Any javascript people here? What happends if you extend the official client alot?

AsesinoAsesino Member Posts: 18
I am well aware of bloated vs light weight clients. (come from a very lightweight system, tinyfugue)

But is Javascript really bloated, that it would impact the game? From what I can see, when reading the code; is you can build the same system you in mudlet in javascript. So Is there any people who has major system in javascript?

Cause I know can write alot of code for it; and I am intrested if theres anyone else out there, that plays through the official client with a heavy combat system.

(Is this question solved by comparing execution speed of lua and javascript? )


  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander PortlandMember Posts: 5,612 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I know @Rowena uses the web client.
  • YusriYusri Member Posts: 73 ✭✭✭
    They are probably comparable in speed and efficiency, but the benefits and flexibility of a standalone client outweigh those of a browser client in my opinion.

    Also Mudlet allows for -really pretty- GUIs.
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    Without proper testing it's hard to say, but I'd put a lot of money on Lua being considerably faster. If you're looking to compare the two clients, however, Mudlet is most definitely the way to go. It has by far the most robust and capable trigger engine out of all the available clients as well as supporting Lua right out of the box.

    In short, Lua is simply amazing and lightning fast.
  • AsesinoAsesino Member Posts: 18
    I'm not really here to bash or promote diffrent clients; (I have used mudlet expensivly aswell had it compiled on gentoo. They both has their pro and cons)
    I do wish I could get more names of people who either are intrested of the idea, or who uses a heavy combat system in javascript.

    ( almost wish there was a poll, to see the specs on computers(the cpu) that people are running, that is playing the muds. It would also help to determine how it would perform and if it would be an issue )

    about the gui; I am pretty sure html5 and javascript fancy tricks too ;>
    (I think it shows well on the official client already, its really really well made. )
  • DhraenDhraen UKMember Posts: 59 ✭✭
    Oooh, another Gentoo user. Interesting.

    There's not any client bashing going on, truth be known. Both clients are capable but cater for different people and requirements. If you're looking to build a heavy combat system, it is my opinion that you'll encounter issues when tending towards JavaScript. As well as I suspect you are aware, this language has an entirely different target audience.

    That said, yes, it has been done before. I played around with it a little a decade or so ago though ended up going back to TF at this time.

    All said and done, it would be nice to see somebody follow this route and write a combat system with it, though do not expect to avoid performance issues. The real deciding factor as to whether this will be a success will be your choice of client rather than the language itself.
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    I suspect you could answer this by writing a small script that will test the trigger parsing speed of the client in question.

    While you could do the same thing for script execution speed, and lua or js may turn out to be faster, it has been my experience when using different clients, that long before script execution speed becomes an issue, trigger parsing speed becomes the choke point.

    Having said that, excessive scripts on gmcp events (in particular inventory management during combat spam) seems to put a load on mudlet as well. I have to set my power profile at high if I plan to pvp with mudlet (power saving mode throttles the cpu) or I get some client-induced lag. I also have to turn config-mapview off if I want to follow someone that autowalks with imapper.

    Edit: Hooray for run-on sentences O.o
  • AsesinoAsesino Member Posts: 18
    Hrm, I think it has alot to do with optimization too, but yes, I remember when I also choked out my computer for too many nested IF on prompts :D
    Btw: Im pretty sure you always want to remove config mapview off, when chasing someone. (you receive more lines then the opponent and i dont think its gmcp)

    I have to look into how multithreadding is supported, I know google chrome supports it I do not know if the client uses it, but it sure feels like it does, its smooth. Thanks for reminding me, that I really have to make sure I got good practices, cause I think you might be right when having those many triggers willl suffer unless very optimized. 

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