Player Needed

SolariaSolaria Charlotte, NC
Solaria's child is going to be 14 in Variach. Leaves 4 IC years before the character needs to be made, but figured I'd start looking now as I can kind of make it earlier if needed - a bit flexible.

Male Atavian, black hair and blue eyes, medium height. Lived in Sol's house for most of his life, besides visiting Duiran and Ulangi. Studied under Oorangu for a year or two on mage-like-things. But, I'm flexible on class/city/etc - but looking to keep them on the living side.

If you are interested, send me a message. I will likely buy a little bit of credits to make the character permanent.

Also, if the person who took up playing Brayden manages to read this, please hit me up in a PM as well.


  • SolariaSolaria Charlotte, NC
    Wanted to give this a bump. Hadn't heard any interest as of yet.

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