Oleisbians Unite!

ArbreArbre Arbrelina JolieBraavos
edited January 2014 in OOC Chat
As the movement continues to grow, it occurs to me that we need a signup sheet.  Post your thanks for @Oleis.  Post your terrible memes about Oleis.  Post your love songs to Oleis.  Remember to NSFW and [ spoiler ] your true feelings for Oleis.

1. Aishia
2. Arbre Aquila


  • Brought to you by 4chan's beloved Greentext Story Technology:

    > be dabbling about with mortals
    > new mortal comes up, knows me, but I have completely forgotten who she is
    > wing it and manage to make it out without looking like a bumbus
    > say out loud later "man, I wish we had an actual note-taking system for players"
    > Oleis codes one from scratch in an hour
    > embrace blooming Oleisbianism

    i am rapture coder
  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee
    I can't believe you put yourself as #1 Arbre I INVENTED the term.
  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie Braavos
    Fixed, @Aishia, because I love you that much.
  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee
    Oh @Mombre. :)
  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie Braavos
  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee
    It should say Arbre F. Aquila.
  • AarbrokAarbrok Breaking things...For Science San Diego, CA
    Boredom hits me sometimes when I am playing with T-shirt designs.

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