New player looking for info and advice.

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Hi I'm new to aetolia, I've dabbled with some of its sister muds a little bit.

I'm just trialing out the games at the moment as I really want to pick one before I start to invest a huge amount of time into it. I really like the concept of Aetolia from what I have read about it. I love the concept of roleplaying in a dark and conflicted world. I really enjoy the potential of combat as well in small or large scale.

I've been playing a bit of Aetolia today but it seemed exceptionally quiet? Did I just pick a bit of a bad time? I had figured that the weekend would be the busiest? This kind of worried me a bit as I dont want to be in a world that dosn't have a decent sized active community.

I did bump into a few folks who were quite interesting to roleplay with which was fun but the guild and the city was so quiet.

I've heard that some guild are fairly dead as well, are there any guilds that you would avoid/recommend for a new person who wants a lot of activity?

As a few questions about combat as well, how it is in general? Hows the general class balance? Is there active world combat, player created or via events?

I'm obviously too new to have done or seen any fights but the First aid system in the game seems pretty comprehensive, does it have any big weaknesses? I mean is it worth using or is it just simply better to turn it off and go about building a system of mudlet? And if the system option is the best way to go then are there any good bases out there or does anyone sell a half decent one for starters?

Thanks for your time in any response to my questions guys :D


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    Okay, the answers to some of your questions as I see them. Remember, your mileage may vary!

    - Some guilds are quiet, yes. Some have been quiet for a very long time, and some are quiet at certain times of the day if players are from certain timezones. And some are just quiet lately.

    - If you're not really a true newbie, I'd weigh the options between needing a nice, active guild to build your character up in or utilizing other avenues and building the guild up around your character. Wouldn't it be better if those quiet guilds became active?

    - Don't be afraid to branch out and find people in other guilds, other cities or even on the other side of the game. Lots of us will RP with just about whoever wants to!

    - Firstaid is absolutely worth using, especially if you don't already have a great system. I know a lot of people that have or are working on converting over even from those systems. As for the flaws, well. If you're getting into the details enough to worry about that minutiae, you're doing great.

    - Classes are relatively balanced. It's never going to be perfect and everything ebbs and flows, but the coding team is great and our players are actively engaged in making the reports necessary to bring it closer to such.

    - Conflict definitely exists. You've actually showed up at a relatively happening time. There are the standard events ran by the administrators, mechanic conflict in the form of ylem foci battles regularly, and plenty of player-instigated skirmishes and battles.

    Let us know if you've got any questions!

  • RasharRashar Member Posts: 1,609 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Also, it's the 4th of July weekend, so a lot of people here in America are out of town!
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    To add to what Rashar has said, it's also summer - which is a generally slow time for most games. The darkside, for fair warning, seems to have gotten hit harder than usual. But, there are definitely still plenty of us to interact with. So, find what you want your player to be, do, etc and work within orgs to help shape them - regardless of how quiet they are. Hey, if they are super quiet, you could try to at least earn enough guildrank to contest the leader and take control!

    I see your character is a Sciomancer - the Teradrim are trying to build ties with them, so feel free to pester my character or Zenobia if you need assistance. They definitely are one of the quietest right now, but you could still find a path in them and beyond them. :)

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