Master wanted

So when I first brought Knick back, like 2-3 years ago, I made up this cool story (or so I thought) where he died in some fight, then was reanimated as an undead by someone (I think it was Acino) who would then be his master.

I don't quite remember what happened, I think Acino quit which didn't help and I went back to Basso.

If I'm going to play again, I think that was a cool theme. Note that by "master" I don't mean anything too weird here, Knick is analogous to a barely tamed dog that has bitten a lot of people, but I would like to team up with someone who will try to come up with things to do with me. I like to create minor roleplay events that generally lead to trying to PK someone.

If anyone from Bloodloch (has to be there for various reasons) would be interested in doing this then drop me a line :)
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