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  • Re: Racial Flavour (not that kind of flavor)

    Just to toss my two cents in: the stance of no half-breeds was clear to me when I started playing this game over a decade ago. It's been there. It's been spoken of, but some people have sort of (or even blatantly) ignored it. Some people might have started something without even asking, and thus not knowing, and then they were too far into their RP to feel like they could back down. Some people were perhaps not informed properly when they asked around to begin with, or the people they asked didn't know themselves and just went with the easiest "go for it" answer. Who knows? 

    All I can say is that I've heard the Admin have this stance throughout my playtime, and it's not been a one-time mentioning in a random context either. I just don't have the time or inclination to chase down quotes to back it up.

    The Admin has once again stated that this is their stance on half-breeds, which is to say there are none. A dominant trait determines the race of the child of parents of different races. It is up to the parents themselves to determine which one this will be. It also makes sense from the character creation point of view, since one has to specify a race to play, not a combination. It brings consistency to the game in a way, so I agree with their stance.

    Canonizing things means people have something to lean back against, or something to use as a guide as they develop their characters. It brings stability and less uncertainty to the game, making the world seem more real and easier to immerse oneself.

    Besides, all games have rules, you know?
  • Re: Short Questions

    I'd prefer if they were nuked. <.<
  • Re: Losing My Religion: Thoughts on Current Religious System

    Holy wars have a tendency to become a tedious and rather griefy sort of conflict, which is why it doesn't happen. I believe there have been discussions on how to possibly alter this to make it more appealing, and even a few changes since I started playing many years ago. There is, I believe, no one easy way of changing it, however, unless it is on a more individual or small-scale level.

    The only thing I can say is that I don't think changing the way the Divine work would be a solution. They are, as stated above in the thread, immersive and engaged in the shaping of the world. This is something that is part of the Creation even. After mortals were created, the Divine began to influence them through their teachings. It is part of lore, as Divine interaction has sometimes caused direct shifts in how the world has moved forward. For example, the Seluno brothers and Severn and Arion, Chakrasul and (can't remember all the people she's influenced, but Sentinel tutor?), and Mebrene and the vessels of Fire. 

    The Divine are not omnipotent, they are known to be fickle as they reform now and then (for obvious OOC reasons of player switches). They are, however, far above mortals. Some people manage to RP their disdain toward them, though, and as stated above,  it is quite possible to implement cults, though one should be prepared for consequences. Just like when one tries to trump (yes I wrote that) a Divine. My character made a rather uppity remark to Slyphe at one point. Out of disappointment in being unable to serve him as a Spirean, and thus asked to leave the Order, she said something along the lines of him regretting his obstinacy. She got laughed out if the Order straight to the bottom of the sea, iirc. 

    To the claim that the Divine lose some of their credibility when being visible and speaking, and that their words can be picked apart, is but one interpretation. One could instead say that mortals are prone to dissect the words of the Divine and interpret it in their own way, because mortals cannot be expected to completely comprehend things the Divine take for granted. If a God were to say "I prefer orange", who is to say they meant the fruit and not the color or vice versa?

    I think, if I'm allowed to be honest, that the reason there are people speaking up against some of your complaints is because it feels like you do not quite have a grasp on certain things in the game. It is not necessarily about IC things, though these show, in a way, that you seem to prefer the game a different way than it is. Some things cannot be changed too drastically, because the essence of the game would be lost, lore would suddenly seem irrelevant and then what would the point be in creating a story? There are people who have been involved in events that have spelled out specific realities in the game that should not be swept aside just because one or a few people feel it would be fun.
  • Re: Losing My Religion: Thoughts on Current Religious System

    I'm a bit curious as to how it can be immersion-breaking when this is the way the Divine have functioned in this game since the beginning? The Aetolian deities have always been somewhat involved in the world of mortals, discussing world matters with their orders but without necessarily influencing decisions all the time. 

    Immersion-breaking would, at least for me, mean things that don't fit with current lore. Machinery, factories, etc. Things that are too advanced for this game world, things going against already established aspects of the game, or chatting about triggers and such over city channels.

    In a way, it would break immersion for me if the Divine just suddenly stopped being the way they have always been without any lore-fitting event to go with it.

    I guess we are all different though. 
  • Re: Haven and City Portal Changes

    I should perhaps make it clear that I didn't say you should request a -SAFE- room to haven from, but a meditation chamber where allies might not necessarily go in to bother people unless it's necessary. Enemies can still reach it to WREST and Allies can too, if it's an emergency or whatever.

    If you don't even want that, then yeah, get a house and haven from that.

    I can see many benefits from this, because I don't think people will be as likely to hang around in havens. At least I hope so.