Mapper issue

Alright so I recently installed Serenity which has a built-in mapper in it. After much trouble shooting (deleting the mapper directory files, restarting again and again. Okay so not much troubleshooting but crossing fingers and hoping) I can't seem to get it fixed.


So as you can see:
The consoled mapper shows exits N, NE, SW, W
The IG mapper shows exits N,NE, SW,IN (which matches up to the display using the  map command)

And pretty much the rooms are all higgle-piggle and there are random terrain patches within the city. When I walk around the map follows smoothly, not jumping around which would usually signify it being confused.

Please help?



  • ElyniElyni New Zealand
    Not really a mapper so much as a mapping issue... Can't really fix that without going through and changing all the 'faulty' room locations yourself. (This can be achieved by locating the mapping portion on the mudlet wiki, to look for all the commands to do so)... People just failed mapping areas properly when it was made, so it overlaps where rooms are located. (Generally houses and such, or under ground/above ground areas.)
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