No Divine Loop Holes

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So yeah. First time posting an RP log. These are the events that followed Damariel slaughtering up Spinesreach between Him and some of his followers. 

Things that are missing from the beginning, to give some overview, would be Rivas informing Nola of what was going on in Spinesreach with Damariel, and the head of a troll woman being the catalyst for it, and Kerryn confirming that it was likely His lover, who was also a syssin/spirean. So her and Kerryn go to the temple to have a talk with Durmat. 



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    That was some beautiful writing, Nola. I'm sitting here still re-reading through it and the amount of emotion she put into it... -Wow-. Well done, please post more!

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    What an emotional log. Damariel is so...mortal in this. Very beautiful to read, and great job by Nola to *sunglasses* steer him back on track.

    (sorry for stabbing you Dammy >_>)
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    I am liking the emotion in this alot.  Damariel seems real, hurt...genuinely distraught how many of us would act in a scenario like this.

    It is good to see his followers feeling the same uncertainty but being there for their mentor, idol, God...whatever you call it or choose to.

    This is interesting and fascinating to watch unfold

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    Hey I was mentioned :D.

    Lovely story though. Wanted to just walk up and hug him.

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    Loved this! So beautifully written on all parts.
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    I'm a hard man to make feel guilty, but damn.

    ..I think I might be feeling a slight twinge here.
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    Someone let me know that the link to this log was expired -- I'm reposting it!
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