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I'm sort of considering coming back, but I've hit a huge stumbling block in that my entire offensive system was lost with a computer meltdown.

I've got Fortress already, so I'm set for curing. I also have a cmud system, but I can't find my bloody cmud key. I may buy a new one at some stage, but I've never actually liked cmud that much...

So, can anyone tell me what free systems are available these days that have aff tracking (hopefully including some limb damage tracking foundations) built in?  I'm basically looking for something to rip out and use for offense, while Fortress handles defense.

I've looked around, but can't really find much, except Entropy, which doesn't seem to have anything to do with limb damage

Thanks in advance!


  • I'll send you my aff tracker script for mudlet if you're interested. Needs a bit of updating as I haven't use it for a while now, but it's a nice framework.
  • That'd be perfect @irruel - thanks!
  • AshmerAshmer Barefoot Adventurer Life

    Uh, not trying to toot my own horn, but Serenity has a full target affliction tracker built in to the base system. I intentionally coded it so people can build offenses onto it, if they want.

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  • It sounds great @ashmer. At this point I'm looking for something free that I can use as a rough foundation for rebuilding an offense (or to tide me over until I decide if I want to bother with cmud again). I've got Fortress (Citadel) for the curing side of things.
  • @Macian speak to Dato he uses that too and has a mudlet citadel system ... Offense etc basically everything but curing
    Mudlet Bashing System for sale. Message if interested
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