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    Character Name: Daskalos Qefin

    Race: Yeleni \ Xoran
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Luminary
    City: Enorian
    Order: Damariel


    Hair: Blonde\Gray, shoulder length
    Eyes: Orange\Red\Fiery
    Height: about six feet
    Build: Lean strength, scarred
    Defining Features: eyes.
    Clothing: Black usually, no frills
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: Several across chest and legs from various battles


    Strengths: Hard-working, loyal, arrogant, egotistical
    Weaknesses: will overlook massive flaws in those he love, to his own detriment
    Attitude: Arrogant publicly, somewhat insecure privately, but still proud
    Morals: Don't lie.
    Pet Peeves: Stupidity
    Best way to piss me off: Bullying
    Best way to get on my good side: be respectful


    Color: Blue
    Profession: Luminary
    Profession Skill: Illumination - Lightning
    General Skill: Overkill
    Location: House in Eno
    God/Goddess: Auresae
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Macian
    Tattoo: Tree
    Artifact (don't have to own): My gauntlets
    Commodity: ???
    Animal: Phoenix or Dragons
    Item owned: wedding ring
    Village/forest/region: Itzatl\Saluria
    NPC: None
    Memory: Aren's cure
    Song: a Salurian lullaby Roux taught him
    Drink: Rum


    Goals: help tutor the next generation
    Amibitions: none
    Nemesis: none
    Rival: Mazzion
    Best Friend: Aren
    Idol: Searoth
    Best personal achievement: creating the Unity in Life alliance that unified the entire life side into one.
    Worst personal achievement: his various failed marriages or ragequitting Enorian.
    Proudest moment: becoming Sultan first time
    Most shameful moment: Getting demoted from OH and the situation around that
    Secret dream: to take the next evolutionary step, and transcend mortalhood. Dask views the gods as not gods, but just another evolution.
    If I could make one wish..: to undo everything done in regards to the animosity between Auresae\Dask



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    Character Name: Seig Almeric


    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Guild/House: Cabal.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    City: Spinesreach.

    Order: None.



    Hair: Dark Red, comes down to the base of his neck.

    Eyes: Bright Green.

    Height: Slightly above average for the standard Human.

    Build: Strong and healthy for his race.

    Defining Features: Tattoos.

    Clothing: Anything that has a martial look to it, or that has a fierce appeal (metal, dragon scales, hard leather, etc.).

    Tattoos: A full body tattoo (except for the head) of swirls, zigzags, lines both straight and angled, all done in a woad blue color.

    Piercings: None.

    Scars: None.



    Strengths: Love of Wisdom and Knowledge. Highly Curious. Love for learning all branches of knowledge even if opposed to a particular branch. Values Courage in all things that exist. Puts a lot of stock in the concept of Justice. Gives credit where credit is due. Values military style discipline. Strives for Transcendence (taking steps to forge a connection to the universe at large and provide personal meaning and direction to his place in Time and Space).

    Weaknesses: Given to extremes. Loves to indulge in the darker areas of his psyche, though mostly in private. Can get spun up quickly on certain topics and won’t calm down without a long, internal struggle. Is capable of being cruel and cold if he believes it's needed or warranted. Tends to take on more tasks than he can handle at one given time. Secretly gets his thrills off of blind aggression and violence (loves psychopathic behavior), and is capable of turning a blind eye to it sometimes, even if it works against him in some way.

    Attitude: Curious. Eager. Observant. Respectful. Critical of certain aspects of reality. Thinks everyone should get along and have a plan to kill one another.

    Morals: Ruthlessness is the kindness of the wise.

    Pet Peeves:  Zealotry of the unhealthy kind. Arrogance. Sense of entitlement. Snobbery. Anyone that likes to kiss unicorns and brown nose.

    Best way to piss me off: Read Pet Peeves.

    Best way to get on my good side: Varies from person to person and is usually dictated by the current situation at hand.



    Color: Red, Black, Gold, Royal Purple.

    Profession: None.

    Profession Skill: None.

    General Skill: Decay.

    Location: Republic of Spinesreach. The lands North of Spinesreach.

    God/Goddess: Belakai, the Shaper.

    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None.

    Tattoo: Moon and Boar.

    Artifact: None.

    Commodity: Steel.

    Animal: Snake. Dragon. Wolf.

    Items owned: Dragon scale kilt.

    Forest/Region: Ithmia and the Tundra.

    NPC: Sword Master Colby.

    Memory: Traveling to the Republic and becoming a part of it.

    Song: No specific favorite song.

    Drink: Water. Good Stout. Good Ale.



    Goals: Private/Secret.

    Ambitions: Private/Secret.

    Nemesis: Anyone who gets in the way of his goals and ambitions.

    Rival: None.

    Best Friend: None.

    Idol: Sword Master Colby. Belakai the Shaper. The Universe.

    Best personal achievement: Nothing so far that he would label as "best".

    Worst personal achievement: Nothing yet.

    Proudest moment: Nothing yet.

    Most shameful moment: Nothing yet.

    Secret Dream: To advance and complete his personal goals and ambitions. Complete the cultivation of his Archetypes.

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    I was reading over these (again) and wanted to post one for Neithan.

    Character Name: Neithan Auvryeth


    Race: Azudim.

    Gender: Male.

    Guild/House: Sentinels.

    City: Duiran.

    Order: None, though he worships Haern.


    Hair: Very dark red, appearing almost black in dark places.

    Eyes: Green with vertical, cat-like pupils.

    Height: About 6'2".

    Build: A hunter's build, strong without bulk. Lithely muscled.

    Defining Features: Strange runic designs that cover his body.

    Clothing: Loincloth, his magic hat, black pants, his fur-lined cloak and boots.

    Tattoos: None, though the designs aren't unlike them.

    Piercings: None.

    Scars: A lupine bite mark on the side of his neck/shoulder. Intentionally left unhealed so that it would scar


    Strengths: Friendly, quick to laugh and make friends. He's dedicated to those he considers part of his eclectic, estranged family (Largely all of the other ex-Atabahi from his time who are not part of Enorian/Duiran)

    Weaknesses:  Quick to anger, nearly irrational when it comes to the defense of his loved ones. He doesn't take very much else seriously.

    Attitude: Chaotic and full of mischief. He never sits still and is always up to no good.

    Morals: Me and mine first. Everything else comes secondary to that.

    Pet Peeves: People who don't support their allies.

    Best way to piss me off: Be blindly zealous. Enslave others. Necromancy.

    Best way to get on my good side: Food, drink, music, laughter. Be polite.


    Color: Gold. Purple. Dark Blue. He doesn't know!

    Profession: Ascendril, recently.

    Profession Skill: Mutate into lycanthrope.

    General Skill: Deathsight. He gets a kick out of watching people die to dumb things.

    Location: Anywhere with friends. His office in his haven.

    God/Goddess: Haern or Galleus.

    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Himself.

    Tattoo: Tree.

    Artifact (don't have to own): His magic hat!

    Commodity: Food..

    Animal: Wolf.

    Item owned: His hat or his torc.

    Village/Forest/Region: Aureliana Forest.

    NPC: Fen'Harel, his wolf-brother/mount.

    Memory: Meeting Mariena.

    Song: Any of the songs that play in his hall.

    Drink: Mead.


    Goals: Home. He's been lost for years.

    Amibitions: Being as content with himself as he was during his term as Doyen.

    Nemesis: None.

    Rival: None.

    Best Friend: Mariena, Aithene.

    Idol: None.

    Best personal achievement: Finding the strength to be cured of undeath and returning to the Rhythm.

    Worst personal achievement: Returning to undeath after being cured the first time.

    Proudest moment: Tenebrous Ceburi, Neithan has just replaced Doyen Isto Cardinalis, The Neoteric as Guildmaster of Atabahi.

    Most shameful moment: Doyen Neithan Auvryeth has just filled the vacant position of Dhasan of Spinesreach.

    Secret dream: The destruction of Spinesreach. Best watch out, he got the thing I wrote here last time!

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    The Essentials

    Race: Yeleni
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Daru
    City: Enorian
    Order: Auresae

    The Look

    Hair: Pale blonde
    Eyes: Gold but wreathed in Divine flame
    Height: 5'6"
    Build: Slender but toned
    Defining Features: Hair to her butt, fiery eyes, golden veil around her, and of course... the amber token embedded in her chest
    Clothing: Preferred - loincloth and bandeau top. Worn - Red daru gi (shirt, pants, black undershirt)
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None


    Strengths: Zealot. Firmly believes that her beliefs are right and everyone else is wrong
    Weaknesses: Zealot. Firmly believes that her beliefs are right and everyone else is wrong. Also, loses her temper easily and distrustful.
    Attitude: Formal to rude to those she does not know or like, but goofy, affectionate, and loving around her family and friends. Generous and kind, for the most part, to those who need it.
    Morals: Unquestionably light-oriented where the means must be as purely-intentioned as the goal. She hate the prospect of having to embrace anything outside of the Light to accomplish Light's goals and purpose.
    Pet Peeve: Hypocrisy and those with no firm beliefs.
    Best way to piss me off: Say/claim to be one thing and then do things that completely contradict you (Hypocrisy). Also, denying me or hurting those whom I love such as family and friends.
    Best way to get on my good side: Be what you say you are. Kindness, especially to the people who need it most.


    Color: Orange with dark green a close second
    Profession: Daru
    Profession Skill: Evoke glow. I use this for RP purposes with the token in her chest.
    General Skill: Scent
    Location: Atop a hill in the Ithmia
    God/Goddess: Auresae
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Kylan
    Tattoo: Bell
    Artifact (don't have to own): Her jade ring
    Commodity: Obsidian
    Animal: Her Alaecorn
    Item Owned: The token embedded in her chest
    Village/Forest/Region: Ilhavon
    NPC: Ke'ata
    Memory: Her and Valingar in her haven beginning to teach their daughter how to fly.
    Song: None
    Drink: Bad Weather Tea


    Goals: To become a better Zealot, representative of the light. Learn to hold her temper in check.
    Ambitions: None really, past (in the words of Daingean) being part of the 'Light is right! cheersquad and representing it well.
    Nemisis: Herself
    Rival: None
    Best Friend: Mireia
    Idol: Daingean
    Best Personal Achievement: Everything coming back together for her with positions in Enorian, earning back the trust of her Goddess, and her reacceptance into the Daru.
    Worst Personal Achievement: Running away from everything because of a conflict within herself.
    Proudest Moment: Being named Auresae's Cardinal
    Most Shameful Moment: Having to stand before Auresae after running away.
    Secret Dream: To feel strong enough on her own.
    If I could make one wish: That all of Enorian (or everyone... everyone works) would see things from a zealous point of view.

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    Character Name: Lydiatha


    Race: Atavian
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Sentinels
    City: Duiran
    Order: None, though possibly Haern in the future


    Hair: Pale blonde. A little longer than shoulder length. Braided on the sides with the top pushed back into a mohawk-like style
    Eyes: Light Blue
    Height: Tall
    Build: Solid and toned
    Defining Features: A jagged scar that stretches from her left temple down to her jaw
    Clothing: Anything comfortable
    Tattoos: Guild required tattoos
    Piercings: Ears
    Scars: Above, several smaller ones littered about her body


    Strengths: Hard worker, not afraid to speak her mind, loyal to her new family
    Weaknesses: Impulsive, sometimes a little too straightforward, impatient with herself
    Attitude: She's a little uptight around people she hasn't met before, but quickly warms up to those in her Pride and City. Over all, she's very respectable, even to those on opposing sides.
    Morals: Protect the Wilds. Protect the weak.
    Pet Peeves:
    Best way to piss me off: Insult her Pride or harm the wilds
    Best way to get on my good side: Buy her a drink. Lydiathas love drinks


    Color: Blue
    Profession: Sentinel
    Profession Skill: Summon Wolf
    General Skill:
    Location: The garden in the Sentinel guildhall
    God/Goddess: Haern
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Tough one. Probably Daskalos, in the Luminaries.
    Tattoo: Boar
    Artifact (don't have to own):
    Commodity: wood
    Animal: Wolf
    Item owned: A vicious yellow brown dhurive
    Song: Any drinking song
    Drink: Mead


    Goals: To completely immerse herself in the life of a Sentinel and make a new life for herself in these lands. Possibly start a family.
    Best Friend:
    Idol: Angwe
    Best personal achievement: Becoming a Tracker in the Sentinels (she's new, okay?)
    Worst personal achievement:
    Proudest moment:
    Most shameful moment:
    Secret dream: To be Scout Mistress

    The blanks are things I don't know about her yet. Still knew after all.
    Its Hunt, or be Hunted.
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    The Essentials
    Race: Yeleni
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Daru
    City: Enorian
    Order: Slyphe

    The Look

    Hair: White tentacles
    Eyes: Pearl-white
    Height: 10 foot tall and built like a brick outhouse.
    Defining Features: His tentacle hair and blue skin
    Clothing: A Blue Slyphian robe
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: Nothing spectacular. Just your everday combatant type


    Strengths: Tends to be very easy going and light-hearted. Absolutely loyal to close friends and family members. Has good leadership abilities. 
    Weaknesses: Constantly doubts himself and his abilities. Absent minded and forgetful at times. Can become overly focused on individual things at the expense of everything else. Can be lazy, particularly when it comes to administrative things.
    Attitude: Generally friendly, sometimes slightly kooky. Has an issue with his personal space and being touched by people he doesn't really know or feel comfortable with. 
    Morals: Essentially Light orientated with some moral ambiguity when it comes to either A. Family first. Regardless of what they do, blood is thicker and more binding than any other bond. Or B Slyphe. If Slyphe wants something done, Bene will do it. 
    Pet Peeve: Smirkers. Amg smile properly or don't smile at all! I rip it from your face!
    Best way to piss me off: Have one rule for you and another for everyone else and then b'aww because you're not getting everything your own way. Also random acts of arseholeness.
    Best way to get on my good side: Help when I ask for it, loyalty and of course - flattery. Flattery will get you everywhere. 


    Color: Blues of all hues
    Profession: Daru
    Profession Skill: Boiling Blood - a Tekura users best friend. 
    General Skill: Scent/Farsee
    Location: Enorian City Portals
    God/Goddess: Slyphe
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Indalecio - the guy was as stiff as a plank of wood but he gave me so much help, taught Bene to stand on his own, was a phenomenal administrator and an outstanding mentor.
    Tattoo: Prism
    Artifact (don't have to own): Robes of Magi
    Commodity: Elemental Ash
    Animal: His War Turtle 
    Item Owned: I don't have it any more but when I first started playing I was given a friendship bracelet by another noob guy who I'd grown really close to because of our mutual noobship. It meant more to me than anything I've ever had since.
    Village/Forest/Region: Mournhold (because it's England don't yer know? FISH AND CHIPS!) 
    NPC: The bar tender in 'The Shining Trident' (He gives Bene free beer) 
    Memory: Persuading Kadvar to fail his ritual so that he could become a woman so that we could have a child together (so much lolz). Also teaming up with Auresae to create exploding Fire Skunks and letting them loose in Lleis' Temple.
    Song: Bene's "Kiss my ar-" ditty.
    Drink: Rum 


    Goals: To find something to do for himself. Currently everything he strives and works hard for are for the betterment of other people. His family, Slyphe and the Order, Enorian and the Daru. He wants to find something for himself. 
    Ambitions: To bring the Order of Slyphe to dominance amongst the other Lighter Orders. To be viewed with respect and to be a figure to be emulated.
    Nemisis: The Conner/Ellenia ganksquad. Formerly Kadvar and Uthegen.
    Rival: Abhimanu
    Best Friend: Currently his brother, Rivas. Previously Sryaen
    Idol: Doesn't have one anymore. In most recent history it was Edhain
    Best Personal Achievement: Being made the Overseer of Ashtan and Abbot of the Sentaari at a ridiculously young age over people like Indalecio and Phendegwen/killing 9 people in a city I was enemied to and getting out in under two minutes before the last tick of Radiance/being responsible for the most devastating raid of a city ever to the point where my raiding party had the run of the city for a full month 
    Worst Personal Achievement: Making Abhimanu quit the Sentaari and eventually the game because he couldn't handle my politicking.
    Proudest Moment: Being publically proclaimed "The Herald of Midnight" by Severn/being made into the Avatar of Slyphe by His own hand and proclaimed as such.
    Most Shameful Moment: Robbing some Vampire I didn't even know with Mind Command Wield/Mind Terror 
    Dream: To found his own community and have it grow into a thriving Empire
    (Leaders): Tiur says, "I'll remember not to delete you when the time comes, Bene. Good people."

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    The Essentials


    Name: Piper.. is not her real name.
    Race: Idreth
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Atabahi
    City: THE REPUBLIC (Spinesreach)
    Order: None


    The Look

    Hair: Tight corkscrew curls. Naturally black but she bleaches the everloving crap out of it.
    Eyes: Slanted glacier-blue eyes
    Height: 5'2''
    Defining Features: Very prominent lips and a wide nose.
    Clothing: Depends on her duty or mood. She likes to wear overalls but has them generally covered in glitter. Loves purple pants. Wears formal outfits informally wrinkled up. Has a sari. Likes to wear her own custom gold and red armor.
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: Labret and left nostril piercing.
    Scars: Silvery dimples of scar tissue that indent into her cheeks- one indent in her right cheek and four more on the left, trailing down to below her jaw.


    Strengths: Passionate, enthusiastic and patriotic. Thinks that she'll be a good leader when she gets older and CALMS THE PITS DOWN.
    Weaknesses: Immaturity and youth. Has some anger issues and a tendancy to blow up or nag unless she's had time to process things. Overly argumentative and opinionated. Is very racist, prejudiced and hypocritical about it. She is super quick to point out when other people are before she'll own up about herself. Also, she can be obnoxiously loud. And easily addicted to things.
    Attitude: Very loud, gregarious, sarcastic, and excitable. Enjoys taking the time to drink a beer with just about anyone and enjoys talking about construction and forging. Has a fast temper and can swing from very happy to very upset in 0.02 seconds. Doesn't take well to being threatened even when she has no chance of winning. Likes to stand her ground even if she's wrong.. might come back and apologize if/when she realizes that she was not in the right. Generally, she doesn't feel that way often.
    Morals: Fairly gray, leaning more towards the darker shades, for the most part. Very situational in what she approves of whole-heartedly and what she considers alright begrudgingly.
    Pet Peeve: People telling her off or shushing her. That gets her started all over again. Also, people that are pompous and elite and act like their crap don't stink.
    Best way to piss me off: See above.
    Best way to get on my good side: Loyalty, being enjoyable in conversation, drink with her. Brawl with her.




    Color: Red
    Profession: Atabahi/Syssin
    Profession Skill: Phase
    General Skill: Scent/Dash
    Location: Brass Monkey Imports, Inner gate
    God/Goddess: None. Used to want to be in Maghak's Order.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Klonk. Was the beginning of the decline of all the fun stuff that she enjoyed about the Syndicate. Also saw Lin in the guild which was nice.
    Tattoo: Bell
    Artifact: Eleanor's goggles.
    Commodity: Wood
    Animal: Bears. They make good rugs.
    Item Owned: A vase of gemstone flowers and Lin's lute.
    Village/Forest/Region: Stormcaller's Crag. Because I love the idea of this dark, cold, slushy northern Troll colony that has a bootlegger nearby. And it's always stormy.
    NPC: None yet.
    Memory: The first awkward date with Zun in the greenhouse, the first and second dance with Zun, and the bar room brawl with Anfini.
    Song: Haven't thought of one. :(
    Drink: Anything alcoholic. Special place in her heart for whiskey and vodka, though.




    Goals: To never be boring or live a boring life. To always have entertainment available to her. Someday, to be respected.
    Ambitions:  Originally wanted to be a world renown entertainer and was working on acrobatics and music until that changed due to an enemy status and her teachers all disappearing. Then she wanted to create a large scale casino in the Tundra. Now she's looking for a new reason to fuel herself outside of rebuilding certain parts of the city. No ambitions just yet outside of growing up and learning her new job.
    Nemesis: Angwe. Phoenecia. Aarbrok...Aymah.. anyone that's ever argued with her...
    Rival: Angwe. She appointed him her rival when she was a teenager and it's been a trip ever since.
    Best Friend: Kaetriela and Anfini.
    Idol: Eleanor. Lin.
    Best Personal Achievement: Silly little things.. telling Raeche to make her into a secretary and having it happen. Being made Senator and -actually enjoying the job-. Asking Zun out without meaning to and having it work out great.
    Worst Personal Achievement: Not running for guildmistress when Raeche stepped down. She mighta stood a chance!
    Proudest Moment: Getting a high five for a shout she did. Zun saying that he loved her. (I'm legit nervous OOG whenever I shout IG so that meant a lot, haha)
    Most Shameful Moment: Piper doesn't really feel shame all that much.
    Dream: To keep the Republic safe from harm and unified regardless of what happens everywhere else.. and to never be bored.


    Why you should hate her: She's honest. If she doesn't like you for an honest reason, she'll make it known.
    Why you should love her: She won't have any reason to think badly of you if you prove to be a dedicated, TRUE Spirean.
    Why you should fear her: She probably watched you bed your last lass or lad. Details coming in the next newsletter...
    Why she is harmless: She has a hard time saying no to friends. Even ones not of the Republic, until she's been given a solid reason to say no.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Soviet Russia. No one has a name, everyone has a title. Rations for everyone.. except herself.
    If you were to describe her one sentence: Who the pits are you and when will you grow up?

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    Character Name: Sessizlik [spoiler] THE ESSENTIALS Race: Grecht Gender: Female Guild/House: Ascendril City: Enorian Order: None [/spoiler] [spoiler] THE LOOK Hair: Fiery orange Eyes: Amber Height: A few inches over 5 feet Build: Somewhat plump Defining Features: Probably the hair and eyes Clothing: Green sari Tattoos: None Piercings: None Scars: None [/spoiler] [spoiler] PERSONALITY Strengths: Hard working, loyal, willing to learn, helpful Weaknesses: Too curious, bites off more than she can chew, shy Attitude: Not afraid to get her hands dirty. Willing to work and help others to the best of her ability Morals: The more you know, the further you go Pet Peeves: Patronize others Best way to piss me off: Patronize her, call her stupid or naive Best way to get on my good side: Start a discussion, tell her stories [/spoiler] [spoiler] FAVORITES Color: Green Profession: Ascendril Profession Skill: Crystalhome General Skill: Cooking Location: Magnolia grove in Enorian God/Goddess: Auresae Guild Master/House Head (all time): Ciarelle Tattoo: Shield Artifact (don't have to own): Market stall Commodity: Everything needed for muffins Animal: Simurgh Item owned: A length of elemancer's focusing beads Village/forest/region: Siroccians NPC: The ritualist in Itzatl Memory: Gardening at her foster home while growing up Song: Drink: Ascendril Celebration [/spoiler] [spoiler] MINDSET Goals: Learn all crafts, become a well-known researcher Amibitions: Be a master crafter, own a shop, own a public library where people come from near and far to read. Nemesis: Noone yet Rival: Sessi has only been in one situation where she's had a rival. Etrigan during the Great hunt. So much fun. Best Friend: Aisling (Though it's mostly a professional friendship.) Idol: Aisling and Ciarelle Best personal achievement: Teaching others about Elemental branding Worst personal achievement: Losing her rank in the Starfall due to greed. Proudest moment: Putting together the Ascendril celebrations and making it all work out great. Most shameful moment: None yet Secret dream: Owning a successful muffin shop If I could make one wish..: The people of Sapience would all be alive, well enlightened and working together without mindless and excessive slaughter. [/spoiler]
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    Race: Azudim Imp Queen
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Carnisex
    City: Spinesreach. Lol they put me in charge
    Order: Iosyne's General yarrr


    Hair: Red, tangled
    Eyes: Amber, luminous (cuz heatsight shh) 
    Height: Tall. Super super super tall.
    Build: SUPER BUFF (scrawny)
    Defining Features: Horns, tail, bat-wings
    Clothing: Something she can murder in
    Tattoos: Iosyne's mark, below her right ear: a black-inked tattoo of a pair of crossed fists
    Piercings: Nope
    Scars: One particularly bad one beneath her bewbs where Edhain killed her in a tree


    Strengths: Enthusiasm, determination, cleverness, leadership, creativity, independence, murder
    Weaknesses: Stubborn, neurotic, riddled with private insecurities, family issues, emotional, really skittish of trusting people, kinda clumsy outside of combat
    Morals: Are annoying. Has always been very loyal to orgs she is part of and will happily lie/cheat/kill innocents to serve her orgs (and sometimes her own personal goals) although her orgs always come first - as a lifer, this outlook was far more problematic as it is as a darkie. She doesn't give a hoohah either way about undeath/life. Likes money. Has mothering tendencies (which can be both good and bad).
    Pet Peeves: Wasting her time, suck-ups, most vampires
    Best way to piss her off: Lie, break her trust, unearned arrogance
    Best way to get on her good side: Show aptitude for something, get involved with an org she's part of, show genuine respect for her


    Color: Polka Dot
    Profession: Old Sentinel
    Profession Skill: Pulverize
    General Skill: Pyrotechnics and Horsemanship. PERHAPS IN TANDEM?!
    Perched above the world. (Edge of Reality.)
    Riverrun through Sapience and onwards, past swerve of stone and bend of bracken, to culminate here at the world's edge, a dizzying precipice rising to scrape at the sky. Unfolding below in a dazzling series of swoops, sparkles and shimmers, the entire continent in visible in receded splendor; the vast distance paints the terrain in miniature detail, dwarfed by this remote perch. Beyond the continent, colors fade away into the hazy mist of the remote oceans, with the hues dwindling to a murky, glinting darkness in the far horizons, hinting at hidden realms and other, strange worlds lying beyond the familiar territory. Bonfires burn eternally here, fed by some unknown source to twinkle away in everglowing smoulders on the hills climbing up to this seat, while, overhead, only the sun and stars themselves soar higher than the summit you stand upon. In a jarring contrast to this breathtaking scene, radiating outwards from the peak's heart in a winding, snaking series of trails, a dense, vast forest of pikes creates a gory and shockingly handmade tableau. Serving as the brink's sole adornment, stake after stake has been thrust into the earth, each topped with a preserved, decapitated head, eyes wide and faces frozen in the rictus of death - familiar features strike you, with fighters from all cities, guilds and walks visible among the ranks of the slaughtered. Driven deep into the earth, each pike reaches to barely knee level, and it's easy to imagine an Imp striding among them, her own head raised relatively high to look down upon her vanquished foes.

    God/Goddess: Khepri, though she's getting over that
    Guild Master/House Head: Herself. Other than that, Kylan (city leader, close enough) or Mahakala
    Tattoo: Crystal, her secret to tankiness!

    a bone stepladder

    Crude in appearance, this stepladder has been crafted out of a rather gory selection of materials, as if the components used to construct it will detract from its benign and almost comical purpose. Long femurs form rough slats, bound together with coarse twine to form a series of steps to allow a vertically-challenged individual to survey her peers on equal footing. Delicate etchings adorn the ossified surfaces, unfurling in detailed scrollwork to depict a variety of images, clearly engraved with pride: Impish horns and twining tails border the piece in a repeated motif, while scenes of battle crawl over each step, with fallen foes scrawled exactly where a tiny foot would stand on a climb to the ladder's top.

    Commodity: Bone
    Animal: Bruto, her dopey, clumsy mastiff
    Item owned: A tie between the hunter's headdress Sibatti made for her (pride), the engagement ring Toz gave her (love) and her impish horns (self-love)
    Village/forest/region: Mamashi. Her tent was there for a century and she led the North Tribe with Mamashi as the base of operations.
    NPC: Tuiln. She recruited him from the Ashtani orphans to serve as a scout and he ended up leading the Resistance. She is more proud of him than she is of any of her children, even though he doesn't remember her. :(
    Memory: Most of the time she spent with Ensoi, Sryaen proposing with fireworks, her time with Irruel, Benedicto's reaction when she showed him his son, the moment she realized she really loved Toz (hrm. Kinda a theme there)
    Song: The song she half-dreamed that one night with Orak in her tavern in Enorian
    Drink: She usually only drinks to be polite. Last time she got trashed, Ashtan hired Nazetu pirates. :/


    Goals: Shape Spinesreach and Carnifex to be the best city and guild in Sapience. Ensure people are happy. Pop out a family to share her estate with. Find peace for her mother's ghost.
    Ambitions: Raise a child right. 
    Nemesis: Benedicto's hatred, Omei, herself
    Rival: Ezalor, Villi (maybe. Moi isn't sold on the mind wipe thing)
    Best Friend: Toz, Aldric
    Idol: Kylan, Mahakala
    Best personal achievement: Defeating Bloodloch in war. Taking over Carnifex and revitalizing the guild. Creating the Impire.
    Worst personal achievement: Inadvertently getting Slyphe to purge His dark-side followers. Ashtan being destroyed (she partially blames herself because she refused to contribute troops). Vanishing and then reading how Carnifex fell apart without her. Creating the Impire.
    Proudest moment: She's too neurotic to be truly proud of anything she's done.
    Most shameful moment:  Too many. She's constantly plagued by guilt and shame. Most recently, vanishing when her son was a baby. Using Toz/making Toz feel he had to change for her sake
    Secret dream: To be remembered as one of the leadership greats
    If she could make one wish..: To have all her past lovers still love her, and somehow love all of them at once. She loves them all in different ways and most of her happiness comes from love.


    Why you should hate her: She will hurt people if she deems it necessary for the greater good of her orgs. Probably also for her own happiness, as well.
    Why you should love her: She is driven primarily by a desire to make organizations happy, and if you are in one, she will likely do her best to help you out, especially if you show potential.
    Why you should fear her: She holds enough power to make your life unpleasant. And she can probably murderate you.
    Why she is harmless: She can often be sob-storied into giving people stuff or helping people or not murderating them. See: Eleina at the starfall.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Everyone to be Imps.
    If you were to describe her in one sentence: Moi is what happens when you take all of the Lannisters, cram them into Tyrion's body, and slap on boobs.

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    I just wanna give Moirean a big, squishing hug right now.
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    Yeah, Moi's pretty emo underneath the muderImp. It's why she and Edhain got along so well. >_>
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    Filling this in on a different account. It helps me get IN CHARACTER. Don't argue, it makes sense.

    Character Name: I'm Dr. Janus R. Anfini. It's a pleasure.

    Race: Mhun. Was born human, reincarnated out of fear that assassins were picking up on his "signature".
    Gender: Male.
    Guild/House: Cabalists.
    City: Spinesreach, Editor-in-Chief of Dark Heart News.
    Order: Swaghak.

    Hair: White, wild and totally unkempt, as is common of men of his trade.
    Eyes: Orange.
    Height: Think tall, then add a foot onto that.
    Build: Wiry, but has been bulking up as of late.
    Defining Features: His left eye is dead, milky blue-white with small scars around it. Has thick eyelashes, thin eyebrows, looks a little feminine.
    Clothing: Fashion is irrelevant to a man living the life of the mind. But people like it when he dresses nice, so he goes for a business casual look. Been meaning to procure a labcoat at some point.
    Tattoos: He has them, not anywhere that anyone has seen recently. Used to have a mark on his forehead that Procell made when he sired him, but that's gone now.
    Piercings: Multiple piercings in the eyebrows, nose, lips, and ears. These are always silver rings and/or studs, and he changes their configuration on the daily.
    Scars: Exactly the kind of permanent marks that a nearly 300-year-old man would have, living a life of dangerous curiosity.

    Strengths: Some cats know how to fight, others run. He's a thousand generations ahead of them, as smooth as they come. Relentlessly innovative and brilliant. He can also chain smoke without coughing.
    Weaknesses: Age-old paranoias and neuroses creep up on him when he's not expecting. Completely eschews his personal health and that of others to attain knowledge.
    Attitude: Likes to leverage his age to get privileges. Considers himself above needing to "pretty-talk authority and pander for the masses", and thus comes off as a massive jerk. Always seeking personal gain and an upper hand.
    Morals: No.
    Pet Peeves: Women. Children. Atavians. Cheap drugs. A grown-unicorns man who can't tell the difference between a scotch and a whisky. People who bring up the "mad scientist" stuff.
    Best way to piss me off: Assume he doesn't know what he's doing. Have ONLY ONE JOB and mess it up.
    Best way to get on my good side: Buy him a drank, guuurl. Shower him with praise and acclaim. Refer to him as "the Good Doctor."

    Color: White
    Skillset: Domination. Nothing more exciting than communing with Aetolia's own alien race!
    Class Skill: Subterfuge, Eavesdrop. Oh, how he enjoyed his Syssin days.
    General Skill: Deathsight. Gotta harvest them organs.
    Location: Spinesreach, balcony over the courtyard. Formerly the home he was squatting in in Kelsys.
    God/Goddess: Swaghak.
    Guildmaster/House Head: Guild, Mahakala Elistar; House, Procell Ve'kahi.
    Tattoo: Bell. Dat paranoia.
    Artifact: His mechanical staff. It performs crazy magic machine functions of the Mary Sue variety.
    Commodity: Ylemshards.
    Animal: Perch, carp, salmon, other river fish.
    Item owned: See Artifact.
    Village/forest/region: Kentorakro. That's where the big man lives.
    NPC: Alpha Kela of Huanazedha.
    Memory: Wiping a Sentinel's memory clean via hypnosis, and running off to be "ghosts" in the jungle for a few days.
    Song: No specific song, but enjoys the sort of harpsichord pieces you could imagine being played by a eunuch in a Victorian opium den, somewhere behind the House of Lords.
    Drink: He loves scotch. Scoootch, scotchy scotch.

    Goals: Prove to Eleanor that she, Yusri, and Akaryuterra aren't the only ones who can build a custom Idreth biosystem, thankyouverymuch.
    Ambitions: Seize all the power in his reach. Learn everything there is to know. Become the foremost authority on science and medicine. Triumph over human knowledge and go delightfully mad, once more!
    Nemesis: Mahakala Elistar.
    Rival: Director Eleanor Junakutz-Lionheart.
    Best Friend: The big man. And Senator Piper's been pretty sweet as of late.
    Idol: The Ankyreans.
    Best personal achievement: Being formally recognized as a Doctor in the fields of biology and psychology by the Spirean Institute.
    Worst personal achievement: The whole thing with stealing money from the Syssin was widely regarded as a bad move.
    Proudest moment: Making the Great Spark and Great Crescent disappear. Thankfully, it was only a trick of illusionry! Didn't stop him from trying to hold them for ransom.
    Most shameful moment: His drunken benders, where he does crazy things without remembering them. The last time, he left the Cabal for a little while. Time before that, he got himself cured of vampirism.
    Secret dream: He'd love to cast aside all pretenses of benevolence and kindness and just scour the world, collecting living mortal specimens to cut apart and learn about.
    If I could make one wish: He would see Kelsys rebuilt, himself appointed Mega President of the Imperial Scientocracy. Barring that, a gorilla butler.

    Why you should hate me: He doesn't give a damn about you, about your health or safety, no matter how much he might try to say that he does. You're a stepping stone to him learning about the underlying elements of the world.
    Why you should love me: Because without him, your life is boring, predictable, and safe.
    Why you should fear me: He might not be able to kill you, but he can do a lot worse if you trust him.
    Why I am harmless: He's so much fancy talk wrapped up in a scrawny, self-serving package. Take what he says at face value and treat him with caution, and at worst, he'll be a good friend.
    If I ruled the world, you'd best expect: Extremist states (Enorian, Bloodloch) to be gutted and rewritten with equalistic, secular viewpoints. The status quo to change, with brilliant thinkers and inventors at the highest class, laborers in the middle, and artists, hunters and warriors at the lowest. Anfini gets a harem.
    If you were to describe me in one sentence: Take Dr. Desty Nova, Dr. Frank N. Furter, Dr. Josef Mengele, add a heavy dose of mathematics and mechanical knowhow, a drop of Charles Manson for flavor, and wrap it all up in an aspiring hedonistic playboy.
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    Character Name: Draiman Arcan (Grand Duke of Nebre'seir)


    Race: Azudim
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Sciomancers/Nebre'seir
    City: Bloodloch
    Order: Working on one.


    Hair: Bald with horns
    Eyes: Greyish Blue
    Height: Tall
    Build: Muscular
    Defining Features: Horns on his head.
    Clothing: Usually the simplest he can find, ranging from straight black, white, or a mixture of the two.
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: When he ascended to an Azudim his body was healed all of his scars, has yet to receive any new ones.


    Strengths: His determination to always be better than everyone around him, loyalty to any causes he doesn't feel forced to care about.
    Weaknesses: Arrogance/over confidence
    Attitude: Usually indifferent.
    Morals: None.
    Pet Peeves: Anything that reminds him of his mortal/younger self.
    Best way to piss me off: Exist.
    Best way to get on my good side: Be useful.


    Color: Doesn't care.
    Profession: Vampire
    Profession Skill: Annihilate
    General Skill: Behead
    Location: Moirean's Bar
    God/Goddess: Iosyne
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): No one, except maybe Povox.
    Tattoo: Mountain
    Artifact (don't have to own): The only one I have, my perty lil' ring.
    Commodity: None
    Animal: None
    Item owned: My arti ring.
    Village/forest/region: use to be the Zsarachnor's crypt.
    NPC: My ghast.
    Memory: Sabina
    Song: None
    Drink: Any alcohol. Not picky.


    Goals: To be the best fighter in Sapience.
    Amibitions: Stand toe to toe with a God in 1 on 1 combat.
    Nemesis: No one now, use to be Aiden.
    Rival: None, currently.
    Best Friend: No one
    Idol: Doesn't have one
    Best personal achievement: Going from basically a nobody in combat to being able to fight against people like Irruel, Daskalos, Aiden, and Sotere, who at the time were among the best of the best.
    Worrst personal achievement: Becoming labeled as a CLI regular back in the day.
    Proudest moment: Becoming Azudim
    Most shameful moment: That whole vampire unity thing that fell through. Let's not talk about it.
    Secret dream: It's a secret!
    If I could make one wish..: Don't think he would.
    "You ever been divided by zero?" Nia asks you with a squint.

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    Haha CLI snuggly.
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    Edited below for updates
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    Character Name: Sir Alistaire Ridire


    Race: Yeleni - formerly atavian
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Templar
    City: Enorian
    Order: None


    Hair: Shoulder length black hair, kept tied in a ponytail. Bitchin' beard.
    Eyes: Silver, glowing. The light flares/fades with emotion.
    Height: 6'3"
    Build: Athletic, broad shoulders.
    Defining Features: Glowing eyes. Armour.
    Clothing: Paladin guild cloak, surcoat, gambeson, armoured boots/gauntlets, pants, tunic, full plate. A silver gryphon necklace, azure rose brooch.
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None, since Yeleni.


    Strengths: Faith. Devotion to his cause, no matter the personal cost.
    Weaknesses: Refusal to see things anyone else's way. Holds grudges.
    Attitude: Stoic and silent. Very polite, whether in public or private. Is learning to laugh.
    Morals: The Light. Honour, justice and freedom.
    Pet Peeves: People who shorten other people's names.
    Best way to piss me off: Don't stand for your beliefs. Attempt to force your beliefs on others.
    Best way to get on my good side: Be upfront about your beliefs. Give him orange juice. Be polite.


    Color: Blue
    Profession: Paladin
    Profession Skill: Still battlecry.
    General Skill: Gallop.
    Location: The garden in Phoenecia's house.
    God/Goddess: Arion or Rahn, previously. Auresae, now.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Edhain
    Tattoo: Bell.
    Artifact (don't have to own): His shield: (A Paladin's heraldic tower shield) 
    Commodity: Steel.
    Animal: Sterling, the puppy Phoenecia gave him.
    Item owned: His shield.
    Village/forest/region: Enorian.
    NPC: Sir Ta'lionu.
    Memory: Edhain telling him the story of his father and the lost ring.
    Song: The one he sings in his private gardens.
    Drink: Orange juice.


    Goals: Dawn.
    Ambitions: Dawn.
    Nemesis: None.
    Rival: None.
    Best Friend: Daingean.
    Idol: Sir Syvelium.
    Best personal achievement: Ascending to Pentarch and seeing his dream of the guild come together.
    Worst personal achievement: Agreeing to have someone spied on.
    Proudest moment: Sir Alistaire Ridire has just replaced Pentarch Areka Morrog as Guildmaster of the Templars.
    Most shameful moment: Having quit the guild during the change from Paladin to Templar.
    Secret dream: Phoenecia would drop Syssin class.
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    Alistaire said:
    Secret dream: Phoenecia would drop Syssin class.
    That's probably the secret dream of half the playerbase.
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    Added a summary section to mine, with a few fun extra fields!
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    Moirean said:
    Added a summary section to mine, with a few fun extra fields!
    Dammit, now I had to add to mine!
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    Oh! Those are -fun- additions! Don't mind if I do!!
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    Race: Gargoyle Azudim
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Carnifex
    City: Spinesreach
    Order: Likes the concept of Change. Thinks Slyphe is doing it wrong, in some cases.


    Hair: Black, slicked back. So villain-y.
    Eyes: Beady and blue
    Height: Statuesque
    Build: Ripped
    Defining Features: Talons for feet, bat wings, half of his left ear bitten of
    Clothing: Carnifex uniform, sans boots. Talons do not play well with boots.
    Tattoos: Practical tattoos only
    Piercings: None
    Scars: 'Tainhelm' on his chest, from a fit of angst shortly after joining the Carnifex


    Strengths: Tenacity. Stoic, level-headed. Pretty strong, and smarter than he will admit. Very down-to-earth. Loyal to a fault.
    Weaknesses: Stubborn, refusal to change. Tendency to empower Moirean's ideas- especially the bad ones. Inability to see Moirean as the 'bad guy' - the badger killed that Ascendril in the Enorian gardens, not Moirean. He knows because Moirean said so.
    Morals: Has his own strange little code of rules he follows when he feels like it. He generally feels like morality is a waste of time, and views it as trying to fight with weights on your feet- they get in the way, and don't do anything. If he can follow them and do what he wants, he will. Although he refuses to fight Moirean, ever.
    Pet Peeves: Unwarranted arrogance, Carnifex recruits trying to keep last names/House titles. Failure to follow orders.
    Best way to piss him off: Get in his way. Bother Moirean, start trouble then make your allies finish it.
    Best way to get on his good side: Go above and beyond. Pick a fight with someone bigger than you and win- he respects strength and results. If you can't win, fighting with conviction is close enough.


    Color: Steel?
    Profession: Carnifex
    Profession Skill: Pulverize
    General Skill: Forging

    Chamber of Sacrament.
    Carefully built with blood stained stonework, the walls and floor of this chamber resonate with the 
    blood and toils of all those who have entered before. The central flooring of the room is dominated 
    by a wide, circular depression of black sand and tiny shards of glass. The sand and glass mixture 
    sits level with the stone flooring, and is kept meticulously raked and cleared from the stones when 
    not in use.

    God/Goddess: Was Slyphe. Grudgingly Iosyne, because she gave him what he wanted
    Guild Master/House Head: Moirean
    Tattoo: hammer Tree
    Narrow slivers of bone and horn, carefully polished and smoothed, have been threaded onto a coarsely 
    corded string, the rope rough and twined through the crude, yellowed beads. Grisly accents form the 
    centerpiece for this necklace: ossified skulls grin blankly, wickedly pointed fangs gaping wide, as 
    sockets stare outwards in empty gazes from their grim display. As a final touch, curved claws hang 
    down in razored arcs, serrated edges sharpened and splayed in a macabre ring around the neck.
    It is an Ankyrean artifact, enchanted with the following powers:
    hide_might paired constitution(2)
    Commodity: Steel
    Animal: Wilburta, his mastiff, tied with his falcon
    Item owned: See favorite artifact
    Village/forest/region: The little forest Moirean made on her estate for him. It has a cliff and everything.
    Memory: Pretty much doing anything with Moirean. Also fighting Omei's Order after Omei stabbed Slyphe with the spear'o'conversion.
    Song: Sometimes he plays little beats on stuff while he forges, because why not. But other than that...
    Drink: Doesn't drink much.


    Goals: Get stronger, make Moirean happy.
    Ambitions: Hit a God, and have it hurt
    Nemesis: He doesn't have any at the moment.
    Rival: Satomi, kind of. He won, by his count.
    Best Friend: Moirean
    Idol: Moirean, Luna
    Best personal achievement: Getting Moirean to give him time of day.
    Worst personal achievement: From an objective perspective, probably all the villages he wanders around slaughtering/the whole 'stealing souls' thing. He doesn't think much he has done is particularly bad.
    Proudest moment: Forging Gruxmal's armor, and (though he won't admit it) Xenia getting knighted.
    Most shameful moment: How he was while he was a Templar. He doesn't really dislike the Templars, but he hates Templar Toz.
    Secret dream: Shape the world how he wants it, smashing anything that gets in his way.
    If he could make one wish..: Wishes are too easy.


    Why you should hate him: If your way goes against his, he's going to be obnoxious. I'm sure quite a few vampires were irritated with him during the discussions about House titles.
    Why you should love him: He's a good ally, as long as you don't irk him. He's generally willing to step up to bat for you (hurr, bat) - especially if you're in the Carnifex.
    Why you should fear him: He's stubborn enough, if you really make him mad, to dedicate the rest of his life to getting in your way.
    Why he is harmless: He probably won't hit you unless you deserve it.
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Everyone to be able to stand at attention, carry and care for some weapon, and a lot of saluting.
    If you were to describe him one sentence: Moirean's pool boy.

    Arbre-Today at 7:27 PM

    You're a vindictive lil unicorn

    Lartus-Today at 7:16 PM

    oh wait, toz is famous

    Karhast-Today at 7:01 PM

    You're a singularity of unicorns awfulness Toz
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    Race: Azudim (Troll)
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Templar
    City: Enorian
    Order: Dhar's Inquisitor, still strongly loyal to Damariel

    Hair: Black, coarse, usually kept bound in a braid or bun.
    Eyes: Gold, bestial. 
    Height: Tall. 
    Build: Muscular, broad-waisted and more masculine than feminine. 
    Defining Features: Horns, her skin is pretty much like lava, she's a lavabeast. 
    Clothing: Efficient, modest, occasionally experiments with colour paired with neutrals, garments easy to clean. 
    Piercings: Ears, bridge of her nose. 
    Scars: Scarrification along her neck/shoulder/clavicle of the Havothi symbol, a long scar that runs from the height of her navel, down the left side of her pelvis where it curves across her abdomen, and the usual marks from training and forging. 

    Strengths: Strong sense of work and social ethics and duty, reserved, more focused on logistics than emotions, loyal and resolute. She will bleed herself dry for those causes she pledges herself to. 
    Weaknesses: Reserved and blunt to a point where it can be quite caustic or as if she does not care, little patience or grasp of most social rituals and niceties, stubborn and bull-headed, can't move on from points or situations until she feels that there is a genuine resolution or closure on it (satisfying that can be quite difficult). She often invests too much of herself into other people, places and things, which results in further struggling with let-downs (regardless of the party at blame).  She puts herself in positions where she is alone on a limb due to her sense of duty and honour, which frequently comes back to hurt her. She is an utter hot mess when her emotions are pushed outside of her control/in an area she doesn't have enough experience to cope with. 
    Attitude: Plenty. More seriously - she is fairly stoic and reserved, her voice trends being monotone and she puts business first. When dealing with organizations, ideas, or crafting, the first thing she finds are flaws and issues, so that they can be addressed (it isn't personal). She is serious when it comes to her duties, and fairly grave, though is also known for bawdy songs and inappropriate jokes when in what she considers 'off-duty' time.
    Morals/Work Ethic: Life and the Cycle, integrity, honour, duty, order. She is between lawful neutral and good, and a strong INTJ, for those that means anything to.  
    Pet Peeves: Whining, unwillingness to -try-, words not supported by actions or behavioural track record. 
    Best way to piss her off: Seek power for its own sake or petty reasons rather than the health and needs of the people, lie/betray her trust personally or professionally, be unwilling to acknowledge and work to redeem past personal or professional wrongdoings or mis-steps. 
    Best way to get on her good side: Initiative, work for others and not your own favours, try to learn things, acknowledge/work through faults and mis-steps, acknowledge her expertise with forging. 

    Color: Red
    Profession: Templar
    Profession Skill: DSW in practice, Sacrifice in principle. 
    General Skill: Forging.
    Location: Iron Hill, her forge, the temple of Truth in Enorian and Damariel's ship, the beach, and the tundra..
    God/Goddess: Damariel, followed by Dhar and Slyphe (and Haern even though she doesn't get along well with forests). 
    Guild Master: Sryaen
    Tattoo: Boar
    Artifact: Forging hammer
    Commodity: Steel
    Animal: Uncertain, she's fond of birds and tlingors. 
    Item owned: The badge the goblins she helped train made her
    Village/forest/region: Iron Hill
    NPC: Nianvi, the residents of the Hill, Grexi, due to her bonds with each of them. 
    Memory: The first time she held a forging hammer, when Sryaen helped her make her first suit of fullplate - simple, but meaningful in how she found herself, and unjaded and untainted by politics - she found part of herself. 
    Song: The Lusty Young Smith, as well as a Trollish dirge. 
    Drink: Tequila, rum, beer, things with high alcohol content. 

    Goals: To have the Havothi flourish and succeed in their goal, to bring to it all of the values and capability that the Light and Knighthood have, but without the tainting of politics and personal agendas. 
    Ambitions: In flux at the moment, as she's having to swallow and reconcile that the community she most devoted and gave herself to has become rotten, and is truly need to find a way to shift her focus so that she can continue to work on the greater needs but without the toxicity of the usurping regime's pettiness and denial. 
    Nemesis: No true, tangible nemesis, though the strongest here would be politics. 
    Rival: Her reflection (not in a Gaston/Narcissus sort of way, but the weak side of herself). 
    Best Friend:  Currently playing: Aisling, Phendegwen, Sevix, Lucus.
    Idol: None. People are too flawed and hold too much duality, and too many images have been broken. /emo
    Best personal achievement: Earning Damariel and Dhar's trust and favour.
    Worst personal achievement: Allowing the animosity and toxicity of those she feels betrayed by to bully her away from things she cares about. 
    Proudest moment: I would say Knighthood, but that's part of her and the ceremony or rank isn't what she is proud of. Becoming Damariel's Oracle, and entrusted as Dhar's Inquisitor - being seen as worthy to follow through on a task, even if it earns ire and is difficult, for worthy ideals and beings that outlast regimes of leaders, Lucus agreeing to the adoption (this kid is awesome). 
    Most shameful moment: How broken and as if she were drowning she has become during several intense, emotional failings, and how this divide within herself affects her work. 
    Secret dream: Hidden beneath everything, for a time in which Varian would judge her work worthy and done, and to find peace in the Underhalls. 
    If she could make one wish..: A great Revelation, where people must look at and actually see what they are, rather than hiding from themselves, and have to reconcile it.

    Why you should hate her: She does not forget, and will tally your transgressions and hold you accountable to them, to the point of being extremely unforgiving. 
    Why you should love her: She will bend over backwards for you if you maintain her trust and work with her. She also makes a good brew, forges good equipment, and is known to sing bawdy songs.
    Why you should fear her: Cross her too much and tavern wenches will stop displaying their cleavage? I suppose this goes with love, depending on your side of the coin, but she will always strive to be the better person and set an example.
    Why she is harmless: I can't PK and she's too stuck trying to do the 'right thing' that you don't need to worry about her sneaking up on you or plotting in shadows to utilize in elections. She holds public meetings for that. Otherwise - I really just want the game to be fun for people and for those strong, archetypal entities to have a place, as I feel they make the game more dynamic. 
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Major smackdowns if you're a unicorn, especially for those who wave flags of ideals but then do not live into them. 
    If you were to describe her one sentence: A fairly agender Trollish lavabeast combination of a boozehound, Eddard Stark, Brienne of Tarth, and a Qunari. Since I haven't yet processed an IC summary. 
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    Race: Immortal
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: None have seen fit to claim Her.
    City: Associated with Duiran and Enorian; feels particular affinity for the former.
    Order: Her own.


    Hair: wild black, various styles depending on month, day, minute, mood, etc etc
    Eyes: Plum-colored. Like Iosyne's. Are Iosyne's.
    Height: Taller than you, guaranteed.
    Build: Usually lithe, wiry, muscular, whether Human, Rajamalan, or in any of Her other material guises.
    Defining Features: Purple skin, moths, shadows and nightmares following Her around, reality becoming a suggestion rather than a solid idea in Her presence.
    Clothing: Torn leggings, a torn undershirt, weaponbelt, bow.
    Tattoos: Winding, dark tattoos written in First Epoch Rajamala. They're all prayers to Her.
    Piercings: None.
    Scars: No physical; many mental.


    Strengths: Charismatic, inspirational, empathetic, manipulative, knows everyone's worst fears, reads minds like a boss.
    Weaknesses: Impulsive, short-sighted, more emotional than logical, unduly influenced by the mortal emotions nearest Her.
    Morals: Everything is relative. Force of arms, force of belief, and force of willpower trumps all.
    Pet Peeves: Being called "Dreamer".
    Best way to piss her off: You're dealing with a veritable minefield. Good luck not pissing Her off.
    Best way to get on her good side: Follow Her fully and zealously. Give Her your favorite memories. Make a dream a reality.


    Color: Purple and black.
    Profession: Sentaari.
    Profession Skill: Telepathy - Sapience, to be exact.
    General Skill: Survival - Tumble.
    Location: The Nightmare's Court.            
    God/Goddess: Haern.
    Guild Master/House Head: Galleus, of the Gods' House.
    Tattoo: Web.
    Artifact: Lupine Bow of the Hunt.
    Commodity: Wood. Morgun darkwood.
    Animal: Moth.
    Item owned: whip248431 - a tendril of nightmare.
    Village/forest/region: The Morgun wood - specifically, Her little corner of it.
    NPC: A undine of Nightmare.
    Memory: Uplifting the Rajamala and making them sentient.
    Song: "How the Dreamer Lost Her Eyes"
    Drink: Absinthe.


    Goals: Get followers, get allies, oppose Iosyne's agenda.
    Ambitions: Make the entire world dream-like, ruled and influenced by dream-logic, such that the world is formed by nothing more or less than a collective consensus of wills.
    Nemesis: Iosyne.
    Rival: Maghak.
    Best Friend: Auresae.
    Idol: Haern.
    Best personal achievement: Turning the Rajamala into a great race a long, long time ago.
    Worst personal achievement: Killing Iosyne.
    Proudest moment: See above, re: the Rajamala.
    Most shameful moment: Numerous.
    Secret dream: Hearing Varian tell Her, "I love You. You're My favorite."
    If she could make one wish..: She never would have murdered Iosyne, and Iosyne would be the way She was before.


    Why you should hate her: She'll drive you insane.
    Why you should love her: She'll drive you insane in all the best ways.
    Why you should fear her: She'll drive you insane with your own worst fears, and She knows exactly what they are.
    Why she is harmless: It's all in your head.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Anarchy.
    If you were to describe her in one sentence: She's a scared, guilty little girl that's turned fear into Her weapon.

    i am rapture coder
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    Race: Azudim
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Carnifex, Ve'kahi
    City: Spinesreach
    Order: Iosyne


    Hair: Buzzed black on the sides with a strip of crimson like a mohawk through the middle, wide chinstrap on his face
    Eyes: Light gray
    Height: Tall
    Build: Big and bulky. Wide chest, big arms, legs, and hands
    Defining Features: Dude's pretty big, crooked nose that's been broken once or three times
    Clothing: Baggy pants, a loose-fitting black shirt, and combat boots
    Tattoos: Black tattoo of crossed fists on the back of his neck
    Piercings: None.
    Scars: None


    Strengths: Honest, hard-working, devoted to what he's focused on, loyal to those that give him a reason to be
    Weaknesses: Can be impulsive, terribly blunt, has a temper
    Morals: Ends justify the means
    Pet Peeves: Accusations of shifting loyalties after remaining stable, and Ve'kahi folks that say stupid greetings
    Best way to piss him off: He's a pretty grumpy guy, it doesn't take too much
    Best way to get on his good side: Show initiative, actually have a conversation with him


    Color: Black
    Profession: Lycanthrope
    Profession Skill: Lycanthropy, particularly carrion
    General Skill: Vision - Farsight
    Location: His Haven - a fog-encircled battlefield
    God/Goddess: Iosyne
    Guild Master/House Head: Moirean, hands down
    Tattoo: The one Iosyne gave him
    Artifact: Sacrificial dagger
    Commodity: Steel
    Animal: Spider
    Item owned: mark154470"             a black-inked tattoo of a pair of crossed fists
    Village/forest/region: Iosyne's Lair
    NPC: Jarva Ruek
    Memory: Making it through the Tainting in the Carnifex
    Song: Probably a violin song of some sort
    Drink: Rum


    Goals: Do his jobs as Cardinal and Chaplain well, Sire a few folks that actually stick around, become an Order rep for Iosyne
    Ambitions: Have his name mean something to people, something to be feared by his enemies and looked up to by his allies
    Nemesis: Most of the Syndicate directors at this point
    Rival: Tough to say, doesn't really have one
    Best Friend: Moirean
    Idol: Moirean
    Best personal achievement: Being the first to undergo the Tainting ritual of the Carnifex and make it through alive
    Worst personal achievement: Getting Syssin GM only to resign after 3 IG years
    Proudest moment: Tie for his recent appointment as Chaplain of the Carnifex, or Iosyne inducting him into the Order
    Most shameful moment: Leaving and rejoining Haern's Order three times before he set sail for darkie town
    Secret dream: To learn from Moirean and one day become her successor as the Commander of the Carnifex
    If she could make one wish..: It'd be to go back and join the Carnifex, Iosyne, and Spinesreach from the very beginning and stick to it so that he didn't have such a seemingly fickle past.


    Why you should hate him: He's obnoxiously blunt and has a tendency to make rude comments sometimes
    Why you should love him: If you give him a reason to have your back, he'll have it until he's incapable of doing so
    Why you should fear him: He holds one hell of a grudge and will do whatever he can to make your life miserable if he's got a reason for doing so. 
    Why he is harmless: Mediocre fighter, hard to actually back up his attitude in terms of PK ability
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Everything would be a loooot more laid back than it is now. And Enorian probably wouldn't exist any more.
    If you were to describe him in one sentence: Rough and tough boulder of a man fueled by a mixture of Iosyne's twisted religious teachings and a desire to see whatever he's part of succeed at all costs.
    Feelings, sensations that you thought were dead. No squealin' remember, that it's all in your head.
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    Race: Azudim

    Gender: Male

    Guild/House: Sciomancers

    City: Bloodloch

    Order: Iosyne


    Hair: black

    Eyes: completely blue-green

    Height: 6'8"

    Build: Lean

    Defining Features: wings

    Clothing: artifacts, including golden pants

    Tattoos: Black tattoo of crossed fists on the back of his neck

    Piercings: None.

    Scars: None


    Strengths: Smart, strong, confident, experience

    Weaknesses: Ego

    Morals: Ends >> Means

    Pet Peeves: Loud people, disrespect to those that have earned it

    Best way to piss him off: Wasting his time with minor issues, whining, disrespect

    Best way to get on his good side: Being useful and intelligent


    Color: Sea green

    Profession: Mage

    Profession Skill: Singularity

    General Skill: Scent

    Location: Silver Spire

    God/Goddess: Old Slyphe

    Guild Master/House Head: Mazzion

    Tattoo: Tree

    Artifact: A strand of coral (custom wings)

    Commodity: Ice

    Animal: Ol'Grumpy

    Item owned:  see artifact

    Village/forest/region: Civic dome, Kelsys

    NPC: Hycanthus was fun...

    Memory: Stealing the dragon orb from the Magi

    Song: Tral doesn't know any songs...

    Drink: Whiskey/Rum


    Goals: Gain more influence within the realm and help steer it towards betterment (in his eyes)

    Ambitions:  Building up his network again that faded a bit in his absence

    Nemesis: Idiots

    Rival: Mazz maybe

    Best Friend: Mazzion, Ianus

    Idol: Doesn't really have one at this point

    Best personal achievement: Building up Slyphe's order and mindset over something like 2 centuries. Had a pretty effective order before admin came in and broke it up cause it wasn't polarized like the rest of the game.

    Worst personal achievement: Breaking things...Kelsys, Rip abyss, etc.

    Proudest moment: dragon orb heist with Ianus and Truft (though there are a lot to choose from)

    Most shameful moment: Killing a couple people that didn't deserve it for extremely minor things that he instigated

    Secret dream: Teleport back to the good old days to hang out with old friends and relive shenanigans

    If he could make one wish: Become a god/gain the ability to zap people


    Why you should hate him: If you end up on his bad side, that grudge will stick for a long time, and it's not a good place to be.

    Why you should love him: He's got a lot to tell you and is a very strange person. Also has crazy antics in certain situations.

    Why you should fear him: I'd like to think this one is obvious. Tralendar will do everything in his power to destroy you if you piss him off. Allies are only slightly less likely to die to him than his enemies are. Here's an example from a while back:


    Valkalkas's body has been torn asunder by Tralendar's collapsing singularity. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Xavin's body has been torn asunder by Tralendar's collapsing singularity. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Borscin's body has been torn asunder by Tralendar's collapsing singularity. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Borscin has exacted vengeance upon Atrapoema. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Milian's body has been torn asunder by Tralendar's collapsing singularity. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Tindra's body has been torn asunder by Tralendar's collapsing singularity. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Ace's body has been torn asunder by Tralendar's collapsing singularity. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Madri's body has been torn asunder by Tralendar's collapsing singularity. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Valkalkas's body has been torn asunder by Tralendar's collapsing singularity. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Akimoto's body has been torn asunder by Tralendar's collapsing singularity. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Clouser has exacted vengeance upon Yos. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Ace's body has been torn asunder by Tralendar's collapsing singularity. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Missari's body has been torn asunder by Tralendar's collapsing singularity. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Edhain's body has been torn asunder by Tralendar's collapsing singularity. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Ishin's body has been torn asunder by Tralendar's collapsing singularity. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Aishia's body has been torn asunder by Tralendar's collapsing singularity. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.

    Kaeus's body has been torn asunder by Tralendar's collapsing singularity. You divine the location of this death as Central Shamtota before a gorge in the Shamtota Hills.


    Why he is harmless: You have to piss him off first, relatively harmless if you can manage to not prickle his pride. Just don't stand too close to him during combat cause he isn't harmless there.

    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Shrines, praises in his name, people following his version of the best world and being brutally punished for not. 

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    Character Name: Piper Anfini

    Race: Idreth
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Cabalists
    City: Spinesreach
    Order: None

    THE LOOK (Part 1)

    Hair: Violently curly and corkscrewed and bleached a lighter blonde color with dark roots due to growing in. Think something a la Kellis .
    Eyes: Slanted, narrow, and an icy glacier-blue color
    Height: Around 5'1''
    Build: Slightly stocky, muscular but padded with a natural layer of womanly curves with thick thighs and fluff.
    Defining Features: She has large, pronounced lips and a jut to her jaw.
    Clothing: Depends on her mood. Generally and recently, she's taken to short coats, sweaters, and pants with heavy boots. Very no nonsense. She also adores overalls. She has a soft spot for glittery, sparkly brightly colored things and pretty outfits but never has a reason to wear them.
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: Multiple. Most noticable are the nose ring she has on her left nostril and the golden hoop that bisects her bottom lip.
    Scars: Several but most noticable are the five on her face that have become like dimples due to the damage done to the facial muscles. One on one side of her face and four on the other cheek. She had a bad time.

    THE LOOK (Part 2: Also known as Piper's natural form)

    Hair: Nothing worth mentioning. It molds and melts as it feels like.
    Eyes: Nothing visible outside of indents.
    Height: Around 5'1'' or shorter..or taller. Depends.
    Build: Varies.
    Defining Features: She is made of a constantly melting and reforming black, oily sludgy substance with no features remaining for longer than she has the mind to maintain them for. Glub glub glub gurgle glub.
    Clothing: None.
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None.


    Strengths: Honest, willing and excited to attempt/try new things, easy to talk to, consistant.
    Weaknesses: Pro-Republican. She is in love with the concept of the Republic even though the people don't always match the image. Even saying that, SHE doesn't fit in well. Easily talked into accomplishing mischief. Gullible. Wears her emotions openly.
    Attitude: Full of herself with an inflated ego. Relatively easy-going 'It's aaaaall goooood' mentality. If you say it's not all good or going according to what she wants, she'll nag, chew out, and make up new innuendos in your honor.
    Morals: What morals? Don't be an idiot. Don't be a hypocrite. Don't be a laughingstock unless you're TRYING to be one.. above all else,just be yourself. The rest of the cards'll unfold where they will.
    Pet Peeves: Stupidity. Being bored.
    Best way to piss me off: Just about everything. It depends on her mood. Mostly, just don't be boring.
    Best way to get on my good side: Entertain her. Don't reuse jokes. Do something new or give her a good pranking idea.


    Color: Red. Bright, bright red.
    Profession: Syssin
    Profession Skill: Syssin - Illusions
    General Skill: Farsight.
    Location: Her house in Stormcaller's Crag. Other then that, any place in Stormcaller's Crag.
    God/Goddess: Maghak
    Guild Master/HouseHead (all time): Lin
    Tattoo: Tree
    Artifact (don't have to own): Magic Eightball. Only one she owns and only one she sometimes allows to make decisions for her.
    Commodity: Wood. Whittling, baby!
    Animal: Puppies. Piper wants a house full of dogs.
    Item owned: A letter from Anfini. It smells like lab chemicals, scotch, and ABANDONMENT.
    Village/forest/region: Stormcaller's Crag.
    NPC: Fred in Moirean's Office.
    Memory: Anfini being trapped in the prison in Spinesreach for several months on end and Piper entertaining him with illusions of the outside world so he wouldn't feel so stir crazy. She just sat in her chair, lost herself in her art, allowed him the chance to sit in a field and feel the sun and wind. Sometimes he chased a puppy. Which she soon adopted a lookalike of. If it wasn't that, than it was of her learning to morph back into her old shape. No one loves a sludge-y person.
    Song: Ferrik's piano playing. She's never heard it but she just KNOWS that she'd love it!
    Drink: Vodka and a good stout.


    Goals: To keep herself entertained... without upsetting -too- many people.
    Amibitions: Really, she's fairly simple-minded as far as that goes. Same as above.
    Nemesis: None.
    Rival: Used to be Angwe. Now it is still sorta Angwe but she views him as kinda a different sort of Angwe with less interaction and more bluster.
    Best Friend: Kelliara and Anfini, the devils on her shoulder.
    Best personal achievement: Filling the Government spire with toy balls and getting more than just her city involved. I swear, every time I so much as HEAR about where those things ended up.
    Worst personal achievement: Getting enemied to Eno- oh wait, no. That was pretty much worth it. Piper feels terrible about.. well, once she stepped on a grub and it ruined her shoe. That was awful.
    Proudest moment: Seeing her prank of filling the Government tower of Spinesreach come to fruition (with help, obviously) and getting to witness it. On the spur of the moment. Then watching it explode into a near world event. Yay! Not bored now!
    Most shameful moment: PIPER FEELS NO SHAME! ...she felt a bit bad getting enemied to Enorian but understood that she deserved it.
    Secret dream: Nothing past the present, really. It changes and shifts as the present does. Sometimes she dreams about world domination and other times she dreams about being the Fool of the world.
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    Character Name: Veovis

    Race: Human Vampire
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Bloodborn
    City: Bloodloch
    Order: None


    Hair: Dark, unruly
    Eyes: Undescribed
    Height: Somehwere between 5' and 6'
    Build: Lean
    Defining Features: waxen pallor
    Clothing: Black, dark purples, carmine, scarlet, sanguine
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None.


    Strengths: Determined, self-assured, strong vison and sense of purpose
    Weaknesses: arrogant, egotistical, his way or the highway, self-centered
    Attitude: Arrogant, self-assured, confident that his vision for vampirism is the correct one, narcissistic
    Morals: He read about them in a book once.
    Pet Peeves: Dullards
    Best way to piss him off: Kowtow to vampire houses, call Rebirth "Embracement" (if you're Reborn), exist if you're from Enorian, using the words "Embracement" or "anyways."
    Best way to get on his good side: flattery, understanding that Rebirth is different from "Embracement", get rid of Abhorash for him


    Color: Purple
    Profession: Bloodborn
    Profession Skill: Corpus - Feed
    General Skill: Overkill
    Location: Djeir
    God/Goddess: None. Admires Chakrasul and Iosyne (spiders, woo)
    House Head (all time): Zahmekoses (Zahmekoses pretty much let Veovis eat whoever he wanted and kept him involved in intrigue and circles of power). 
    Tattoo: Book
    Artifact (don't have to own): amulet (protection/+hand to hand)
    Commodity: Cloth
    Animal: They're not very tasty
    Item owned: custom scythe (gone) and long-gone artifact armor (need to get a rune for the scythe)
    Village/forest/region: Djeir
    NPC: Lucisa
    Memory: Being Embraced (the first time) in Shallam.
    Song: None.
    Drink: He detests mortal comestibles


    Goals: to see the Reborn reach their full potential
    Amibitions: to satisfy his hunger
    Nemesis: Present: none Past: Daskalos/Sahmie/Ayalaine
    Rival: Present: Abhorash, who he looks upon as an absent father figure. Past: Thrasius who, fairly or not, he blames for a lot of the stagnancy that plagued vampires.

    Best Friend: None (formerly his childe Povox who understood his hunger and enjoyed eating mortals with him)
    Idol: Belladonna before her cure.  He used to have a shrine to her in the old Nebre'seir spire.
    Best personal achievement: Establishing the Bloodborn's quasi-religious mystical flavor
    Worst personal achievement: Becoming an Overlord during Kauller the Betrayer's reign.
    Proudest moment: Becoming Sanguine Caliph
    Most shameful moment: Not standing up to Thrasius when Thrasius contested for Caliph.
    Secret dream: to feed on the blood of a divinity
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    Character Name: Aishia!

    Race: Some kind of foul Harpy
    Gender: A LADY
    Guild/House: Shamanesque
    City: Duiran
    Order: Some say she worships naught but the starry sky!


    Hair: FIERY RED, intractable curls.
    Eyes: They blue.
    Height: Five five.
    Build: plump and booby
    Defining Features: freckles, sunburn, big crazy wings, BUXOMNESS
    Clothing: something forestsy, whatever she hates the least.
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: huge burned hand-print scar on her chest


    Strengths: Strength of will. High vitamin intake. DEEP BOND WITH NATURE.
    Weaknesses: Fickle nature, abandonment issues, prone to emotional instability.
    Attitude: Shifting like a leaf on the wind. MANIC, sulky, VIOLENT, raving, CHILDISH.
    Morals: Kind-hearted, but rather vicious and occasionally amoral, with occasional bouts of conviction.
    Pet Peeves: Being bothered when she is does not feel like being bothered. Cooked food.
    Best way to piss me off: Uhhh, you know, general frontin'.
    Best way to get on my good side: fruit and shiny things and nice words


    Color: green!RED!ORANGE?Yellow! wait no not yellow... BROWN... NO red.
    Profession: Some kind of witch.
    Profession Skill: Some would say SLAM. But OMEN!
    General Skill: scent
    Location: The sky!
    God/Goddess: Sometimes Auresae, sometimes whatever shrine she happens to be standing closest to, or whatever name pops into her head to BESEECH FOR MIGHTY POWER.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): ... I don't know. Arbre at her most Arbrefulness.
    Tattoo: Bell?!
    Artifact: Yes
    Commodity: Fruit!
    Animal: In my belly.
    Item owned: pretty comb
    Village/forest/region: Aalen
    NPC: Phillip Tallow HES SO STUPID.
    Memory: having a huge chunk of FLAMING CRYSTAL shoved into her empty heart hole.
    Song: The spirits singing in her head!
    Drink: Milk.


    Goals: I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.
    Amibitions: Happy relationships, murderous rampages.
    Nemesis: You. The person reading this.
    Rival: Orisae. But she's really not much competition.
    Best Friend: Probably Valingar. WAIT IS THAT IT? IM SO LONELY.

    Idol: ???
    Best personal achievement: I probably did something cool, but I don't know.
    Worst personal achievement: I'm sure I screwed some stuff up pretty bad too.
    Proudest moment: Pride comes before the faalllaaaaaaaahhh.
    Most shameful moment: I don't know anymore.
    Secret dream: I'm not telling you THAT.
  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie BraavosMember Posts: 2,094 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Aishia said:
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): ... I don't know. Arbre at her most Arbrefulness.
    That kinda makes me feel awesome.
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