Extraction, Refining and Ylem suggestions

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Ylem in its current state isnt affording much flexibility to the avenues one can take with it. It feels almost 'forced' and flavorless. My suggestions below will encompass changes to the Refining skillset and Extraction.

- Ylem Extraction:

As it currently stands, one simply finds a minor and automatically 'funnels' the power from it to his/her pylon. Additionally, Eld may appear which they can harvest for added automatic power. The automation of this feels fake and doesnt give much flexibility. My suggestions are:

  • Change Ylem Extraction to a more 'mining' concept, in the regard that one collects ylem shards from the minor/lesser. This would then open up avenues of: Ylem trade/market, Ylem shard depositing (thus actually making use of the command) and Ylem sharing.
  • This would also open up the avenue for generally non-aggressive players/orgs to seek different routes to 'collect' (in this case purchase) supplies of ylem for their city. Ylem would become a true to life market.
  • Once one is done extracting (and thus collecting shards) they would deposit it to their city's pylon (Not all if they choose). This would also solve the problem with people having to bug and official for a shard to use in their enchanting/venom/concoctions/reanimation/bombcrafting.
  • Eld slaying would remain the same in it's passive suppling.


  • Move Extraction and Detection into the Refining skillset, placed at roughly capable or less. Additionally move Leylines up the list in vision. New players shouldnt have to spend their lessons on skills other than their guild skills, just to wish to contribute to the ylem hauling.
  • Add a new ability of Mining to the Refining skillset. This ability will allow players to harvest ylem shards in the Iernian fracture. This would be a generally long process that doesnt yield large amounts as would a minor or lesser, but is something on the side people could try to partake in if they feel like contributing (Of course the Open PK status would remain).
  • Change the Iernian detection artifact to simply state that -someone- has entered the fracture, rather than specifying whom. This would release some of the choke-hold placed on it and allow others that would wish to 'mine' the chance to sneak in without getting specifically targetted.


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    And further ideas I get i'll toss up here, suggestions  and critique are welcome.
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    Can a mod merge this with the other thread already created to keep the discussion in one place?



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    Moirean said:
    Haern's post was about an area devoted to -quests- for ylem rewards, not mining as I had stated. My idea is about introducing a market via minor and lesser harvesting. Rather large difference.
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    Daskalos said:
    Can a mod merge this with the other thread already created to keep the discussion in one place?
    Similar ideas, but much different in their makeup. While the other idea was about reserves and ylem, mine is about changing the system. I first considered posting it in the other thread but saw it was different in its criteria and needed its own.

     Besides it isnt like the ideas forum has such a large influx of threads.
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