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I felt like there was this on-going trend in art commission discussion titles, so I followed suit. 

Right. That means I'm re-opening my art commissions thread. I keep putting this off, even though I've been wanting to do it for some time, with the excuse 'I'll do it after x is over with'. So since there never seems to be a good time, then it doesn't matter when I do it! That being said, I have a very busy schedule (Full time college student, working, ectr) so at times I may be slow and others I may not be, so I appreciate your patience!

Before I went by a slot system where I'd open about 4-5 slots at a time to fill. I find no point in doing this now, so anyone interested may contact me and I'll just add you to a list. Note that the order of names I put down isn't the order I might work in.

                                              About My Style:
My style of art is exactly as shown below, but, if I were to describe it, I'd say it's a dance between rough and painterly and smooth, blended pieces. I try to aim for a nice balance of semi-realism with an obvious 'manga-like' foundation. Can't help my roots, man. I blame Inuyasha for getting my started.

                                      What I'm offfferrrrinng & prices:

I am liable to change up what I'm offering from time to time, so nothing here is an 'all day, every day' thing. 

I'm not very interested in credits and need them a whole lot less than real money, so I'll only be offering one or two things (if any, depending on what I feel I can handle and based on the effort/time input v. reward) and the credit prices will be fairly high considering that, as I'd much rather prefer you to pay me in money I can use to feed myself with! Cash transactions go through my paypal *USD currency only*, which I'll give you once your work is finished since every payment should be upon delivery. Please do NOT send me any money/credits before your piece is finished! Thank you.

Credit Offers:

Rough Character Lineart Sketch Waist-up: 35 credits/10$ 


Quick-Color Waist-up Sketch: 45 credits/14$ - All colored sketches will have transparent backgrounds (like below)

Cash-Only Offers: All come with transparent backgrounds.

 Character - Rough Painted (This is what my draft painting looks like before I go all-out in most cases):  25$

Character: Smooth, Detail-Painted (This is what my finished paintings comes out as): 35$

---Extra Stuff: Please read---

Extra Characters:
I will do multiple characters. The more characters, the longer your wait time is, and the higher your price. You'd need to double the price for every additional character. My limit is 5 in one picture.

Sparkly Details/Additions: 
Things like lots of Armour, Pets, lots of tattoos or very big, intricate ones, and anything that falls in line with 'requires lots of tedious extra detailing' is going to increase the price, as it increases the amount of time I have to spend working on it by a significant margin. It'd be an extra 5$, please include notes or questions about it in your PM so I can confirm the asking price.

Special Scenes: 
I really love drawing and painting RP scenes from my own experiences and have no trouble doing so as a cash-only offer. Given that the project itself would be very big, very time consuming, and may include multiple people + background + sparkly details + action/fighting/whatever else it may be, the price itself would have to be negotiated with me in a PM after the details, setting, arrangement is all brought to the table. But at this current time I will not be able to accept any until after the school semester is over (Like the first week in.. May? I don't keep up with this stuff, I just go.). I'll update when it is. 

Any questions about what isn't covered here, just send me a PM and I'll be happy to answer!

                                        What I need from You!:
A PM with a pastebin link that includes: 
- Your character's description
- Your character's clothes/accessories/whatever they're wearing + their descriptions
- Preferred pose (if you provide a reference picture it really helps), and a bit about their personality
- Extra stuff/requests/questions
- What you want

       I will be closing commissions for a while after this current list is complete.
       If you would like to ensure that you get on this list, you have until the end of
       December before I stop taking commissions. Once the end of December passes,
       I will continue to work through this list until all commissions are finished.

                   -I am not currently accepting more commission requests-

                         THE LIST
1. Kaleigh - Chechkechkechk! CHECK!
2. Aryanne - DONENENEN
3. Emelle - WHEE CHECKA
4. Rashar - CHECKABOOM
5. Rashar & Roux - BOOM BOOM POW
7. Eleanor- PEWPEWPEW
10. Xenia - KERZOOF
11. Moirean - SIZZLE
12. Valingar & Aishia - BLANGCLANG

13. Faerah 
14. Rivas
15. Aarbrok 
16. Elwyn
17. Gwenith
18. Kiyotan
19. Reserved - T
20. Erzsebet
21. Rashar
22. Daegon
23. Benedicto


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    *Not featured painting offered for rough sketch. 

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Ahhhhh You're amazing woman! <33333 
  • ArekaAreka Drifting in a sea of wenches' bosoms
    Your art just gets better and better, Nola. I am really impressed. 
  • Thank you Areka!

    Glad you like it Kale! :D
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    IS RASHAR! Being all melancholy-like (is that a thing for Rashars?)
  • AshmerAshmer Barefoot Adventurer Life
    Rashar just don't give a unicorns. He just does what he wants.

    the way she tells me I'm hers and she is mine

    open hand or closed fist would be fine

    blood as rare and sweet as cherry wine

  • So sweet. I think I have a new addiction, man. Cryptic chests, you are so last week.

    @ashmer is pretty much right.

    @Nola is the man. Sort of.
  • Woo-maaaannn!
  • EleanorEleanor FOR SCIENCE
    So you mentioned that you broke your tablet pen- are you still taking requests, or are things on hold for now?

  • Things are all okay, still taking requests! I managed to get it working again, and ever since, for some reason, it hasn't been giving me as much trouble. I'm considering ordering a new one, all the same, but finals is this week anyway, so things are going to be slow. 
  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    These are Amazing and when I find myself with spare credits, I will Contact you.. :)
  • AshmerAshmer Barefoot Adventurer Life
    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @Emelle

    the way she tells me I'm hers and she is mine

    open hand or closed fist would be fine

    blood as rare and sweet as cherry wine

  • IshinIshin Retired Lurker Virginia
    I second Ashmer's opinion @Emelle. Aroooo lol
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    I remember, involve me and I
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  • Did she rip somebody's liver out?!

    Nicest. Badass. Ever!
  • : D OMG, so awesome!! The scuffs and marks look so great, and the hair! And the roses! Just so awesome, thank you! Her fingers aren't blackened, but I forget they're supposed to be half the time, too >.>

    And - ROFL @rashar XD She is lofting a rock, testing it's weight to start another round of the Rock Game!

  • HavenHaven World Burner Flight School
    Amazing. You rock, Nola!
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  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    These are really gorgeous, Nola. Your art has gotten so good.
  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee
    Yeah I find myself oogling the picture you did of Aish a year or two ago and wondering if I need MORE ART. As per my forum profile pic.
  • I ask - truly, when is there not a time when we need more art?

    Big thanks to everyone!
  • So I've been really busy with work - unfortunately that isn't going to change much for another two weeks or so, but that means that if anyone has any updates or changes they want to send me who've already pm'd me with their requests, now's a good time!

  • Your work is gorgeous Nola. Holy crap.

  • Still eagerly waiting for my next picture. SO. EAGERLY.
  • EleanorEleanor FOR SCIENCE

    That is a hell of a thing to wake up to. I'm going to probably come back and edit with delighted and enthusiastic superlatives and profanity (or you can just imagine a high-volume australian rant done after 8am), but aaaaaughgghfghgng right now all I have is facerolling the keyboard let me log in and shower you with credits holy damn THANK YOU EEEEEE.

  • AarbrokAarbrok Breaking things...For Science San Diego, CA
    I sent a message if you were still doing commissions but I'm on my phone so I'm not sure if you are or not. I'm really excited if you are just let me know @Nola
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    For anyone interested, and to answer @Aarbrok - yes, I still am. Though, I hope you are adapted to patience! There is a good wait for anyone who wants to join in. I'll get to everyone in time, all the same, and I'm excited by any to come!
  • AarbrokAarbrok Breaking things...For Science San Diego, CA
    Yay, wonderful, thank you Nola!
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