Target aff tracking script for any Mudlet system (incl Mudlet for Fortress)

I have a target aff tracking script for Mudlet, which I used on my old system. The framework for this was created by Ramiel/Ixban (we collaborated on a system together, mid 2000s). I later finished it/expanded it and it got pretty good.

It is way out of date now, but I intend to resurrect it for Fortress users (or, for that matter, anyone that wishes it as it will operate completely within Mudlet).

Once I've gone through it, relearned how it works and probably modified it a bit so that the coding is up to my current day standards (I am better at lua these days), I'll release it.

It will be up to other people to use it and help make it work with current day Aetolia though.

Before I bother with all that, is there much interest in using it, and in particular, helping to make it work well? I don't have much time to play Aetolia as it is, and even less when I am working on coding projects. I'm not interested in going to the effort if no one uses it, and if no one helps by using it and reporting faults/logs (or better yet, actively fixing it and sharing the fixes), then it will never be finished and will be a waste of everyone's time - most importantly (hehe) mine.


  • I'd be happy to use it and to help with finishing it up, if it's still in the works.
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    I'm all for helping revive it if you would like some help. Been steadily learning more and more code of late, and this would definitely help those who are trying to break out into mudlet systems at the very least. Let me know!
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  • Sorry, life (baby) happened and Aetolia is over for me for a while.

    This script was more put of date than I thought, but in a few weeks when I start a new job (again) I should be able to put it into a package to share so someone else can finish it.

    For now I have no time at all. Sorry!
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    Congrats on the baby! @Irruel
    Indoran'i is back baby. It's go-... Oh.

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