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I never know when I've done enough interacting with humans (and other things) to merit making one of these things. But this time it was suggested to me by someone else, so I guess that's as good an indication as any.

I play Elie. I make very little sense. I mindlock people a lot. I do Omei things, mostly. Sometimes I'm to be found on the edge of Sentaari or Duiran gatherings, snacking on the decorations. I have had a lot of fun with you all. I hope you've all had some fun with me too.



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    I love the take on horkval anatomy, even if it is stolen from my favorite science fiction novel.

    You also rock. Our interactions are always challenging and creative, and I look forward to more!

    the way she tells me I'm hers and she is mine

    open hand or closed fist would be fine

    blood as rare and sweet as cherry wine

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    As much as I want to say 'twink,' I both don't know what the Lighter standard of RP is, and I'm still waiting for all the new lore to sink in.

    A lot of forethought has gone into Elie, and I'm wondering just how much was developed after the fact. I do hope I get more of her history clarified as Reux is developed.

    What's endgame going to be like? What's going to have to change in her mindset to even allow it to happen?
    I mean, you know, an amount.

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    A lot of people assume Elie is younger than she is. I find this amusing.

    Pretty much everything about her comes straight out of her interactions with others, apart from her weird diction. That's about all she started with. Most of the time I learn my characters' stories as everyone else does, because until someone asks her where she comes from or what she's about, I don't know.

    As far as endgame goes - I'm excited! But I also have no idea how that's going to work. A lot of things in Aetolia are kind of out of her reach at this point, because she literally doesn't know they exist - her worldview is very limited, even more so since she's been blind. So she won't know Tekal is a thing either until it happens to her by accident, or until someone tells her for whatever reason. When one of those things happens, I'll find out what she'll do.

    Edit: And if you're using "twink" to mean what I think I understand from it, yes. I've been playing Aetolia since it opened. But I try not to make that obvious, as I guess we all do.

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    Oh, Elie, the creepy Queen of Heaven. Roleplaying with you is...refreshing? It's so very unique, compared to the other experiences I've been having in the game. Elie has such a poetic vibe about her, and it's really wonderful to watch her learn her way around the world, even as she's teaching others through her own slanted view of it. I'm grateful you kept coming around even while Pearle was being manic and standoff-ish.

    Also, I sure hope she finds a hound to chase her through that snowy forest.
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    I hope I'll have reason to come back and write something more developed after further encounters, but I just wanted to say I appreciate how you're integrating racial characteristics into Elie's character and managing to do so without making it at all heavy-handed. It adds such nice flavor to the interactions! Also, I don't know if it was just this time around, but I was really enjoying how you juxtapose a sort of lighthearted, almost comical exterior with Elie's far more complex and dynamic internal self.
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    Thank you! I'm glad that's well-received. Elie can be pretty heavy and weird, but she's also got this childish side, the sort of dork who thinks it's funny when her scorpion stings her friends. I seriously log on some days just because she makes me laugh.

    Edit: Like @Kerryn trying to convince her that the decorations at the Sentaari party are not food... oh god, best thing ever. I love Kerryn for just going, "Oh - oh, okay, well... I guess... you can eat that..."

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    The short interaction at the brothel was amusing. I was pretty out of it that day, so I wasn't really very interactive and mostly just watching what others were doing, but I found Elie's horkval paradigm - Moi being the "queen" of the room because she was in charge, etc - interesting. You conveyed the different mindset well, without being overbearing about it.

    I'll admit I have trouble visualizing what she looks like. I dunno what a head-body is.
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    She has a human body and her head is an entire beetle.

    You can read more about it in the book Ashmer referenced.
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    He didn't give a book name.
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    Oh, my bad. Here's the wikipedia for what she is.

    China Mieville is the stuff. That's also where Isaac dan der Grimnebulin and his lady Lin come from.
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    Ah! I know the author. I read Kraken a bit ago.
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    I know it doesn't read very well in the small form, but my icon-picture thingy is the best art I've seen of what she looks like, in a general sense.

    And yeah, shamelessly cribbed from Perdido Street Station. But I do have a pretty good idea of how something like her came about in the context of Aetolia, although I don't think SHE knows. She has a very profound sense that she is a mutant, though - neither I nor she would ever claim that she's anything like a legitimate example of a Horkval.

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