Juxa and the war of the Trolls.

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So I've been getting alittle angst about little mini-events and general changes in the war that take place when myself (and im assuming others in the same boat) occur when im not around and there is no log. This thread can be used to discuss the Juxa event and any new changes that occur. I'll try to place a summary of what has happened so far and post world messages and logs that occur when im around. If others can do the same, that'd be cool.

Part 1:

- Juxa appears in Hashan, claiming herself the daughter of the Troll Queen and King and holding the legendary demonblade.

- Juxa slaughters the prince and queen, taking the throne.

- Damariel attempts to stop Juxa, but strangely holds back with caution at the sight of the Demon Blade. Iosyne shows support for Juxa as well, causing a retreat by the Unbound.

- Juxa proceeds to slaughter all the trolls in Hashan that dont join her regime.

- Juxa takes Tasur'ke as an outpost and fortifies it with her forces.

- In time, Tasur'ke becomes a near deathtrap, requiring large forces to penetrate its defenses and troops.

- Juxa sends out diplomats to troll settlements, attempting to 'convince' them to join her regime. She gains the support of the Three Rock troll bandits, and strong refusal from Stormcaller Crag and Mostyn.

- Juxa gains the support of the Ayesha Spellshapers, as their Magister Nalor proclaims public support for her regime.

- In time, Juxa has her forces create a second encampment outside Spinesreach and proceeds to assault it.

- Juxa defeats Maghak and nearly slays Him, revealing how much of a threat she truly is.

- Juxa moves from Tasur'ke to Hashan, reclaiming the old throne-room and somehow begins to manifest black glass/obsidian from the earth all over Hashan.

- Juxa places her adjutant, Grufin Stonehand, as commander of Tasur'ke in her place. He proves very formidable.

- Juxa begins to show signs of madness, and speaks as if she is the blade itself.

- Juxa disconnects herself from the city by creating an impenetrable palace of black glass. She has not been seen since.

Part 2:

- New more powerful troops begin to appear within Hashan, as Juxa prepares her forces for further invasion.

- The cities marshal their forces and prepare for war with the introduction of the territory system.

- Grufin Stonehand is eventually pushed out of Tasur'ke by the combined forces of city troops, and makes a rather
angry post.

- Being dealt a final blow, Grufin is finally put down for good.

- Grumgesh Grax Flamehair, another commander of Juxa, appears within the encampment outside Spinesreach and shouts taunts. He is eventually defeated.

- Enorian and Duiranite forces begin to attempt to invade Hashan with heavy costs on both sides.

- Forces march up to the palace and eventually the obsidian cracks and allows passage within.

- Juxa is found impaled upon her throne by the Demon Blade, and a demon known only as Ruin manifests, claiming he was imprisoned within the blade for all these years and the deaths offered to him have finally freed him. He proclaims to wish to bring about desolation and destruction, and leaves.

- Demon Blade is currently being contested between factions, each wanting its terrible power.
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    Oh also if people could post logs that occur here, would be cool, such as world messages.
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