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  • Re: Small Ideas - AIN'T NO COMBAT THREAD

    Satomi said:
    This is probably a silly idea, but could the Den be altered for WereRavens to be like.. Roost, usable in trees, and effectively a Den in that it creates a room IN, has all the effects of a Den, it can only be used in trees, however. (Maybe just add the option for Ravens, on top of all the other stuff) I'd suggest the same for Crocs, letting them do something similar in rivers, lakes, or swamps... but yeah, flavor.
    It's already a nest thematically. I think Tiur decided that putting it in trees had a lot of wonky code implications to it. 
  • Re: Short Questions

    Also worth mentioning that the promotional hoods are not subject to the usual time restrictions on regrowing pelts.
  • Re: EQ Crown

    As for only making the crown apply to PvE: I'd wager that most crown owners would ask for a refund at that point. 

    Context is king here. This is not "allowing an imbalance because the rest balanced." This is acknowledging that the current imbalance is much more stable than the cascade of changes we'd have to number crunch and implement to account for the crown's absence. What's more, this isn't even a no. It's a not yet. 

    If there's one overarching issue we've been faced with, it's how to get more people into PvP. The need for crown at the highest end of EQ combat isn't even in the top 5, because it's dwarfed by toxic interactions with existing fighters, a fear of failure and an inability to cope with the frustration of loss, intimidation at the enormous amount of information involved, and the need for an automated or semi automated offense. 

    Those are problems we can try to fix that would have greater impact on the health of the game and more benefit to average players. They're just not as easy to scapegoat as an artifact. 
  • Re: Today I Learned

    Nola said:
    Today I learned that room atmosphere messages are not necessarily room-wide and shared. Zaila saw the catepillar, but .. I DID NOT.
    The idea here is that it lets us give very specific parameters for those messages, like order membership, race, what have you. But I definitely see your point on these more general messages. 
  • Re: Herbalism and Apothecary

    Maybe it's the time of day that I had been trying to gather. But I do think that on some of the things, eagles and toads especially, there is a bit of a shortage.
    This is exactly the sort of thing we're looking to hear about, so thanks for the heads up. I'll keep an eye on times of day. A few extra eagles and toads aren't going to totally upset the economy or anything.