2000+ ping

I'm a new player who play from Europe. From what I've seen so far Aetolia feels great. I really want to get stuck in start to play this game for real.

I am however stuck with massive latency and every time I move the latency moves from 150 (standard latency) to over 2000. Making it impossible to actually play.

Is this something temporary or is it my location? I'm on a 100/100 mbit connection so it shouldn't be the problem. 


  • Ugh, that's a horrid ping. I'm in Europe too and my ping is a static 150 or so. I don't think I've ever seen a 2000 one to aetolia.

  • The game itself feels like it has been lagging in weird bursts, lately. A few others I've spoken with have had a similar issue - I'm in America, so it's not just a factor of 'from a different country'.

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  • Where in Europe are you?  As I know a few people in Europe and never seen that sort of ping :/ 

    Or, What client are you using?
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  • So probably not my geographical location then. I'm situated in Sweden but play many online games including ESO without problem.

    I use the HTML5 client but tried the flash one without success. Still same lag. I also experience trouble visiting this website now, I have to refresh 4-5 to be able to reach the forums.

    Feels strange since I played Achaea before without problems.
  • RiluoRiluo The Doctor
    That is high and I am situated in Australia, the land of ultra high latency (450-500) average.

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  • windows key
    cmd + enter
    tracert aetolia.com

    I forget the syntax for the apple equivalent.
  • It makes 21 hops. It did over 30 last time I checked with old ISP.

    But I cancelled my current ISP yesterday and took a new one and it seems to be doing slightly better. My old one probably took some weird paths. Haven't had pings over 400 since I activated my new ISP.
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