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Hi All,

I've read the CHELP files and some things about leylines still aren't really clear to me. I want to get more involved and participate in these but I'm not real sure what to do. I have the LEYLINES, DETECTION, and EXTRACTION skills. Today I noticed a lot of death messages (what I usually see when a lesser is going on) so I decided to put detection up and run around typing "leylines" to see what happens.

In one area I finally got a message that said "You detect 2 minor foci" so I went through every room typing "extraction". I didn't have time to figure it out sadly before two other players showed up and the two foci disappeared from my leylines output. I still have no real idea how this works.

Can anyone explain to me how to find what room a foci is in once you detect one in your area? Thanks in advance!


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    Quick'n dirty:

    LEYLINES shows you how many leylines (minor, lesser, greater) are in your area. MINOR leylines give you a little ylem, last a few seconds spawn 0-2 eld, and give you an aura that makes you open pk. LESSER leylines give you lots of ylem, spawn elds depending on how many people are in the room, and are usually group events - they last awhile. GREATERS don't happen because they break the game.

    DETECTION is a skill that lets you see the ylem points. Think of it as mining for oil - except you can see where the oil is. Once you find a room with a focus in it, you can EXTRACT it, but you can only see foci if you have DETECTION up. Be careful, it's expensive to use (constant WP drain). You have to search for minors room by room. A lesser, you notice what room it is in if you're in that area - if you're an area adjacent, you see there's a lesser focus nearby. If you're 2 areas away, you detect a distant lesser.

    EXTRACTION is what you use when you find it. EXTRACTing a minor gives a local area message anyone can see with enough training in refining. EXTRACTing a lesser is a channeled action that alerts the whole game so long as they have the training in refining. EXTRACTing a greater breaks the game.

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    Also take note not to move out of the location until the extraction is done. If you do, or you are forcibly moved, you will have to reenter and pop REFINING CONTROL to start up another short channel in order to take back control of the leyline.
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    Basically you should have typed DETECTION ON and wandered around instead of trying to do extraction in each room. Foci have a pretty colored lined when they are in a room.

    Regarding lessers, ask someone in Duiran (I think you are Duiran?) for an induction to the clan called Dion. Lessers are announced there and you can tag along for the team fight.
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    Also! There is Frontline for Duiran/Enorian - which will often get more activity than Dion (no offense to Dion). Shouldn't be too hard to find someone to get you into that clan as well.

    As a note to everything else posted, elds do have a chance to come out with minors. So, good to be shielded after you start extracting if you don't know SHACKLE. If you know shackle, spam REFINING SHACKLE ELD until you get a message that there are no more to be shackled. Otherwise, if you are below endgame, you could easily get squished. And on DETECTION, I would not keep it up unless you are specifically in an area that says it has a foci in it. Using LEYLINES and DETECTION both drain willpower, but DETECTION keeps at it while LEYLINES only does it each time you use that ability.

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    Do foci appear in all areas regardless of level? Or do they only appear in higher level areas?
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    Focal points will appear in all areas that are non-newbie, non-city, and not related to anything special (e.g. a God's temple, a combat arena, etc.).

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    They appear in temples if the temple isn't its own unique area.
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    Cool thanks! I've got it down a bit now. Extracted a few minors and participated (got owned) in a few lessers.
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