Aetolia Mobile Bashing

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Hi all,

Due to the nature of my RL profession I spend a lot of time away from my PC and the majority of game time that I get on Aetolia is done on my android phone via the Blowtorch app. This was well enough in the lower levels but after using a very helpful system on my PC, it's obviously not anywhere near the same experience.

What I'd like to know is if there is anyone else out there using Blowtorch that has found an efficient way to set it up for bashing. I'm mainly just wanting to get an efficient basher setup that can kill mobs while leaving the curing to firstaid and the movement to myself.


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    I did have a trigger or two in Blowtorch, but my phone's dead atm so I can't really connect from it and give you a little guide or anything. I'll try to hook in tomorrow and put something up for you, @Kalinaar. I'll have to investigate how to target using the game-side targeting system too, since that might be more viable to use to target than trying to figure out how to set a variable in BT. @Volka also uses BT, so maybe she can give some input too.
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    Oh yeah, I made a bashing system on my phone. I'm exclusively on bt (to the extent that I was prodding the screen of the work laptop and getting frustrated nothing was happening) and it's relatively easy. essentially, you make an aiming alias (I use "aim") and then a bash alias (I use "a") and a balance trigger (or equilibrium). so your aim alias is something like REPLACE aim WITH (whatever your target is) and your bash alias is REPLACE a WITH decay aim (or whatever your attack line is, with AIM replacing the target's name) and then the trigger line (YOU HAVE REGAINED EQUILIBRIUM) triggered to send A. To change your target on the fly, type ".aim squirrel" (don't forget the dot) and it will change the alias' value. You can toggle the trigger on the list, and I think there's a keyboard shortcut but I don't remember it. You can also trigger the "(mob) snarls angrily and moves in for the kill" line to change your alias on it's own, which is handy when running through certain places. For instance, the crickets in spinesreaches sewers auto-change my target, because typing it takes too long, and then when it's dead (You have killed cricket) triggers it to switch back to pinchers. There's a lot you can do with just the alias/trigger combo. If you have vesion 7 of bt, you can also use scripts, ad the matches[2] version of variables, but I'm not a lua coder, so I don't know how.
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