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I'm not seeing a thread for this so I'm making one.

I read that domination is going to be axed Soon, so here's my idea for a replacement for Indorani.

Room modifiers seem to be something that Aetolians are OK with, so the concept here is that the Indorani creates a "web of despair" over their room and all adjacent rooms. The way webs are is, they're hard to see, you have your parts that are the webbing and then you have your hexagonal open parts.

So when the Indorani spins their web, some of the rooms are "open" rooms and some are "filled" rooms. Whether the Indorani is in an open or filled room determines what kinds of skills they can use. The opponent can only tell if they're in an open or filled room based upon what actions the Indorani takes, or maybe a skill that costs balance. There would always be a roughly 50/50 open to filled rooms ratio.

Now realistically speaking, I think the class would still need some passives and this would probably manifest as minions. The Indorani can kill players or mobs and wrap them up in a cocoon of despair webbing, then when they release them later, they serve as their minions.

Movement would have a big impact on the class, if an enemy moves through the webbed area they have to writhe and it would be possible to climb up (like trees) in any webbed area, though this would entangle enemies too.

Finally, there's a fair amount of rite and vibe killing in the game so it might be about time to reverse that trend and make an illumination skill that can burn webbing in a room away.
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