Well, my roleplay circle is a bit small still and I'm trying to expand it. (I find it hard to just jump in with people I don't know.) But I'm rather curious of what people think of Ianea and critique for what I can do to facilitate more enjoyable interactions.


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    Ianea. Ianea, Ianea, Ianea.

    To be completely honest, I have learned more about -Ianea- in my few days across the 'line' then I did leading Duiran. Getting to interact with her the other night was a godsend, to be honest. Getting the opportunity to shed 'light' on what had all happened outside of the minor group of people that knew via our RP was great. I feel slightly bad OOCly, obviously Trager gave her some faulty info, but just haven't gotten around to hitting her back up after -Trager- realized he was wrong to begin with.

    More to the point, you write beautifuly, you obviously design amazingly, and are a real pleasure to roleplay with so far. Hopefully, we can keep it going.

    Edit: new = knew.
    Indoran'i is back baby. It's go-... Oh.

  • Ha, @Trager. That little jaunt into the library in search of answers reaffirmed how much I dislike the way the libraries work here. For casual reading it's nice but if you're looking for very specific or obscure information it's a nightmare, especially when there are no titles on things and they're just called 'a rolled scroll' etc. I/Ianea gave up after about 2 hours. (As an aside it would be nice if librarians could add a small paragraph detailing what the books are about that you could see with.. LIBRARY CATALOG (CATAGORY) DETAIL.)

    Sometimes I feel like she's appearing much more flat then I think of her in my head. And reading over logs here, makes me think my emotes are lackluster. Design is different, you can look over it over hours or days if you need to, to make it better.

    I am glad to know it's been enjoyed though and I'll be continuing to try to improve.
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    She called my slap ticklish. :(
  • Going to be gone for the weekend. Might jump on briefly but that's about it. See you all erm.. probably weds actually. I'll check in on the Cake thread on monday though!
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