Racial Flavour (not that kind of flavor)



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    Erzsebet said:

    Honestly, very few of my 19 endgame characters


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    @Erzsebet, don't be modest, everyone RP's with you at some point!
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    Erzsebet said:
    have the Mhun (as an example) -talk- about it? Have NPC event things (not necessarily god-run, these could be fairly simple progs) where they celebrate and put up colourful decorations all through moghedu and set off fireworks or what have you on certain days of that month?

    Oh man, I would just love something like this! Even a subtle something for each group that's supposed to be having a holiday or whatever! Have some bolgsacks spawn in Dwarves areas for their holidays, some decorative hyalincuru in... Somewhere tsol'aa are... for theirs! Nazetu are supposed to be all over revelry and wanton destruction in Chakros - maybe have a couple aggro nazetu spawn on the rangers trail that month! Lots of options to both encourage people to periodically go to areas they might not while deepening the feel if culture - and no one has to write a helpfile!
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