It was an accident, I swear!

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-- That's right, I'm putting up more of these awful Daru Oath logs --

<<Daru>>: You say, "We await the rest of you for attendance! Mistress Jami is prepared. I think."

<<Daru>>: You say, "She looks to be pouting, though, so I'm not sure."

You flutter your eyelashes at Jami.

<<Daru>>: Jami says, "Pouting quickly turns to punching sometimes, Khimaira."

<<Daru>>: Benedicto says, "Or kicks to the fruits."

Jami winks knowingly at you.

<<Daru>>: You say, "You know I.. well, I'd best leave that one alone."

You give a trillingly melodic laugh.

<<Daru>>: Benedicto says, "As well as my fruits."

<<Daru>>: You say, "Are you complaining about something, Benedicto?"

<<Daru>>: Benedicto says, "Would never dream of it, dear Khaimera."

The ebon of the night hugs close, obscuring your view.

<<Daru>>: Benedicto says, "Khimaira rather."

<<Daru>>: You say, "Mmm. Mmm."

Grand Mistress Jami Siarani, The Bruiser says to you, "Why is he so sensitive about fruit?"

You say to Jami, "Because balls, Mistress."

<<Daru>>: Benedicto says, "This is an oathing ceremony?"

<<Daru>>: You say, "Yes. For Mistress Jami."

<<Daru>>: Jami says, "I think its just the Khimaira poking fun at me."

A beam of prismatic light suddenly shoots into the room.

<<Daru>>: You say, "And that, too."

Benedicto enters from the ether following Valingar.

Benedicto shrugs helplessly.

The corners of your mouth turn up as you grin mischievously.

Grinning, Benedicto Silverain says, "Look out, Trouble's here."

You say, "I think Kylan is daydreaming. Needs to rest that old mind of his."

"Don't worry," Valingar muses to Jami. "You can't fail worse than Benedicto."

Valingar says, "Your oath will surely be glorious."

"She might just narrowly avoid a tremendous balls up." Benedicto returns to Valingar with a wink.

Grand Mistress Jami Siarani, The Bruiser says to Valingar, "Funny thing, you don't know what the actual first oath was."

Nola stifles a soft snicker, coughing.

Jami glares angrily at you.

Valingar narrows his eyes, as if suspicious.

You say to Jami, "Whhhat! ..It was pretty amusing."

Jami gently shakes her head, calmly looking over to you, "Lucky you are dear Khimaira, but everything is repaid eventually.

Hands on her hips, you say, "I didn't make you do it!"

Nola folds her arms across her chest, dipping her head into a wise nod. "A knowing that only those present could really speak to," she says, trying to sound mysterious.

"Just tell us already," Valingar laughs, a warm, easy sound, shaking his head, messy black hair whipping back and forth with the motion. "You know you want to."

Nola gives Jami a look, her lips twitching at the corners with a small smile. "If you want to," she lets it be.

"We'll find out eventually," Valingar states with gentle amusement.

"If I find out that I got a boot to the tackle over something that has already happened, I will not be pleased." Benedicto warns with a growl.

Tenshyo arrives from the south.

Tenshyo places his palms together in front of his chest and bows respectfully.

Benedicto turns towards Tenshyo, places his palms together in front of his chest, and bows respectfully.

"Then its better to not dig for certain answers." Jami dips her head slightly in a nod, tossing out a glance to each Daru, "Pain can come with information, I won't promise an absence of it.

"I've already had my pain, thank you very much." Benedicto returns to Jami. "I would have the truth."

Nola narrows her eyes at Benedicto as she lifts her chin, tone shifting to deadened weight, "Let's put it this way. Mistress Jami is the reason I had to tell people not to -touch- the pillar, if they are not ready to give their oath." She softens, looking over to Jami and apologetically saying, "I should have told you that before showing you. Didn't expect you to want to touch it first thing."

Benedicto waves a hand dismissively. "Then it was an accident on Jami's part. She was not aware of what would occur. My punishment was still somewhat deserved." He states in a calmer tone, a slight grin curling his lips as he looks sidelong at Valingar.

"Touching it is that most of us would have done, near first thing," Valingar agrees, struggling to contain his widening smile. He is not very good at it.

Lifting his shoulders in a relaxed shrug, Valingar says, "But we are not here for jokes, yes?"

Valingar turns towards Jami, watching her expectantly.

Benedicto's own grin widens in reply, though he does his best to stifle it as he follows Valingar's nod towards Jami. "Yes, quite. On with the Oathing!"

Grand Mistress Jami Siarani, The Bruiser says to you, "Next time I bring you a muffin, I'll only tell you afterwords it was poison and not for consumption."

Her smile broadening, Nola shifts her weight to stand straight and attentive, giving Jami her full attention. "That's the spirit, Mistress.. now on with it!"

Jami nods over to you, cautiously stepping over to the pillar, glancing back to you before pressing her open hand against it.

Jami sets her palm against a warm obsidian pillar veined with fire.

The temperature around the Pillar rises to uncomfortable heights as fire blossoms within it, heat and light erupting from the surface beneath Jami's touch.

Grand Mistress Jami Siarani, The Bruiser says, "I will live my life with the light of the Monastery and the brothers within, guiding the young and redeemed alike to embrace the fire, and become the torchbearers of the Light, as we are meant to do."

The Pillar flashes with incandescent light, spilling forth a wave of heat from its glowing form; words burn themselves into the stone, seared indelibly into the Pillar's surface.

Leaving a moment of silence before speaking, finally, Benedicto Silverain asks, "What about the sisters?"

Smiling all the while, Nola seems to have a sudden thought, her expression reflecting someone who just connected one dot with another dot as her smile falls, a peculiar frown forming as she slides her gaze over to suspiciously peer at Benedicto just before Jami speaks. As the woman gives her oath, her attention is swiftly recaptured.

Grand Mistress Jami Siarani, The Bruiser says to Benedicto Silverain, "Simple to refer to it as a brotherhood, then divide things moreso on what bits you have, or don't. Especially if someone is in danger of them getting kicked and smashed."

You say, "It's not like the women of this Monastery are known for being delicate, anyway."

The corners of your mouth turn up as you grin mischievously.

Benedicto shrugs helplessly.

Nola rubs at her chin thoughtfully before looking at Benedicto again, saying slowly, "So.. -earlier-.. did I hear right, that you meant that while what happened with Mistress Jami was an -accident-.. whereas -your- incident.." Her bright eyes gleam, a flickering warmth to them - there is mirth there, but there is also something that smolders. "Well. I think I'll let it lay to rest for now," she says, her lips curling into a slow grin.

Changing the subject quite suddenly, you say, "So.. you're all going to be in attendance for the meeting, yes?"

"Nonono." Benedicto says hastily, "What I meant was that I was pre-warned, however I didn't realize that I had leaned on the pillar at the time. It was still an accident!"

Nola closes her eyes as she solemnly announces to Benedicto, "I forgive you."

Peaking with one eye, Nola adds the condition, "If you come to the meeting."

Nola begins to play with the tousled ringlets of fiery essence that makes up the ends of Jami's hair, as if she needed something to keep her hands from sitting idle.

Benedicto wiggles his jaw from side to side as he contemplates your words. "I will certainly try to be in attendance." He responds finally.

Bouncing one of the ringlets in her palm, you say, "Good enough for me."

Valingar scratches his dark hair absently with his right hand. "I cannot say yet. If I can, I will be, yes?"

Dipping her head in a slow nod, you say, "I know you both have.. sporadic routines in your life. I understand if you won't be able to come."

As if offended, Valingar says, "Are you calling us random?"

"You'll definitely want to hear the meeting, is all I can say." Jami speaks slowly, sparing Valingar and Benedicto a glance, "Hopefully we'll see you two crazy men there.

With an impish smile, you say, "Unpredictable."

Jami coughs, offering a hand as she corrects herself, "Brothers.

Lleisian Dragon, Grand Master Tenshyo Tanarian, the Resolute says, "I must be off. Just give me a time and place for this meeting."

With a small *harumph*, Benedicto Silverain says to Valingar, "You'd think we had some sort of reputation."

Tenshyo places his palms together in front of his chest and bows respectfully.

Tenshyo leaves to the south.

Raising his voice to a dramatic boom, Valingar says, "I will listen to no such slander as this."

Valingar puts on a pair of wings of the eagle.
Valingar utters in low, reverbating tones, "Duanathar."
Benedicto leaves to the ether following Valingar.

<<Daru>>: You say, "Goodness. Someone is so sensitive today!"

<<Daru>>: Valingar says, "Bahaha."

<<Daru>>: Jami says, "Her name is Valingar."

Grand Mistress Jami Siarani, The Bruiser says, "Silverain folk are always trouble."

You say, "..I've never heard a more truthful statement made."

Grand Mistress Jami Siarani, The Bruiser says to you, "Shall we go get muffins, Khimaira."

You say to Jami, "..Let me just go by the closest antidote shop first, Mistress. Certainly!"

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