Dear Diary

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Dear Diary, 

Today was a good day, hunted and got to level 79, wandered around and learned a little about Blood Rituals, and then got a mobpos on Tratmo. ((Thank you whoever did that, call me sometime, we can have babies!)) It was really fun, Tratmo raged at me once, so I came and brought Tratty a bunch of corpses, Tratty seemed to get over it and met with Merelii, Pypo, and I again, this time Tratty raged at us for having an undead person there. Undead can't change, undead is bad. Then Tratty started to irrationally yell across the land, DESTRUUUUCTION DESTRUUUCTION, and then an angry wild @Maghak appeared. Did I mention He was all angry? Yeah, He was like "Oh hell no, no no Lanu Du here, psh this fetish has gone on too long!" And he was all like *god smite Tratmo* meanwhile standing at the city gates, I am mourning the lose of the Sage. So tomorrow I will gather up a bunch of bodies and drop them all at Tratmo, and maybe a few slaves too to butter Tratty up again. Tsk, tsk Tratmo, that's what you get for yelling. 

#Twerk Team Lanu Du. 


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    Oh I guess I didn't explain that too well. Maghak came and smote Tratmo because she was shouting about the end of the world, and he called baby daddy Lanu a fetish. Tratmo was doing like that end of the world yelling too, where you see those people in rl standing on the street going "the end is now prepare your soul!" Type of yelling, and no one knew what Tratmo was yelling about, because everyone was like "Lanu who?" 
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    I give up!
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    Even this forum requires threads to have a purpose.
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