Looking For RP Advice, And Family Connections

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Hi! I'm Feyanna, and I'm currently a seeker of the void in the sciomancers. I've found it tough to get integrated into RP in IRE games. The RP syndicate helps this somewhat, but there are lots of times when I ask for RP on the clan channel and get no responses. I've currently chosen to follow Avareti, and I'm on the neutral side of the alignment issue, and I love living in Spinesreach, mainly to enjoy the amenities. To cut things short, I'm looking for connections. I'd like to develop my artistic abilities, I'm definitely more of an artist than a fighter. I'd eventually like to find parents, preferably followers of Avareti. Artistic ability would definitely be a plus. If you think you fit, send me an OOC tell or message, but I mainly want to RP this out. Here's a list of what I'm looking for in potential family members.
1. Preferably neutral in alignment.
2. Someone who can guide me in my artistic expression.
3. Not combat-oriented
4. Fun to be around! And an interesting character to RP with.
I'd also like advice on integrating into the game's RP, IRL I suffer from depression, and I'm looking for a community I can get involved in, Rp-oriented. I'm currently playing the game right now, so if you want a break from hunting and want to help a newbie get integrated into society, I'd love to hear from you! And if there's a clan for artists to connect with each other, I'd love to hear about it, especially if it's something like the virtuosi in Achaea. Aetolia doesn't seem to have a class or guild for artists, and that's disappointing.


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    yay creatives goodluck
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    Though my character is far from neutral, I wouldn't mind finding more people to RP with. Even still, I do a lot of combat, but that's never a requirement of my partners. As for a guild or class for artists? Each one can be artists in their own respect depending. I don't remember off the top of my head, but there might be a clan of artists and as for IG expression, there's plenty of outlets in the way of crafting and even just RPing the ability to play an instrument.

    Usually, the best way to integrate yourself with RP in Aetolia is just to talk to someone or emote at someone. 99% of the time we'll respond and it'll all go from there.

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    @Drestyn has hit the nail on the head.

    The best advice for RP is to try and immerse yourself. Talk to someone who's passing by. Emote your way into a conversation. Most of the time you'll get some sort of interaction, and be able to grow things from there.

    Do note, too, that people aren't their characters. To clarify what I mean, Kelliara (the character) can often be a cold, nasty suchandsuch (though not always! Don't let this stop you from interacting with her), but I (the player) am not. Aetolian players are pretty swell people!

    And finally, might I recommend fashioning a reason to bump into @Teani ICly?? She's Spirean, artistic/creative, a fantastic RP'er, and also a Sciomancer. She's pretty much the cat's meow for a young Sciomancer looking for RP and someone to be arty and Creative with.
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    Feyanna said:

    And if there's a clan for artists to connect with each other, I'd love to hear about it, especially if it's something like the virtuosi in Achaea. Aetolia doesn't seem to have a class or guild for artists, and that's disappointing.

    I had literally exactly the same thoughts when I joined! I believe I even asked about it on the newbie channel. Which is why... I may currently have something planned in the works. *steeples*

    We've already met IG, but unfortunately I was having a hectic moment IRL. I am semi-AFK fairy often. Let's try and meet up again at some point when I'm not procrastinating at work or actually asleep at the keyboard (which happened to me last night with @Stahl... very embarrassing). I also recommend @Zaila for music-related RP, assuming you aren't easily offended by swear-words. She's extremely offensive. It's my favourite thing about her.
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    Yeeeesssss RP with meeee. That said, Zaila already has an IC family, so I can't help you out there. Zaila wears her music-love on her chest, though, so that much has an easy-excuse for striking up a conversation in any artistic vein if you see her around!
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    We've already managed to meet up once, and I'm hoping we can get more chances. I'm sorry I was a bit distracted by other things as we spoke! While Teani is not perhaps looking to adopt and start a family at this very moment, for RP reasons, friends are always good to have.

    When it comes to artistic creativity, there are plenty of trades and talents to pick from. Aside from regular crafts, Teani dabbles in painting, but I've never picked up the papercrafting talent for her. She's also a singer, but there's nothing but RP to it. That's always an angle you can play.

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    I'm not exactly sure how to interact with you, when I've tried you've seemed uninterested.

    It looks like you've built a lot of your RP around Avareti, or have made it your backstory a bit -- She's a newer god and from what I can tell, inactive and more of a blip on the radar of pantheon history than anything of sustenance.

    As far as advice on how to get out there and interact with people, the only thing I can recommend is perhaps partaking in some of those mundane scenarios and letting something enriching come from it. Most of my RP scenes come spontaneously, simply from having my character live their life, having to ask people for help for things. As I got more self-reliant, its as the other way around. While it may seem droll at first, it is these small interactions that create the seeds of relationships with other characters.

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    Also: Spend time in Esterport, if you aren't already. There are some rp-centric establishments scattered around where you're likely to encounter folks from all corners of the game, especially if you make a habit of hanging around them.
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