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    Razmael said:

    I'm going to take everything else said under advisement and not address it, but I do specifically want to nitpick this (sorry!). The reason that was said is because Severn is talking to Spinesreach, a city whose RP is -meant- to be the city that always does what is in its best interest, not caring about means. There was a lot of Imp racial pride/support (it wasn't the only reason for sure, but definitely a large part) going into the initial reasoning for Spinesreach supporting the Impire. A patron is meant to intervene when they feel a city is going off its intended RP - in this case emotions and not logic being the reason Spinesreach was pushing Impire. That's not to say I don't get your point about why it could've been taken as an anti-Impire stance mind you. Just wanted to explain the reasoning behind it.

    I have to nitpick on this comment here as it was Severn speaking up here that rubbed me the wrong the most. Yes there was racial pride but it dismisses the fact that people were told to hold off as racial pride was taking a backseat to the insight the Sciomancers (who had been the ones most engaged in early rp) had. It was in the face of the Ophidians asking the Enorians to protect them against Bloodloch that I, race pride supporter, saw something not in the city's favor in working for the Ophidians: They saw the Enorians as their #1 choice. Not Bloodloch and definitely not Spinesreach. So unicorns them and a handful of us started assisting the imps, got enemied, etc.

    When the flipflopping occurs with the Mitrine entering, Severn speaks up, so on and so forth. It's not about the Ophidians winning out over the Impire for me, it's about the dismissive nature that either ignores (or is ignorant of) the choice rooted in a desire to prevent a 2v1v1 scenario.

    I probably have issues with Severn in general. Old wounds, I know, but the Shadow War and everything Severn did (and then didn't do) was lame. So when he tells Spireans to reconsider a choice that was nailed down for the sake of shadow unity (the Ophidians were asking the Enorians for help and then got unicorns over when the Mitrine came in), has been my most tilting experience. It planted the seed for me that this is an anti-shadow event (Admin have gone blue in the face telling us it's not, but I'm dumb player) because our choices and initial momentum was slowed down due to RP needing to happen for Shadow side that there wasn't time for before the event started but some how there's time for the Lifer's Rp situation to be resolved in time? That seed of thought continues to grow in looking at the missions, noting discrepancies of opportunity to complete them. It's frustrating, to put it mildly.

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    Borscin said:

    This is definitely more clear of a message, yeah. But again man, players are dumb and will read into things in odd ways.

    Sounds like the players' fault to me, @Borscin

    I think having only two warring factions with "obvious" choices is boring, though. A third faction, even if nobody supports it, throws some nice RP drama into the mix. I just wish the dilemma were a bit more evenly pronounced on both sides. Based on what @Razmael said, maybe the Spirit debate was more heated than I assumed.

    A similar thing happened in the Three Widow War, which you weren't here for. The Atav were slavers, and the Villagers couldn't offer as much but were the "innocent" ones. Once again, the Spirit choice was obvious, while the Shadow choice was debated because Spines doesn't find slavery to be palatable like Loch does. It took us a few days to come to a consensus then, too. Being shoehorned into supporting a faction is boring, but having both tethers support the same of two warring factions yet opposing each other also becomes a weird experience.
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    At first we were like HUH this is complicated, then we were like OH WHEW AN EASY ANSWER. GO MITRINE!.
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    On a note of this actual change, I have to say I was a bit sad to find I had such massively negative faction rep with both opposed factions.  I mean, I get it mechncially.  +x points to this factions, -x points to the other two. But as someone who had specifically tried to avoid missions (no combat missions, no hunting the named or generic npcs) that would get me enemied, to have this change go through and suddenly, poof both hate me, was a bit frustrating. 

    I doubt there is anyone actually doing it, but at one point I had even considered just doing missions for all factions (again, just crafting/ donation/ gathering type) as a sort of generic war humanitarian (Sapiencian?) aid, I can only imagine the rut that would have left me in >.>
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    Pazradym said:

    a sort of generic war humanitarian (Sapiencian?) aid

    Tekias called himself a 'Citizen of Sapience' when he left Spinesreach and tried to play nice with all four cities.

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