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As some of you may know I'm returning after a long time away. I don't have a lot of free time due to work and family commitments so I'm looking for someone to help me get a decent system up and running.. and by 'help' I mean 'basically do it for me'.

I'm not out to be the best PvPer, I just want something that will let me get by for the most part and that I can add to and expand as I gradually learn myself. I'm not sure which client I'm going to use yet so I guess it depends on the system that's being offered which one I choose, I'm guessing wither cMUD or Mudlet.

In a perfect world I'd like:

A complete / nearly complete combat and curing system. I'm currently a Templar. Like I said it doesn't have to be world beating, but basically complete.
Someone to help me adjust it to the specifics of my character (and put up with stupid questions).
Help testing the system.

Basically I don't just want the system but some support with it as well.

I will pay a reasonable price in credits, gold or even good old fashioned cash (through paypal) but it all depends on what's being offered.

Thanks for reading!


  • PrirusPrirus Member Posts: 7
    Nobody? :(
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    These are all curing systems, folk don't typically post their offenses for PK on forums for download. In the meanwhile, you can use FirstAid (HELP FIRSTAID in game) for basic curing while hunting.

    Duckie for CMUD by Daskalos:
    Entropy for Mudlet by Elyni: (uncertain if living-friendly)
    Serenity for Mudlet by Ashmer and company:
    (same uncertainty as the other one, mudlet makes me WEEP)
    Lilith for MUSHclient by Haven:
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    Thanks for the advice and links - very useful! I also didn't realise there was a first aid system in place these days.

    It's understandable people don't like giving their systems away, the amount of effort it must take to get good in mind-boggling :D
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    Entropy is pretty good. I used it for a week recently to see what it was like and I recommend it. It is living friendly.

    If you're going to make your own... I recommend looking at:

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    I'm making a system to speed up the process of making a system. How does this look to you guys? It echoes the script to paste in after I read the affliction message, this way I don't have to type it out each time as I build my sub-table.
    Affliction: Ablaze.
    Diagnose: ablaze.
    Cure message: The raging fire about your skin goes out.
    Body part: Torso.

    Periodically will cause you to take fire damage, increasing in damage up to a
    maximum of six times if it isn't cured.

    Herb: Nothing. Slice: Nothing.nil
    Salve: Mending. Poultice: Orbis."orbis"
    Smoked: Nothing. Tincture: Nothing.nil
    Special: Nothing.nil

    ablaze = { order = { 1 }, slice = nil, pol = "orbis", stick = nil },
    Just to clarify, I mean the bolded part is of interest here.
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    @Prirus - Serenity is living friendly. I use it myself and can vouch for it.
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    Yeah, Serenity is completely set up for living-specific cures.

    There are, as of now, several unsupported classes for the defense scripting, but that's the next item on my list of things to code, and I'm anticipating the full build out being complete by the end of next week, if not sooner. It depends on how much specialized handling a handful of the classes need/want. I'm a sucker for specialized handling.

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