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When I think of Aetolia, I not only think about the game, but the community that is built around it and the fact that the community itself is more than your standard group of people who appreciate a game - it’s more like a family.

We aren’t perfect, none of us can claim to be. We all make mistakes, sometimes we damage the relationships unintentionally, sometimes we do it intentionally. We’re human. We have bad days and as we have spoken about in the Pools, just because a person is having a bad day, that doesn’t mean they’re not trying their best. In fact, they are more than likely trying their best, it’s just that their mood, life or circumstances are effecting what we perceive as their “normal” best. We should judge one another a little less.

Overall, however, outside of these occasional blips, I like to think that our community is built on a lot of love, care and support for the most part. Sure, we have a couple of dark patches, but 90% is nothing but amazing and, quite frankly, life saving.

Each of us are important. All of you, are important and without many of you, there are things that I couldn’t of done. Places I wouldn’t of reached. People I wouldn’t of met, including the love of my life who is now my husband.

That finally brings me to what this post is actually about, I would apologise for the sappy beginning, but to be honest, I love this community and I think we all need a reminder sometimes about the amazing friendships and relationships we have found here.

This is about Streamer Support, as the title suggests.

When I first started Twitch Streaming, it was Aetolian’s who encouraged me, first. That original influx of people all came from here. The chat was Aetolian’s, in fact, a lot of the time, it still is.

I want to share that with all of you, so I have started building a community around MUD players supporting the endeavours of one another. I am sure it will expand from there, but that is our original core.

It is built around the theme of my channel itself, which is the Butterfly Stream, however we are implementing tools for self promotion, raiding one another and supporting streaming goals. As we grow, more opportunities will present themselves, for now, my own supplier Partnerships and network will provide a stepping stone to grow.

We will expand a network together dedicated to supporting our streamers. Grow together. Push each other up.

The discord is in its infancy, but we will be implementing bots to announce you, promotions that I receive from the networking I have done with other communities, too, which include paid gigs if you get selected and more.

It is also a place to just mingle with like-minded people with similar goals.

Even if you are not a streamer, but a creator of some sort, please feel free to join us. Maybe you're an artist? Please come along, too! Who else will make our things pretty? We have a channel to announce when your commissions are open. Then we have our lurkers and viewers, well, streamers are nothing without you, so you're more than welcome to join in on the fun!

Remember, when you do, please leave your negativity at the door.

See you there, friends.

Much love,

Your Cookie Monster, Kyna


  • KynaKyna Victoria, AustraliaMember, Immortal Posts: 297 Immortal
    Just a reminder that this is here for our streaming community, we are getting some traction now. Everyone is welcome, artists who accept commissions, viewers, streamers of all styles. 

    I can can also help new streamers setup their software and first overlays with friendly walkthroughs and your first overlays setup to your preference, so if you’re wanting to break into the field but are unsure how, join us, too!

    We also play games together if times line up!
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