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I dunno about you guys, but I totally love browsing random websites for inspiration for character stuff, crafting ideas, etc, so here are some links I like. Please share your own and I'll update the main post!

Character Concepts/Images

Roleplay/Writing ideas

Crafting: General

Crafting: Worn Stuff

Crafting: Armor/Weapons

Crafting: Food/Drinks

Building, area, creature design


  • Oh man, that CG society site. I'm seeing so much stuff that's got me ready to go build, or even just thinking about Aetolia.

    ...Warning, spoilers aren't working the way I want them to, so images.

    How I kinda wish redone Slyphe looked:

    Sweet looking Grook:

    This one's entitled the Queen and gives me a slightly creepy @‌Omei vibe.

    Found a @Dhar‌

  • Excellent collection, guys. I don't have any sites per se, I'm afraid, but I tend to keep a very diverse collection of fantasy art. Here, have what I call the Albedos Album.

    i am rapture coder
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    The image of Dhar bears a striking resemblance to Malthael, the angel of death from Diablo 3.

    Come to think of it if Malthael used a sword instead of his scythes/sickles which ever version you want to call them, he'd be Dhar, aside from going mad with power.
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    This image sort of made me think of Dhar and Lleis.

    Also, someone broke the spoilers. I can't spoil at all it seems.

    I have no idea what the actual Divines look like at all because I never saw them in person. The imagery just made me think of the pair.
  • Ahhh, Sandara ( does some rather gorgeous artwork. I do love that Hades and Persephone piece she did.

    Lately, I've been inspired by "town pieces" as I have no idea what else to call them. I find imagery of vibrant fantasy markets really inspiring when I'm working on areas for Albedos. As an example, the intro to Loc Lac City (an online only area in Monster Hunter Tri) one of my favorites.

    Likewise, Sandara actually did a piece called 'crystal street' and I found the vibrant colours there to also be very inspiring:


    I went forging partially because I was comfortable with getting into the nits and grits of this junk. Whether or not I've put any of the knowledge to use is questionable. I kinda wish I had more time for chainmail. I just code and read trashy romance novels now. -_-
    I mean, you know, an amount.

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