Bloodborn looking to play again after a long absence

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My character's name is Mordocai(Bloodborn) and I'm looking to get back into aetolia after a long (multiple year?) absence. I've logged back in and got some very basic equipment again (pack, clothes, athame, coffin) but have some questions. I'm circle 64, for context.

1. I read in the help files that Moghedu has been moved? It was my favorite hunting ground and is still listed in hunting guides. Is it still a good place for a circle 64 vampire to hunt?
2. Regardless of the answer to one, where is a good place to get blood/experience as a circle 64 bloodborn?
3. Bloodloch's sewers appeared to be filled with lava now? That's new, i burned up before I realized what was going on. Is it just part of the sewers or is that money making path w/ quests now gone?
4. Follow up to three, good ways to make basic gold? I still need tinctures/poultices.
5. Can anyone fill me in on basic news? I know I could read the news posts but it seems like a lot of reading. I see some gods have changed, but I am sure there have been other changes.
6. Best way to ease back into RP with city/guild/house? I mean, I can just announce I have awoken from a sleep I suppose(fits pretty good into vampire lore) but I don't remember various things (Like how to enter the guild hall) that my character would almost certainly have remembered. I also have other guild related questions that aren't RP.


I decided I should read the news so I am currently going through all it since I left. Turns out I was gone for about 3 years! (RL years, not in game)


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    1. No, I'd go bash elsewhere. AREAS -level- will give you areas that are appropriate for said level. At your level, I'd do AREAS 50 probably. Some areas for 65 will be too hard still.
    2. Three Rock Outpost gets regularly hunted, but has great gold quests. Besides that, there is Mamashi Tunnels. Several other areas, but those are the main I'd be doing.
    3. It is part of the sewers, so doubt that is a good way to make gold. Best, if you want to make gold in the city, is to beetle and just go to all the non-sewer places.
    4. Beetles. Always beetles. Enzo is up at the front of the market, so easy to find.
    5. There have been a crapton of changes..probably going to be too hard to explain them all in a short box. Best to go through events and read through those, as it'll sum things up best. Or look at the Aetolia website, they post some brief snippets there.
    6. You should just ask people in tells, but first start by asking if someone can assist them privately or something. Solaria can help you with house/city stuff, if you need, or Sarita.

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    I sent you a message in game earlier regarding a few points to get you started, otherwise follow the above advice as a lot has changed recently.

    Welcome back.

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  • Thanks for the help, I feel on track to getting back into the game!
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