Earthshaker/SoulReaper for Mudlet

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Seeing as I cannot see how to actually upload it, I will post it from my dropbox.

This system is a free base system to learn from or build off of. There are many things from basic aliases up to complex functions. Modify or break it down to your hearts content, also, if anyone wishes to show what they have done over the years this has been here, please do, I would love to see what this has grown into.

Shoutout to Kaeus for collaborating on the original version (he did the most work I just made it look good and did the technical support)

IN ORDER TO USE THIS SYSTEM you will need to download the latest version of Mudlet

Earthshaker (need to find someone with the original version)

EDIT: Link updated to be a .rar file which can be unzipped with any zipping programs such as WinZip or WinRar


First of all, setup!

Ensure you have Enable GMCP enabled in the Settings of Mudlet and restart so it takes effect. The system should warn you if its not turned on.

Next up: Settings!

To view the settings you simply type 'setting'. The syntax for further settings is in the output, but let me know if you find it confusing.

Bashing Setup
I've tried to setup bashing attacks already for all classes. The attack definitions are found in Scripts => Ksys => Bashing => Class Definitions. If you have any questions about them ask, but essentially the bashing checks for eq/bal and other normal conditions to bash, and those you can put any further conditions. GMCP should detect your class automatically so it should pickup your correct attack.

The way my autobasher works is essentially when it sends an attack it sets a variable, ksys.flags.bashed = true. To have it bash again, you have to trigger your attack to set ksys.flags.bashed = false so that it will attempt to bash again.Basically and example of my attack is in Triggers => Ksys => Bashing => Class Attacks. I'll try to get every classes' bashing attack and add triggers for the next version, but this is how you would fix it now if you change the attack or I did your class' attack wrong.

Bashing can be initiated by typing 'f' or hitting numpad 0.

So, plenty of systems have things run off prompt for curing and the like, and mine isn't too different except in the way it does it. I've made a nifty thing I call "Hooks" that are essentially functions ran in a defined order after each prompt. I categorize hooks into Display and Action, which get executed in that order.

Hooks will let you define how the functions get ran after the prompt, and what functions are stopped by being paused (basically, Display runs regardless and Action functions run if unpaused). You can view the hooks by simply typing "hooks", and you can also see the setup for them in Scripts => Ksys => System => Prompt Hooks. Essentially, I define the functions in the Display/Actions folders, define the order in the "Hooks Ordering" script, and the Functions folder handles the functions to run/display them. The uses for this are basically any sort of auto-acting based on conditions, and my example is my auto-impale hook.

In-System Documentation

I suggest you type "system" to see this, as it has what (little) documentation I've done. This is still ongoing, but it show the status of toggleable modules, and what documentation you can get.

and more information located here
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  • SaryniSaryni Member Posts: 11
    How do you load it into mudlet from dropbox ??
  • SiliahSiliah Member Posts: 4
    I'm with Saryni... I looked at this several times. Don't understand :(
  • EyolfEyolf Member Posts: 4
    Look at your toolbar, find the brown box looking thing. Click it. Click Install. Find the file you installed from the dropbox. Then it should be installed.
  • LiancaLianca Member Posts: 110 ✭✭✭
    I can't even get it to download. It keeps taking me to a webpage with ALL the source code. I would copy & paste but I think that might mess it up.
  • EyolfEyolf Member Posts: 4
    Right click. Save link as..
  • FeirenzFeirenz Member Posts: 28 ✭✭✭
    Anyone know how I can make that giant chat box stop cutting off the things I'm actively looking at?

  • AkimotoAkimoto Member Posts: 33 ✭✭
    setting chatwidth # then you will need to restart mudlet to get it to set... I would suggest 500

  • MangorMangor Member Posts: 1
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  • IstariIstari Member Posts: 2
    Akimoto, I got it all installed just fine, but I keep either getting GMCP messages saying it's not enabled, even if it is, and apparently it will try to Mindseye over earring of allsight, and won't replace certain cures with anything alternate. Can you help with this? I'm fairly new to coding and such, and I'm a noob Bloodborn. Thanks!
  • CalipsoCalipso Member Posts: 615 ✭✭✭
    this is all so awesome ^.^
  • AkimotoAkimoto Member Posts: 33 ✭✭
  • AisAis Member Posts: 1
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    Does anyone have the Earthshaker version of this?

    Edit: Disregard this!
  • NatasyaNatasya Member Posts: 18
    edited April 2013
    Going to download it and try it.. Is it still valid to use currently? Or would there be some things I need to look into/alter for updating?

    Edit: I don't know quite enough about this game yet, but since Teradrim class changes etc there's a lot updating that seems to be needed and other configurations which I don't have the coding skills required to mess about with. LOOKS good though (Save for not respecting mudlet mapper) :D Thnx!
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  • BelanthusBelanthus Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for uploading this. I've been using this as my system for a while now and it is really, really solid. I've basically heavily modified it for use with Templar and have made some modules for it that allow for things like impaling (identical to your Teradrim Impale example) or razing defences. I've tried to keep the triggers up to date and I noticed there were a couple of places where the system was throwing an error, which I've also fixed. Again, thanks, this is a great system!
  • BelanthusBelanthus Member Posts: 3
    Also, the "Defences" UI box seems to be underneath the Enemy afflictions tracker UI, so what I did was move the Etrack box down somewhat. I personally like having it a bit lower. I hid my button bar since I don't use a mouse all that often when playing. Let's see.. I haven't tested the auto-parrying yet, but I'm sure I'll get around to tweaking that too
  • KaeusKaeus Member Posts: 209 ✭✭✭
    Glad to see people still using it and are actually learning to modify it! I've been considering releasing my newer incarnation of this (completely redone curing, better use of affliction_view, awesome UI) but it would likely be for a small fee.
  • BelanthusBelanthus Member Posts: 3
    I would definitely pay for something like that, especially after trying Soul Reaper. How much would you want for it?
  • EulalieEulalie Member Posts: 14
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    I have a question about Soul Reaper!  It seems like the basher stops trying to attack if I get hit with stun.  It cures it fine, and it keeps curing after stun, but it doesn't try to attack anymore until I hit numpad 0 again.  Am I doing something to break it?

    EDIT: I think I fixed it all by myself!  I had config firstaid auto-stand on, and I think it messed things up.  Nevermind!
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  • MacavityMacavity Chicago, IlMember Posts: 882 ✭✭✭
    no you are not.  The system is designed to stop bashing if you are stunned giving you or the system time to cure it and decide if you need to run from getting hit too much or continue bashing
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    7 . Demion: "How do I get rid of this chat window in SR? I deactivated the 
    script but it is still here..."

    Please to be putting an FAQ for this kind of stuff. It's annoying when half of the questions we get in Kelsys are about these systems and hardly any of us know how to debug. :(
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    yeah I am not sure that will ever happen, if you see something like this send them to me.  Or you can post on KLL to get a hold of me. 
    “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
    Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” 
    ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

    Veritas says, "Sorry for breaking your system Macavity."
    Veritas says, "My boss fights crash Macavity's computer now."
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    The system has not been updated in quite some time (over a year or so). If anything it is probably better used as a reference rather than a full system.
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