soul for these abilities: Discern Assess the state of someone's soul. Soulthirst Your weapons will hunger for souls. Chill Sap the warmth from them. Wraith Tear their protections apart. Poison Poison someone's soul. Disease Weaken their immune system. Bloodburst Make them bleed. Sacrifice Sacrifice a portion of your soul. Frailty Shatter their limbs. Puncture Make his soul bleed out of him. Soulroot Root an opponent's soul to this area. Distortion Distort your victim's soul. Implant Plan your venoms. Reave Reave the souls of your foes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Warhounds has had the biggest change out of the three. As with Savagery, all code has been rewritten from scratch.

    Warhounds now have Major traits and Minor traits which can be obtained through breeding and leveling up. Major traits determine what attacks the hound can use, for example if it manifests the 'Tundral Howl' trait, then it can use that attack. Minor traits modify the hound's abilities in either a positive or negative fashion. A hound with the Muscular minor trait will deal more physical damage, but a hound with the toothless minor trait won't be able to use any biting attacks!

    Here's a list of the Major traits:
    • Herding
    • Guarding
    • Poisonclaw
    • Sleuth
    • Bloodtrace
    • Quarry
    • Waking
    • Firebreath
    • Tundralhowl
    • Shock
    • Acidspit
    • Stare
    • Contagion
    • Soulrot
    • Phasepull
    • Rupture
    • Growling

    You possess the following abilities in Warhounds: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hounding Basic hound management techniques. Whistling Order your hounds back. Scent Sniff out another. Digging Dig and bury items. Preservation Your hounds will never die. Flanking Intercept the cowardly. Bestow Give your hounds away. Openings Strike during opportunistic moments. Focus Your hound will focus its attention. Initiative Your hound will choose its own attacks. Target Attack specific limbs. Courser Handle three hounds at once. Report Get details about the hound's location. Deliver Like reverse fetch. Breeding Who doesn't love puppies? Retrieve Actual fetch. Track Send your hound to find and follow. Soulpact Advance your hound in an instant. Pedigree Leave a hound as permanent breeding stock. Intercept Your hound will save your skin. Outfit Protect your hound with armour. Sniff Sniff the air for those nearby. Leading Your hound will bring others to you. Beastmaster Remove one undesirable trait from your hound. Your hounds may perform the following attacks: Bite Sink your teeth in. Howl A piercing cry. Barrel Knock your enemies over. Shatter Shatter an enemy shield. Ululate Hit the high notes. Terror Send their entities fleeing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Looks good,

    Any chance tho to get Soul (from soul gaze) put into GMCP ? So we dont have to soul gaze every time to see how much soul we have, so we can use abilities? Like Essence, devotion and so on?
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    Firebreathing, acid spitting and phasepull sound interesting.
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander PortlandMember Posts: 5,612 ✭✭✭✭✭
    (loling that you pick the three that are existing skills)
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    Looks interesting here is hoping.

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    The sad part is I will probably spend my first few days as Carni...bashing because the bashing is even more fun with the revamp. >_<
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    Looks good. Looking forward to pulverizing people and playing with salves!
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    I want my hound back. It died with the plague! :(

    Changes look interesting, though. I agree that grappling skills were useless/did not fit in.
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    "An idea you have submitted, #3087, was deleted because: 'This is unfortunately something that will
    not be happening'. For your reference, the contents of this idea was: 'Enable use of bastard swords
    with the pole skills from the Carnifex savagery skillset.'."
    Man. RIP Swordifex :(

    e: This stuff is pretty cool though.
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    Is hound initiative broken, I though it set the hound to do auto attacks each time it regains balance?

    Abhorash says, "Ve'kahi has proved that even bastards can earn their place."

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