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Figure I may as well start one of these and see how I'm doing, or if I'm getting her across well enough.


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    I like her! But I never post in these things.
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    Seven levels of fun from a tree of awesome, drizzled with awesomesauce for flavor.


    Now that I'm not sleep deprived. I absolutely love the interactions with Zortania. Old character come back from the dead and still treats people with respect, even if they are younger than her. All of the interactions with Zor as Stat's student were awesome, even when she decided to leave the Sentaari and become a Sentinel. Went about it in a very polite and careful manner instead of giving him a middle finger and running off. All in all, would RP again!
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    Well! Giving this a bump. You know. Since I decided to give her another whirl, but with less Duiran to her.
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    yay new experiences
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