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You follow Toz to the west.
At the edge of a blackened wheat field. (lost) (Tainhelm.?)
Darkly tanned and quite cheerful, a humming Dwarven farmer works here.
You see exits leading north, east, and west.

Toz spins a warhammer of bronzed gears in his hands before slamming the haft into a tanned Dwarven farmer's gut.
Toz has scored a CRITICAL hit!
The final blow proves too much for a tanned Dwarven farmer, who expires, pitifully.
A tanned Dwarven farmer has been slain by Toz.
You gasp with the realization that Toz has reached the level of 99.
Toz smiles in satisfaction, but the smile suddenly freezes on his lips and is overtaken by a look of pure horror. Unable to help or hinder, you watch transfixed as Toz's body begins to swell and grow, his arms elongating and his skin stretching and taking on a translucent grey sheen. He throws back his head and screams, the incredible sound driving your hands to your ears defensively. The scream dies down and you stare, speechless, at Toz. He lowers his gaze to fix upon you, and you realize in horror that his eyes now appear empty and haunted.
An agonized scream startles all into a brief hushed silence as Toz finally transcends the mortal body, assuming the hollow form of a Tekal.
Experience Gained: 71 (Bashing) [total: 6825322]
Raising his soulstone above the corpse of a tanned Dwarven farmer, Toz snarls a guttural chant that causes a smoke-grey glyph to appear within the stone. Moments later, an ethereal stream of silver-white motes flows up from the corpse of a tanned Dwarven farmer and into the soulstone.
A powerful mastiff picks up the corpse of a tanned Dwarven farmer in its maw, delivering it to Toz.

Yay for Toz!!! He got the last 6 levels like....all today. Crazy!
The Divine voice of Razmael echoes in your head, "God of imps."
Eugenides says to you, "Imp, Are you sure you were not born a Troll?"
The Divine voice of Arion echoes in your head, "Every time I try to punish you for being so flippant, I find Myself laughing instead."
Hugo has expressed his esteem of you for the following reason: Being a badass leader.


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    Wow, 6 of the last levels in one day? Crazy dude! Congrats Toz.
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    ¤ Si vis pacem, para bellum. ¤
    Someone powerful says, "We're going to have to delete you."
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    Senior Administrator Veritas says, "Shut upbre."
    Arbre Aquila dur Naya says, "Yessir."
    Senior Administrator Veritas says, "I'm a lady!"

    Senior Administrator Veritas says, "Yeah cutscene kicks in."
    Senior Administrator Veritas says, "Watch our awesome CG."

    Senior Administrator Veritas says, "I grove ever stronger in the presence of Alastair!"
    Senior Administrator Veritas says, "Grow*."
    Senior Administrator Veritas says, "No druids here."
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