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I am just getting back into the game and considering what class my character may want to multi-class as next. RP wise, I could see Mordocai possibly going for Indorani, Praenomen, or Carnifex. Note, I only plan on ever having two classes and will likely wait a couple RL months to officially multi-class. Whichever class he chooses he will likely consider secondary to the Reborn, as he truly believes they are the greatest "mortal" power in the realms.

First question is: Can a bloodborn multi-class as praenomen? If he can, then would it be worth it? From a RP standpoint Mordocai is fascinated with the powers of the Blood and would be interested in being able to study/use Sanguis personally. This is probably the strongest RP reasoned choice, but I want to balance my RP goals with gameplay and am not sure if Sanguis would add much.

Mordocai would also be interested in the Indorani. He is attracted to all the darker arts and Domination in particular is interesting to him, as well as necromancy. The little I remember from the guild's purpose would also match Mordocai, though the help pages on the guild provide little information. As far as gameplay, tarot seems to add great utility and Necromancy/Domination sounds pretty fun.

Finally, Mordocai revels in slaughter so with the attitude of the Carnifex (from what he has seen since he re-awoke, they didn't exist before) and their powers over souls Mordocai would be quite interested. Gameplay wise I think the warhounds/soul powers sound interesting.

Any advice/ideas would be appreciated.



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    Are you into PvP?
    If you are, consider Indorani or Carnifex. Praenomen is slightly handicapped at the moment due to their limited ability to get to a kill state. Indorani is a solid class for PvP. It is easy to pick up, but takes experience and skill to master. You'd also have to learn its weaknesses and watch for them. Carnifex, on the other hand, is currently being beta-tested. Since a lot of effort has been put into its revamp, I'd imagine that the class will come out very well done. It's just a matter of waiting for its release - which, as I understand it, might be in time for when you pick it up. Unfortunately, until it is released, none of us can really make a comparison.

    For RP reasons, it is obviously a matter of preference. Each of them have a solid lore behind them that makes it easy to use as a springboard to further map out your character. Praenomen have the traditional blood vampire RP, Indorani have an incredibly rich history with the skills to reflect it, and Carnifex (more as a guild) have a solid (twisted) ideology that makes it a viable sell.

    I personally like Indorani for their utility. Pathfinder, hermit, universe are great for moving around, especially if you do not have artifacts. However, I would advise against getting it to bash. With artifacts, they do decent dps but are slow. Without, there isn't that dps to make the slowness anything less than excruciating. As for Carnifex, I'd say that their bashing is much faster, since they do a double attack, that means better crit efficiency. The fact that you only slash when there is a target means that you save time if you kill a target in the first slash - you don't do a second slash to nobody and end up waiting for that latter balance to recover. I bash as a Carnifex and PvP as an Indorani.

    Of course, I can't comment on what happens when the Carnifex revamp gets released. When it does, I imagine I will be playing it a lot more.

    Add: I'm sorry I can't advise more on Praenomen. I understand that they are great for unartified bashing because of how tanky they are compared to other class. Other than that, I'd personally only go for it for RP reasons (I am also not sure if a BB can also be Praenomen).
  • A bloodborn can multiclass to praenomen, yes. However, you would need to spend lessons on Corpus and mentis all over again, even if you already have them transed on BB. Whether that is worth it depends on you, of course.

    Indorani statpack/stats choice is rather different from BB ones (they both are +bal, but indorani use dexterity instead of strength), so you may observe subpar results if you don't have the adaptation/transputation gem. Carnifex are more compatible in this regard.

  • StathanStathan Hot springs
    I'd personally wait till the Carnifex re-vamp is life to make a decision. @Lim and @Ilyon already made some great points about Indorani, and while I personally hate fighting the class I will say that it's extremely well rounded.

    Prae is in a very interesting position as @Lim pointed out where you have issues getting to a kill state, even though there are multiple routes to go through (which I may be poking around in here before long).

    Carnifex currently, if I'm not mistake, takes a stupid amount of setup in 1v1 but in groups it's strong. Honestly talking to @Toz or @Moirean would be the way to go with that one, those two know way more about it than I do.

    I still think you should wait a bit for the re-vamp to go live before making a decision, as you wouldn't want to make a decision on a class just to regret it later and want to go with X over Y because things were changed and it's more in line with your RP/personal preferences now.
  • That indo.

    The bane of my existence.
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