Dev; What is going on with the official client today?

Weird things are happining settings is all messed up

client window:

settings window:


  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    From Imperian news:

    Date: 4/2/2014 at 15:33
    From: Garryn
    To  : Everyone
    Subj: Browser client update

    Our browser-based game client, located at, has just seen another update. The login screen and the creation screen have both been significantly improved in an effort to bring the creation process closer to modern standards.

    As always, if you experience issues with the browser client, please use the feedback form to submit a report, and we'll investigate it.



    I suspect it's related to that.
  • Sounds like it; but i checked imperian client its also broke, its like they edited the .index html and added a 0 there by mistake; the settings doesnt work at all. It still loads my reflexes, but the UI is completly broke under settings
  • RazmaelRazmael Administrator, Immortal
    Yeah our client was recently updated to a new version. This is a known problem, and it'll be fixed ASAP.
  • its fixed
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