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Currently in testing with a variety of wolves, and the lack of description that the AB HOWLING PACKHOWLS offers.

Howling - Packhowl

In combination with other howlers in your pack, you can howl across an
area, bringing afflictions onto your enemies, depending on your

There are a few howls that you cannot howl across an area.

There is not much description on how to properly handle these, that being said you can...

PACKHOWL WITH <Howlname> once a Packhowl has been initiated, although at this time the only Howl I am seeing able to be used is Baleful - Sensitivity.  It says there are a few howls you cannot howl across an area, but in testing we were unable to howl many.

Perhaps the Packhowl system, as I understad should be similar to a mages cataclysm vibration in the ability to cast effects across the area, I understand that this should require the coopeation of numerous wolves, but it its current description and means it seems a bit broken.  Perhaps something to look into.

Thank you.


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    You have to have at least two lycans able to packhowl in the same room.  The packhowl hits anyone in the area that's on your enemy list.  You can howl with not only someone not in the same pack, but someone NOT OF THE SAME LYCAN CLASS.

    I know you can howl stupidity as well. PACKHOWL TO NUMB THE MIND
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    Yeah we did practice a bit,it just does not demonstrate at all how to do any of this, so I went from what Kog had with the Sensitivity, and then now what you have said.  This is certainly interesting, I just wish the actual skill description explained more, so I knew how to actually use these abilities.

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    My two cents, there's no way for lycans on the same side to howl and now mess each other's day up, if you count lycan howls as messing your day up. Would be nice if once you start a packhowl with someone, you're immune to each other's howls, even if they just let one set of three howls actually go off. 
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